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There is only One religion in God’s world …LOVE

                             “There is only One religion in God’s world…LOVE”                                                       Circle of Life’s Winter Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                             Welcome to our special winter newsletter. This month we are going to focus on our two best selling books from Jeshua …”Love Without End” and “The Keys of Jeshua” and/or  in the 14 CD set [...]

God is still doing Miracles

             Circle of Life’s Miracle II story …an update …..God is still doing Miracles.                                                                                   Welcome to this winter newsletter for Miracle II . For many of you are new users and do not know some of the background as to the Why and How this product range came about so I thought we would reissue [...]

Knowledge of the Sacred Heart is priceless

“Knowledge of the Sacred Heart is priceless to your life. Did you know it exists within your physical body.  The Sacred Heart has an exact location which can vary slightly in each person, but it is approximately the same.  It is located between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch above the [...]

An Explosion of Light

                  An explosion of Light  ….Jeshua     This special message is from Yael Powell of Circle of Light whose work I have known for years to be so pure . Please read the message. It is so beautiful and profound…,it will Inspire and lift  you no these special times…   Dearest Family of the Heart,   We are [...]

You are the Light of the world

“You are the Light of the world”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Circle of Life 2017 June newsletter     Welcome to our June newsletter. We are coming into extraordinary times so if you normally only scan quickly or have never thoroughly read through our previous newsletters we would ask  you read this one differently as we [...]

Miracle II news update

             Circle of Life’s   Miracle II God’s and Nature’s Gift for the world                                                                                                                    Miracle11 is one of the most extraordinary products ever given to  man .It is a Gift from God to  help us clean up  our bodies, our homes, our animals ,pets and our planet and yet they are so safe you can drink [...]

Ocean Ormus …a Gift for these times

                                                OCEAN ORMUS           Life Force Essence Products    A Gift for these times     Welcome to this brief report of Ocean Ormus.  We have not released most of the contents of this document previously other than as an attachment to  general newsletters  but we thought it time to do so in full to [...]

The time is really NOW !

                                 “The time is really NOW”                                                                                                                              Circle of Life May newsletter Welcome to our  special  May newsletter. We are a little late this month as we take more time to try to understand and digest all the changes happening ‘within and without’ and what they mean, plus it is has been [...]

I AM the WAY

                                                            “I AM the Way ”                                            Circle of Life’s April/Easter 2017 Newsletter      “Allow yourself to feel My Presence this Easter and allow My Love to fill you always”.  Jeshua   Welcome to our Circle of Life newsletter for April/ Easter 2017.Like all our newsletters we ask you read with discernment and take in only what resonates with your Heart’s Truth … [...]

“Be the Love/Light that you are”

       Circle Of Life News: Feb 2017…“Be the Love / Light that you are.”        “Be the Love / Light that you are. Bring enlightenment to other ones, and in doing so, you bring it to yourself. Because truly, that which you share with another one, you have to know, feel, recognize in yourself as it [...]