Circle Of Life News: Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 Newsletter

"My Peace I give you,My Peace I leave you ."

The Lamb and Lion

Welcome to our Christmas newsletter in this issue we focus on .."The Children and finding Peace within in these extraordinary times."It has been quite a taxing year for most Australians and our world with many events and changes happening and many more to still come so it is truly a Blessed respite for us all to have a break be able to spend a peaceful, joyous and love filled Christmas with our family and friends. Use it wisely.

Bless the children and youth of the world

Christmas was always a time for remembering the children of the world and the birth of the Christ child but Holy Spirit said only the other night "Christmas was always best when Christ was an essential part of it" and that is nearly lost in all areas of life today through the lack of media,even shopping centres and most importantly in our collective Consciousness

There are so many children of varying ages on Earth at the present moment who are totally confused and conflicted about their role in life. They lack direction.Their main emphasis is about achieving well educationally and in the sports arena and if it not that it is alcohol leading onto drugs which leads them astray , then does not allow any place for the spiritual attributes within them to be brought forward.

This of course does not take into account those children who through no fault of their own are forced to live in poverty and squalor, who remain uneducated, are starving for food and affection and who have nothing to look forward to except more of the same.The hard, cold world is truly a nightmare existence for many of these sensitive children who are not given the support and consideration necessary for their well-being. Try to allow them the space they need to become who they really are and to fulfil the task they came here to perform.

Take heart ,these children need all the help we can give them.Request from God the means of granting these souls in distress the Grace and Blessings they require to remain true to themselves.. And as we have suggested before, ask for Archangel Michael and Mother Mary with you all as Lightworkers to put a Protective web a shield around the vulnerable ones.

May God’s Blessing be on all the children of the world this Christmas.Your prayers and efforts count now more than ever as you become more empowered by the Christ consciousness within.Stay focused on a positive outcome for them as it is a time of Miracles to occur .Deep down they have a rememberance of the heavenly Life that is to come back to Earth and it now needs to be Awakened in them.

Earth and body changes and remaining at Peace within ourselves

No longer can anyone deny the fact that the Earth and humanity are in the midst of an Earth-/Soul-shaking time of transformation. The negative vibrational patterns of fear, anger and desperation are spewing out at an astonishing rate into the frequency band of astral plane mass consciousness which surrounds the Earth but at the same time these changes and rising and increasing vibrations from heaven are actually opening gateways/ doorways to a bettter, higher WAY of Life .

Through the accelaration of these changes many people say they can’t meditate because they are unable to quieten their mind, but try not to think along those lines and just give up on the whole process of entering your sacred space.

People become embroiled in the happenings of life, the sadnesses and tragedies and become totally immersed in the negativity that exists which then prevents them from seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel.These events will happen more and more now so be compassionate at all times but try and not get involved sympatheticately as this drags your vibration down

Those who live and work in total negativity need to change their ways and begin to build up their Light bodies, because the dense physical body will not survive the energies of the Light field that is coming . Here are some suggestions to Lighten our load…..

All of our nature kingdoms have a Gift for humanity All are here in Service to us – Spend time in Nature sometime every day if you can., this can help us .no end to feel a sense of Joy and Beauty and Oneness of all Life and simply BREATHE
As part of a routine spend some time for short prayer and meditation breaks (more preferrable now then even a long meditation.) And find something that makes you smile and laugh every day. Play some good music,turn the TV off, sing and dance some -so nurturing (loving) yourself, Take time out each day for YOU.

Give thanks to God for what we have- giving us good health and an environment, to be able to live in such a wonderful country, a beautiful world full of lovely landscapes,trees,waterways.The Gifts from our dolphin and whale families,our animals, birds, sunrises and sunsets to name just a few .Do you know the Elohim,the builders of form are showing their Presence,sharing their Gifts by giving us such wonderful Sunrises and Sunsets…We are not alone, always there is a God Presence to guide us HOME.

Circle of Life Gifts for Christmas

We have been given some of the most awesome products on the planet bar none in our Circle of Life range for your spiritual as well as physical, mental and emotional development Each was given us in Spirit to share like Love Without End, Miracle II and Ocean Ormus Now our latest Gift is one so special that goes with the beautiful Mother Mary and child Jesus’s "Flame of Love" Art print and It is a new sacred oil to remind us of the Divine Mother Love that is always available and this Gift is beautifully timed for Christmas

This new fragrance to add to our Sacred Oils range is simply called "Blessed Mother." With the "The Flame of Love" art print it makes for a great Christmas Gift ..Now read about this new sacred oil from Glenda Green….

Flame of Love"Blessed Mother" is the fragrance I have smelled on occasions where I had visions of Mother Mary. It is a light and radiant form of Myrrh with rich overtones of roses. I encountered it one other time in a Benedictine monastary, where an ancient icon of the Mother was said to weep tears of essential oil. They gave me a small piece of cotton to collect a tear. As an aromocologist, I knew instantly what fragrances composed it, but was unsure if it came from Mary or from some earthly manipulation.

So, I just regarded it as a blessing and held back all judgment. A few nights ago in a dream she came to me and said, "The Heart of our families needs to be restored. Please help me with the inspiration." First thing I could think of was to make the fragrance. Interestingly, all of the ingredients were already on hand.

Our Pure Essential Oil Blends are Created for the Celebration and nurturing of life. These Oils are blends of the purest oils available, and in most cases, from wild harvested plants. They were grown, harvested, and lovingly processed by people whose traditions for preparing sacred oil runs deeper than the pages of history.

All our formulas have been developed under the direction of Jeshua to promote the greatest value for spiritual, mental, and emotional elevation as we restore the Temple of our Lives. Many times their effects are miraculous."..Glenda Green

Check out all our sacred oils:

Christ Scent, Magdalene’s Blessing,Love,Compassion, Forgiveness, Om, Holy Ground,Peace,Wisdom (Sophia),Innocence, Joy ,Abundance and now Blessed Mother" ..available in 1/6 oz. sized bottle .through Circle of Life…… Enclosing instructions for use of our sacred oils.

And do check out our wonderful books range from "Love Without End…Jesus Speaks" "The Keys of Jeshua" and Archangel Michael These books are truly Inspirational and make for great Christmas Giving

Yours, Our Christ work

Archangel Michael is calling all Lightworkers to more active Service NOW We are being asked to come forward to assist and teach humanity the WAY,whatever form that takes for you Spend time this Christmas and LISTEN more to the Christ Presence within -the Holy Spirit, as to what God may now want and expect of you…Remember we are not alone and have much support from Heaven to complete our missions now but we have to ASK ."
If you would like us to give a talk about this,what has been revealed to us about these times, our Christ work, the Ascension process,2012, earth changes and/or about our Inspirational products and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be glad to discuss .

Till next time "Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of Life,
The Breath of God and Breathe out Love"

Many blessings for this Christmas season,thank you for your continuing support and please pass on as you see fit

"Love on another as I have Loved you."