Circle of Life’s March April newsletter

Your Love Without End work…Planetary changes”


Jeshua;s thought from Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks

                                    Welcome to our March April   newsletter. We would ask  you as always to read this newsletter with discernment and Love as we focus on  our /your Love Without End work relating to ‘planetary changes’. Take into your Heart only what you believe is your Truth   These times ahead will truly be calling for your Service AND WE ALL HAVE A PART TO PLAY Love is the only Key- only Love can save us. Only Love is powerful enough to take this world from the brink of this craziness and make it the out-picturing of hearts awake to the truth that only Love is Real .


We know from your comments emails and phone calls many are going through clearing issues -feeling out of sorts, alone, exhausted  or too tired to do anything And yes there are the heart pains, throat problems continuing, There is a lot is going on in the solar plexus area too and just about every other ache and pain you can think of… For many of us it is like we have been running a marathon that never stops.But this is not the time to Stop  God asks  you to never, ever give up Simply Trust and be Thankful for your Life and the God source energy will see us all through.


Planetary changes   Mother Earth


Our Mother Earth is rumbling, trembling. She has started to shift her axis and tilting (she is not waiting for 20th December 2012)  as part of her cleansing to wash away all the negativity, fear and darkness on the planet ,the nuclear and hydrogen bombing effects on her body since the second world war , underground and above ground  nuclear testing ,nuclear  leaks and spills from nuclear plants ,, the chemical nerve gases produced by many military powers  and the general pollution spewing forth from oil leaks,,smog and carbon monoxide poisoning, and the chemtrails,Not to mention the hatred and war mongering going on in the minds of ‘crazies’ in our world.

This is her time for healing and she cannot wait any longer to move all her tectonic plates to cleanse herself  Literally Mother Earth could now drop all  her continents to the bottom of the ocean as happened in Leumeria and Atlantis.She is ready as a God Being  to move upwards and onwards


For those of you who have read our past newsletters in mid 2011 we were give the vision of being taken with Jeshua  inside Mother Earth’s  body We were shown all the tectonic plates, how extremely loosely connected they all were around the Earth. so much so they could collapse at any moment . –


The voice we knew to be God’s  spoke  and said “The Earth is just holding together JUST” The shaking and instability we felt within the earth was quite incredible. So it will not take much for another ‘event’ to happen anywhere. In this vision we also received a very powerful message from Jeshua    He said   “WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH” the lightworkers are not doing enough !  He said this with a powerful but Loving undertone about our Earth and our general call to BE OF SERVICE


Our work on behalf of Mother Earth


We have the Power to help her shift so it will not be so traumatic for humanity and all life forms on her . We point out we cannot stop what is to happen but we can lessen in many instances Many of humanity too will be Shifting big time  this year but will not be in the position to  do  what is asked of you NOW


Daily walk on Mother Earth’s body with the Intent of aligning yourself with her and agree to help her Shift to lesson her burden. Do so with the utmost Love and Gratitude Imagine holding her in your embrace, invoking  the Sacred Fire Energy of God which holds  the Violet Flame, Christ Light, Adamantine Particles


Add your energy to the Heavenly God team infusing  all this Loving changing energy into our Mother everyday to help reduce ALL the negativity on our planet, Focus  on specific areas like Syria..Work it through you and our beloved planet to negate the nuclear leakages, chemical poisoning and  the poisoned and fear filled THOUGHTS still running rampant through humans


Do you know that you can use the Adamantine Particles to help  diffuse the chemtrails   Do your bit and work  with the heavenly team ,be an active ‘ground crew’  team member. We can also help our Uluru by agreeing to  work  with her task of removing all the emotional, astral effluvia of a collective humanity. Uluru acts as the Solar Plexus chakra of our planet – Invoke and use the Violet Flame as a powerful weapon here


If we all are more committed to do our work  then the earth changes can be lessened and Everything that is written in prophecy can be changed or downgraded as Jeshua  did in His time on Earth – Do you know that the earth was to experience major cataclysms then,He was taken inside her body and spoke to her and asked her to wait 2,000 years to allow humanity time to wake up and find  the “Kingdom of Heaven”(Christ) within.


Remember what He also saidThe things I do  you shall  also do and more” That stuck  with us for ages until I finally got it ..We have ALL  got  it the Power of God within to create  a new world


The only One we can truly listen to  re Prophecy for these times I believe is Jeshua  We were TOLD much will happen to change our world and point humanity in the right direction (if they listen and heed  all the Signs).Some concern will be that many people will go into real. Fear but remember we MUST allow them that space too as the most powerful changes coming are in fact the  major changes WITHIN and stirring up  much to be cleansed and cleared Why are we now telling you this  to help you better prepare your Life for more active Service to humanity, our earth and all her kingdoms upon her


If we are attuned to Spirit then we will always be in the right place at the right time and be shown where and when to move IF that is your case.There are legions of God’s team , masters, saints, Angels and Archangels ‘waiting in the wings’ to be of Service to you but be One with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit within you firstly then call on Jeshua, Mother Mary (especiallty for women and children) and Archangel Michael or whoever you feel  drawn to assist you take the next STEP the next leap  of Faith to  be of SERVICE

Spiritual Business Plan


We mentioned some months ago that Archangel Michael asked us to write to you re a Spiritual business plan for your future (add your family and children) and do so in your own handwriting Please note : We received this message again a few nights ago!!!.


Give it a go. You will be amazed what it may bring  Pray and meditate before doing .Write down everyone you would like to be involved with,everything you need to have ,what Heavenly and/or Earthly team of people around you that can assist you   SIGN YOUR LETTER OF INTENT AND DATE IT  and leave on the table open overnight.


Now .It .doesn’t matter whether you have ever done one previously..these need to be updated anyway often … Write on a separate piece of paper all the things that you feel are STOPPING you like your work, the mortgage, your family, your lifestyle ,your current living environment whatever  then burn that list   This exercise can help  your spiritual life enormously to  grow and Be-Come more empowered human beings



Jeshua and Michael books and more

The Lamb and Lionarchangel michael


God has given us Jeshua’s Love Without End, Archangel Michaels books , Do consider taking on these books  “To Teach Humanity the Way” Our books are like no other They are unlike other ‘channelled” books and will become manuscripts for Living in this century


Do consider also our other awesome Gifts Miracle II and now Ocean Ormus They carry the Violet flame of redemption , Adamantine particles .Plus Ocean Ormus we were given among other things to further enhance the Miracle II process by giving us the Spiritual food to help us plug and rebuild the ‘body form at DNA and cellualr structure


At this time,do not  relinqush your Power to anyone Stay above all the effuvia and see the world a much safer and holier place as it will be as you. Create your world around you It is time for the committed, disciplined and dedicated Light workers like never before to shine their Light into the darkest places and support their fellow man particularly when the world may seem to be going ‘insane’


If you would like us to  give a talk about  any of our work, our teachings, healing or what has been revealed to us and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be happy to oblige

Please share this newsletter as you see fit


“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God,Breathe out Love”


Blessings from the Circle of Life


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