Circle of Life May June newsletter

This is the year that Love takes command of our world



Welcome to our mid year May June newsletter In this issue we have much to discuss re what is happening in our world and our own insights and revelations but as always we ask that what we write you take on board only what you believe in your Heart is your truth and only your truth.


A quote from Jeshua that is befitting our message for this newsletter…


The Lamb and Lion

“It is you who have the power to change the human heart, beginning with your own intention. It is you who can join together with other companion ‘creators’ to change the world you came to assist. It is this accomplishment we seek to have you realize by using your own creative power.

Therefore, this very day, we confirm that you have the power and Love to help create a massive evolutionary shift in human consciousness from materialism to Love, from individualism to community cooperation“. …Jeshua “What every human should know” Virginia Essene


The winds of change are blowing faster now. We are receiving increased outpourings of light and sound waves, cosmic rays of Adamantine Particles, Violet Flame and Christed energies , and vibratory frequencies from Heaven more than ever before through more immense solar and lunar eclipses, the solstices, the equinoxes and other powerful confluences such as the super moon cycle we just experienced. As Jeshua has indicated we are the ones who have worked for and given the right to help create a new world for our benefit and the benefit and welfare of all.

But it is not a time to push your body just yet with multi-tasking and stressful activities which can utterly exhaust you at this time! Do not get stressed by trying to do too much. Keep things simple and heartfelt. The changes are causing our cells and DNA patterns to work strenuously just to stay healthy as they create a new identity. Slow down.

We are all needed so keep well, exercise and eat lightly, meditate and pray daily, sing and dance, have fun and connect with mother nature as often as you can. Give thanks to God all is well and will be well ..”As you think so you become” All this is right preparation for you personally and so you can be of more Service to your fellow man in the times ahead..

This is the ‘Tribulation’ time spoken of in the bible.  For many in the world are stuck in their thinking through 3rd dimensional earth issues and problems – warring, recession, losing jobs, political upheavals, and even global warming.This is affecting the mass consciousness quite negatively in their psyche causing everything from severe depression,, fighting within families and amongst friends Crime seems to have increased Even teenagers are doing crazy things The world would seem to be getting out of control …Some days you could be even be feeling like you are losing faith with humanity

The upside of all is to go up higher and become the Beholder as it is in your Power now to look at all life from a position of LOVE and pour forth this LOVE on the emotional,mental and physical effluvia manifesting on 3rd dimensional Earth and within your families, friends and communities.

As your awareness opens up to the 4th/5th dimensional reality where creation is almost instantaneous. this will become easier and in fact we will soon be living a more 4th/5th dimensional existence. Mother Earth we have been shown clearly is mid way through the 4 th dimension with many lightworkers still dragging the chain behind still pushing up to this level and most of humanity still struggling in the 3rd but this is about to change.

On May 20th there will be another major release of heavenly energies which could raise humanities’ heart connection and consciousness en masse Everyone should experience at least something at or around this time and for weeks afterwards as will our Mother Earth

And it does not end there the vibrations being sent from heaven will keep intensifying throughout the rest of this year and into 2013 and bring more change in the human psyche as well as some earth changes.

We would remind you on the June 6th there is a world Peace prayer day planned to placate some of the effects of changes ahead for mankind and our planet Go to to read up on again if you did not take note before and would like to participate and if so do share with others

Some special Gifts from Heaven to assist in these awesome times

The Violet Flame of Transmutation and Forgiveness is to be used with the option of clearing past life blockages, present life addictions as well as general Life and world issues . This is a special dispensation that has been granted in an effort to help humanity stabilize more fully in order to enter their Light body and Ascended state..Use it every day too for the good of all and our planet’s hot spots …We have a detailed explanation of understanding and use of the VIOLET Flame on our website

Something also simple and special to share…The 23rd Psalm which Jeshua has substituted Love for The Lord i.e ‘Love is my Shepherd” in “Love Without End..Jesus Speaks” has been given the encoding required to help those of humanity with addictions and blockages .When repeated with right Intention in mind, it will help clear cellular memory blockages and allowing for soul retrieval. Said three times this is a powerful and wonderful invocation for good..generally


Love is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Love makes me to lie down in green pastures.

Love leads me beside the still waters.

Love restores my soul.

Though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death,i

I will fear no evil,

For my rod and my staff is Love.

Love prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies,

And fills my cup to overflowing.

“Love Without End..Jesus Speaks” and “The Keys of Jeshua” These two books that we promote and teach from we have been shown will become like new bibles for the 21st century. For many Christians it is time to truly awaken to the real TRUTHS of Jeshua’s teachings and these books are bridges for that purpose .With all the new energies, Love and Light coming into our planet many Christians will be looking for answers outside of their current beliefs and these provide those answers in a logical and beautiful way.

Sacred oils

All the sacred oils we have from Jeshua are SO SPECIAL and can help us remember and instil virtues and gifts of Life that are needed for these times like Love, Compassion, Peace, Joy, Innocence, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Abundance.

 Jeshua’s Christ Scent can help heal a wounded heart and can exorcise things that don’t belong in or around you Magdalene’s Blessing helps remove fear Mothers Blessing is an anointing from the Heavenly Mother and Mother MaryOM and Holy Ground are great for meditating and prayer.

They all can be added d to a burner or add a drop onto the body on heart areas, soles of feet etc You can even dispense two three drops in a 250 ml bottle filled with pure water and the essence will pervade your house

And lastly but not least Mother Nature’s gifts to keep us grounded and in ‘Love’

This extraordinary planet has some wonderful Gifts is a showpiece in God’s Universe with more diverse life forms than any other planet Spend time in her Presence everyday. Walk in the park, near or under a waterfall ,on the sea shore, take in her beauty spend time with the animal and bird kingdoms, dolphins and whales if possible,horses too have a wonderful gift to share.

Take a look at the beautiful sunrises and sunsets she presents every day, compliments of the Elohim …Mother Earth will help us be more balanced and in Joy and Love if only we take the time and what a beautiful place to meditate and pray on.

Beyond the wonders of Mother earth, herself, we are sustained by the sun’s heating power, the moon’s effect on all water bodies, including humans, and even the stars glittering in the night sky – reminding us of our heavenly origins. She has many, many other mysteries to share with us too .Some can be seen through crop circles whose amazing messages are delivered onto the earth’s surfaces in specific locations. Also digital cameras now show the beautiful orbs that surround all human life although our physical eyes cannot yet see them…Remember every day in these challenging times …”In the Circle of Life we are all ONE.”

We are being asked to step up to more active Service now more than ever before …our work is at hand

We as spiritually evolving people are to offer the TRUTH as we understand or as it has been revealed to us and to encourage others to seek their own truth as it is or will be unveiled to them The answers we know are within ..”The Kingdom of Heaven is within” Jeshua said It is not the time for gurus of any kind any longer, Way showers and Teachers Yes and that is where our roles will be.

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Please pass on as you see fit..Blessings from the CIrcle of Life

“Beloved one, all that matters in life and all that makes life worth living is Love, and that Love can never ever be taken from you. Everything else can be taken. Everything else is temporary, but the Love that you feel always is yours, and that is what makes life worth living.” Jeshua