Circle of Life July newsletter

“We are the Power of the NOW”

The Lamb and Lion

The Wayshower

“I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM
I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing
I will show you the way out of this cycle
And I will show you the way into a New Age where your Christ Self will flourish
This, I promise you. You need only ask”.

Beloved one, you change what is going on by changing your perception of what is going on, changing your perception of what you are, who you are, and what is happening with the interchange between people and among people”.Jeshua

Welcome to our July newsletter This month we focus on the special needs of Prayer and Meditation in these times and how they and WE can change the world around us and make it a better place as we are now becoming much more powerful than we know. As  always we say what we write please discern what is your Truth from our messages and ask you do take action where you feel you can be of Service .

We are seeing the Power of Prayer and Meditation not just for ourselves slowly but surely changing the outer world at large I remember clearly one personal experience God showed us the night before the Brisbane floods early last year that were supposed to reach a record 5.5 metres which would have had absolutely devastating consequences . Holy Spirit showed us the waters only getting to 4.4 metres .This still had enormous impact but not as bad as the 5.5 metres would have done .I was to share this message that such was the Power of our collective Prayer efforts.


Urgent need for more Prayer and Meditation now

Our Prayers are needed in many areas as we write If the minds and hearts of humanity continually remain full of the man made ‘noises’ of Earth (all the third dimensional issues ) it masks the spiritual aspects and does not allow them the means of becoming one with their higher self and all the Beautiful Beings waiting for their presence and attention…Never has there been a more urgent time for meditation and prayer for ourselves ,our families, friends and world communities.

If you have the knowledge and we know most of you do, it is time to teach meditation even its simplest form, even if you have never done it before. Meditation has great healing benefits, helps relieve stress and many other things as we know. For most of humanity is travelling too fast and do not truly know how to cope with the changes God is sending to this little planet with such awesome new energies coming through .Everyone is to be a receptor now of these energies but people have to know how to receive….There is not a better way to receive than through the simple practice of meditation aided by learning good breathing techniques.

For those of us getting behind in this practice ,we know many have said to us they are struggling daily to stay the distance with meditations-too tired from body changes, mental and emotional attachments and /or, too busy, too involved with business and family matters, entering into that quiet space will bring the peace of mind and heart and subject us to feelings of bliss if we persevere long enough to allow this state of bliss to become apparent to us What’s more it can give us the extra boost of energy we need everyday.

All this may sound simple enough but it is important in these incredible times never to lose sight of this wonderful fulfilling practice Never has it been said that ‘noise pollution’ is destructive to the soul, but ongoing noise pollution removes from your heart and soul all traces of the spiritual aspects that are within you, bliss being one of them.

It is so important now for the ‘hustle and bustle’ city dwellers to take ‘time out’ and spend time in Nature go to the country often or be near the ocean or waterways and to Pray and Meditate and BE STILL and just listen.

Take heed to breathe deeply and apply tools that you would have learnt over the years to work with this opening to meditation This is where all those doing special breathing, meditation and yoga etc have an advantage.

And please we also mention do at least some Light exercises daily and use Miracle II and Ocean Ormus as these can help reduce the toxins constantly coming up and Ocean will work on the DNA Whatever it takes prepare your Body temple to be able to house the new Christ energies coming through and then to help others likewise.

A comment from Jeshua “Engaging in gratitude or moments of meditation throughout the day is like opening a bank account with unlimited resources of Joy, Love, and Wisdom”.


The Light children and youth of our world

There are so many Light children and teenagers of varying ages on Earth at the present moment who are totally confused and conflicted about their role in life. In one group their main emphasis is about achieving well educationally and in the sports arena which then does not allow any place for the spiritual attributes within them to be brought forward.

Then there are those children who through no fault of their own are forced to live in poverty and squalor, who remain uneducated, are starving for food and affection and who have nothing to look forward to except more of the same.

The hard, cold world is truly a nightmare existence for many of these sensitive ones who are not given the support and consideration necessary for their well-being. Others are simply losing their way and becoming part of the violent codes that exist and are becoming more prevalent.


All these children need our help and Love .This you can give them by requesting from God the means of granting these souls in distress the grace and blessings they require to remain true to themselves.


We have stated many times to also request the Love and support of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary to put an etheric web of Protection around these young ones so that that can protected enough to be able to learn and grow by being given an environment to develop and then demonstrate their God given talents



We have received a very special message this week re Africa. Holy Spirit TOLD us that the Light workers’ collective power has been increased . NOW we are working as ONE unit,not as individuals as we have done for eons of time and being ‘bonded together like glue’ and our efforts are multiplied many thousand fold.


As powerful human beings becoming our prayers can do wonders anywhere in this world and we know some powerful  Lightworkers  were behind the changes in Egypt, Libya and now Syria and now it is Africa’s turn but they need a VOICE


And again we were shown clearly this week we can at Soul level speak to the SOULS of Africans to urge them to now stand up to the cruel dictatorships and military regimes that have controlled many countries there like Zimbabwe, The Congo, Sudan, Somalia …. Somalia at present is going through enormous challenges of mass starvation and deprivation and urgently need our prayers and your support.


We now have the Power to help .We can in God’s name help “Seed the Thoughts of the Mass Consciousness of humanity” through our Loving Intent and Thoughts This is Prayer as God’s new great Gift to us… This Jeshua speaks about in our “Love Without End..Jesus Speaks’ books.


We were given a vision that our prayers and efforts can work for Africans to help them stand up and free themselves now of all the cruelty and abominations they have suffered for centuries We saw them with our God’s persuasion come out literally in the streets to join together as ONE and walk up to and take on their governments just like people in Syria are doing now ..We can help them make this happen


There is no other way for many Africans .We can do our best to help and Protect them too with God’s Grace . Once Africa was a Jewel in the Crown and it will be again.


London Olympic games


Pray for the protection of all athletes at the games and for the games themselves Ask Archangel Michael to assist and put a web of Protection around for the period they are on.


Mother Earth

This month we cannot get away from writing about Mother Earth and specifically praying and working with Her and using the Violet Flame to help cleanse Her body. She is a Cosmic Being who graciously gave of Herself so that humanity could learn and grow in harmony with God’ and yet….

There is increasing and progressive mining going on around the world and we in Australia are in the middle of it with our increasing mining exports of all things under our Earth, particularly in Queensland and W.A This goes against the grain of everything that is God to ‘disembowel’ her What is happening in Queensland currently with oil and gas mining and development can also destroy parts of the Great Barrier Reef not to mention millions of acres of farming and grazing land there. All this in the name of “progress”

There is increased expansion of mining of uranium, plutonium and metals used for nuclear energy, again Australia is heavily involved We saw in Japan last year how humanity is nowhere near ready to harness nuclear power..We simply cannot handle it From this nuclear reactor site alone there is enough nuclear radiation to destroy every living thing on this planet.

One day God will give humanity the means to use and diffuse nuclear energy safely but not yet. We are not ready or advanced enough civilization for this knowledge

The repercussions of all these increased activities could back Mother Earth into a corner and push her over the edge leaving nothing able to be done to return her into balance and alignment. Her equilibrium has an extremely fragile point of placement and the ongoing mining and accompanying destruction will be the very thing that could cause her to lose that equilibrium and force her to react in extremely violent ways.


Trees and Forests

Then we have to mention our Trees. and forests .Our prayers and Thought seeds are urgently needed for the Brazilian government to have a change of Heart re the Amazon where much “new development in the name of progress” is going on by cutting down many more millions of acres of forest for ‘human habitation’ and development

This will have an effect of reducing the overall Oxygen levels of our planet significantly The Amazon’s mega- forests account for giving the world 20% of its available Oxygen now .This escalated activity can and will decrease our Oxygen levels significantly All this has been happening when Brazil has been hosting a world summit on environment and climate changes.We have taken so much for granted on our little planet without giving credit to all of Nature supplying us with everything we ever needed food medicines including the Trees giving us Oxygen to simply Breathe!


We are more powerful than we know

We are now more Powerful now than we have ever been and can and will stop all this rot and help make this a better world .Pray and meditate and work with Mother Earth to help her cleanse her body as gently and naturally as she can without any more interference from humanity.

You know we are feeling the remainder of this year can become more increasingly enjoyable particularly when we come into our Power (God’s Power).Problems there will be, but we are growing enough to handle them.Become the Beholder, Perceive things differently as Jeshua says and they will be .All the Effluvia will be far outweighed by the progress we will find, both inside and outside of ourselves.

There will be many opportunities to reach out and help others., our animal, nature kingdoms and our Earth If we are in a position to physically do so, please do. If not, please give of your time or at least send your Prayers and Love. Take seriously now the effect your Prayer and Intention has upon the world.         

As more of us learn this, the effect is strengthened even further. Please see our efforts as joining and supporting each other. We are now bonded together more so than ever Keep watch for every chance to send the Violet Flame, Love and Light to troubled spots, our Mother Earth where needed . Feel the effect of our efforts . Understand its power. And importantly, give thanks for it.

This is a time of tremendous change .”As we get more into the new times it will be the end of the world as we have known it” Jeshua says .. and the beginning of a new experience of the world in more ways than we can imagine. .

Be in Joy, Sing and Dance some, listen to good music, Laugh a little, Laugh a lot. Get back into Nature . Pray, Meditate , and just as importantly ..Give Thanks everyday for your Life.

We are being born into the Christ consciousness of the soul.. We will know more each day that we are the very force of Love itself. And this is just the beginning. It really is an exciting time to be here and besides we all chose it so stay in the Heart and we will always know where to be and where to go if need be.

And on a closing note from Jeshua “Beloved one, you are a great ray of Light. You are energy in form, living a reality. Your purpose is to allow that Light to shine, to live Life so that others may see your Light, and by seeing your Light to know that they are Light also.”

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Till next time Blessings in all that you are and do ….Share this newsletter as you see fit

Breathe in Light (the Adamantine Particles of God) and Breathe out Love

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