Circle of Life’s October 2012 newsletter‏

‘With God everything is possible”

Welcome  to our Circle of Life October newsletter.The year is going so fast, it seemed only yesterday that it was last Christmas and now it is just around the corner again proving to us at least there is no time in God’ s Infinite universe, just a Pulse of time and always it is the NOW moment .  Our theme this month is “With God Everything is Possible.” This has always meant so much to us that we have written it down every day in our diary at the start of each day for as long as we can remember.It helps us keep our FAITH,our COURAGE and our STRENGTH to  do and ENJOY the work that we do.

When we travel and we did just his week to Adelaide we speak to so many that have given up on their  meditation, ‘prayers’ (in whatever words  they use not formal prayers necessarily) or are too busy,or they are ‘coasting as  a new ager’, or the world has simply got on top of them ..We offered them this if only they knew how much God, the God within , the God team , the Angels was there in support they would never want to go back to their old ways again …


We have written many times that we are and WILL BE so needed to help our fellow man in the coming times so we must be prepared,be fine tuned,be committed be disciplined Be the Love that we are and more Not all  are asked or in a position to get  out and speak Most of us are doing enormous work on the inner plane in our night time sojourns and wake up exhausted (that is normally the reason for the tiredness before you even start your day).


Shine your Lights in the streets, the shopping malls, supermakets, the clubs, the pubs (Jeshua did so why not we) give that smile to anyone and everyone , recognize your fellow man by being courteous, lend an ear to those who look like they are in pain and many are, even though they don’t show it …This is the sifting time of the “wheat and the chaff.”…Which camp will we and our fellow man enter! We have been given the Power to “make all things  new ” but we must truly discover our connection to God first to be of most assistance   .


Our Youth


Right now many of our youth would appear to be a generation of lost souls.That does not mean everyone of course and particularly among those in our family and friends.But we speak to enough young people to believe it is still a high percentage Do NOT loose Faith  .Those ‘lost’ at the moment we will not convince to give up on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll but we can pray and reach many of them through their own Hearts and show them there is a better way and leave it for them to decide and on top of which the Universe is sending such incredible Light Bolts to the Earth to eventually make everything new . 


Call on Archangel Michael and Mother Mary to  put   a cloak  of  Divine Protection around all the children and youth of the Light,particularly those gone astray through no fault of their own .For those who have gone off the rails ..they need YOU in your own communities  to be the conduit for them to change their own life.       




We still have the great cleansing going on all over the planet, including within ourselves and so have both an exciting and yet challenging time still ahead…All of us need to be calm ,centred and in tune with understand and know our future Role and much more.


AWARENESS can and will miraculously come of just about everything that we will require in this Life if we do so.And it may be quite sudden that  it surfaces for all those now doing the hard yards. As we say “With God truly everything is Possible”   


Practice Spiritual Body Building each day  


Pray and Meditate ,chant, do toning and sacred sounds then Listen to your Heart …”All the answers to our /your future are within us” We are /will be creating our future one person, one community, one day at a time That is not to say there will not be a lot to happen because there will be and some of it will be challenging ….Stay in your HEART and we will all be in the right place at the right time.


Oxygenate your body It is important to mention here, we all need to be taking in more Oxygen each day as our Hearts and lungs adjust to our new bodies and the new energies. Good breathing techniques (breathing in the Adamantine Particles of God) and swimming can and will help expand our lung capacity to absorb more oxygen., Ocean shores and waterways create a good oxygen environment too.


The Adamantine particles coming through to our Earth from God’s infinite universe through the medium of the Photon energy carry the Prana, the Universal Life Force Energy,the Christ Light and the magical Violet Flame The Adamantine Particles are a wonderful Gift from Heaven revealed by Jeshua for the very first time on our planet in our Love Without End books and developed further by Archangel Michael in His teachings.   


Give thanks every day,God’s greatest and simplest prayer.Take in the Beauty of the surroundings Heaven is creating beautiful messages’ in the skies each day,‘unbelievably coloured sun rises and sunsets, new crop circles, orbs, full moons that Light up everything…. All for our benefit and to show we are not alone


Stay positive about Life. Rise above all the Effluvia on the planet and it happening everywhere.Become the Beholder, but don’t get involved even emotionally. Take the deep breath (breathe in the Adamantine Particles), be Compassionate but not sympathetic.”Love one another”  


Circle of Life’s Miracle II, Ocean Ormus and our Jeshua’s Sacred Oils


 Do you know all our products now carry the Adamantine paricles and can truly ASSIST ‘BODY CHANGES’ DURING THESE EXTRAORDINARY TIMES Miracle II and Ocean Ormus can work at the emotinal and mental levels as well as the physical via the power of its Violet Flame attributes, Ocean Ormus works brilliantly on your Cellular structure and DNA and the Sacred Oils like the crystal kingdom can do wonders for your Health and Wellbeing… Our Jeshua oils are truly Healing .


And always a good book to Inspire you ..You know there is so much in The Keys of Jeshua, Love Without End and Archangel Michael’s books to assist you in these times and some is in the Ahahs you get…Get them out again    


                                              Every Circle of Life product was given to us to help enhance LIFE and the LIVING      


We will be attending two more major MBS expos before Christmas and two in the new year– Sydney (8th-11th November) and Melbourne (23rd-25 th November) then the Gold Coastin January and Canberra in March.We will display our full products range and our courses and programs for your Life .Plus we will be speaking at each of these expos on “Love Without End.” .  

Look forward to meeting with many of you at each expo .If you would like us to give a lecture or do some extra work in your state during our travels with your group or community please let us know ..We are here in Service     
                                       Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read and that number is growing faster than you may think.

“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love
                                 ”                                                                                 Blessings from the Circle of Life

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                                                                                                      “Love changes everything”