Spring Newsletter

‘This the year that Love takes command of our world”

“I AM the Lion who came as a Lamb and the Lamb who roared as a Lion. I AM the living paradox of Love unleashed upon the earth … a force to end its duality.” As a smile spread across His face He focused upon me with burning, yet peaceful, eyes and spoke these last words. These were not for me alone, but for you and all mankind“And you are My Beloved.”

~ Jeshua

We open our newsletter with these words from Jeshua from the last chapter of His book “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks” as Jeshua’s Energy and LOVE are now coming through very powerfully so much so that His Love is encompassing the whole Earth and all of Humanity as we too are the Beloved. And so we know our work and ‘time is truly at hand’ .as we wrote in last month’s newsletter.

He is ASKING us to now take His teachings out into the public arena as this work will become a foundation for many, a manuscript for Living in the 21st century. The books “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks” and “The Keys of Jeshua” are to be the new times ‘bibles’. and carry the Creator’s and His Blessing to be ‘out there’ . Think about it and if you would like to share with us please email or call. 

The message is LOVE..Jeshua’s messages have always been, are and always will be LOVE and so is our work as this is the year that” Love takes back command of our Earth”We wrote this in January newsletter and nothing has changed only we are closer to that happening Whilst it does look like it quite YET, things will soon change .

We still have the great cleansing going on all over the planet, including within ourselves and so have both an exciting and yet challenging time still ahead…All of us so we need to be calm ,centred and in tune with Spirit .to understand and know your Role for that AWARENESS will quite suddenly surface for all those doing the hard yards.


Do the simple things well so Loving yourself by nurturing yourself more than ever before in these coming months. Be Kind and Compassionate to all by being Kind and Compassionate to yourself first..Your Love will infect all you meet more than ever before but we must be Living from the Heart first.

We repeat what we have said in some previous newsletters ,in this coming months rest when feel the need as we will not be able to handle the changes well We have written before our sleeping patterns will never be the same again as we move into the River of Life, the ebb and flow of the universe.

We will not be able to work an 8-12 hour day , 5/6 days a week job as such without making some changes to our routine If we make changes to our pattern of working out our days, take some time out to spend in nature, walk in the park or near the water, light exercise each day ,meditate and pray we will actually have more energy and be able to work longer and more ENJOYAYABLE hours.

Discipline, discipline and it simple discipline is required that is all as very soon we will be doing the work that we LOVE, that we came here to do.

Give thanks every day, take in the Beauty of the surroundings The Elohim the great builders of God’s infinite Universes and the Angels are creating Heavenly messages’ in the skies each day ,‘unbelievably coloured sun rises and sunsets, new crop circles, orbs, full moons that Light up everything…. All for our benefit and to show we are not alone.

Oxygenate your body It is important to mention here, we all need to be taking in more Oxygen each day as our Hearts and lungs adjust to our new bodies and the new energies. Good breathing techniques (breathing in the Adamantine Particles of God) and swimming can and will help expand our lung capacity to absorb more oxygen. Ocean shores and waterways create a good oxygen environment too.

Spend some time with the animal kingdoms Not only your domestic but the dolphins and whales if you can .Lions and tigers, horses, are also coming unto their own, such beautiful creatures too All the animal kingdoms our birds, plants and trees know what is going on and are here to serve humanity to help us rediscover our Soul, our LOVE ,our connection to God …..We are All One don’t forget.

Ascension = Awakening .Ascension is not a magical star-dust thing that immediately changes everyone but it is a newly opened 5th dimensional doorway that each chooses to pass through when ready. The choice is each persons, depending on their readiness, their pure intent and indeed their light quotient. It has always been so, one heart one soul at a time.

In fact we have read it will take up to 15 lifetimes for all of humanity to develop enough to be able to reach ‘Ascension’… .Our job NOW is to make it easier to “Bring Heaven to Earth

Channelling Be careful who you listen to or what you read There is an explosion of information coming through on the internet about what the end of 2012 looks like ..The 12. 12. 12,the 21st December .Messages read ” All are ‘ascending’ or from some religious viewpoints all is finished” Discernment !

Know one thing for sure though as Mother Earth raises her vibration ALL are rising in ConsciousnessALL but at varying degrees and you and I will be needed to spread the good news to all that are drawn to us .Help them how you can

Listen to your Heart …”All the answers to our /your future are within us” We are /will be creating our future one person, one community, one day at a time That is not to say there will not be a lot to happen because there will be and some of it will be challenging Stay in your HEART , Pray and Meditate and we will all be in the right place at the right time.


Miracle II and Ocean Ormus

Did you know ..MIRACLE II and Ocean Ormus can truly ASSIST ‘BODY CHANGES’ DURING THESE EXTRAORDINARY TIMES and for those that fly often will help to remove Jet lag or Gamma radiation effects and Auric bleeding’. Miracle II can work at he emotinal and mental levels as well as the physical via the power of its Violet Flame attributes and Ocean Ormus works brilliantly on your Cellular structure and DNA.

And always a good book to Inspire you .You know there is so much in The Keys of Jeshua, Love Without End and Archangel Michael’s books to assist you in these times and some is in the Ahahs you get…Get them out again .


Sacred Oils from Jeshua

A brief note to close re our Sacred Oils given by Jeshua that we hope might encourage you to use for the first time or more often …Essential oils have been used in healing for millenniums .Jeshua’s special oils more than fit that bill and are super concentrated. They are sourced from the purest sources in the world, are alchemically charged and have a very high consciousness/vibration.

They especially carry a remembrance of the essential attributes and virtues we need in our lives likeJoy, Peace, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness WisdomInnocence etc Magdalene’s Blessingis specially anointed to help remove Fear in our body.. OHM and Holy Ground are very special for prayer and meditation purposes and of course there is Jeshua’s own Essence Christ Scent which can heal a wounded heart and used to clear away unwanted energies within and around us l

Some Sacred Oils application

Some practical ways to use these pure super concentrated essential oils

a)Skin….. a drop on the Sacred Heart area, crown or third eye or the soles of your feet can do wonders –no perfumes nor after shave is required either

bRoom diffusers can be used for this aromatic distribution.
c) You can place a drop on your jewellery and or little crystals 
d) Add a few drops of your favourite oil in your Miracle II bath … for a powerhouse effect.
e)Add 4 drops into a trigger water(pure) bottle and you have the best room deodorizer f)Place 2 drops on your handkerchief or tissue and place near your nose and inhale. The tissue may also be placed in a shirt pocket near to your face throughout the day. These Sacred oils are ideal for this application

g)And here is something totally different… you can even add an oil or blend of oils to your paint whenpainting your home/ meditation room – the fragrance(s) will last for months

That’s it for this month If you would like us to give a talk about any of our work, our teachings, healing including Absent Healing as we are offering that Service or what has been revealed to us and you want to organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be happy to oblige. We are here in Service

We will be attending several expos over the next 6 months in order – Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Canberra. We will display our full products range and our courses and programs for your Life .Plus we will be speaking at each of these expos. Look forward to meeting with many of you at each .If you would like us to do some extra work in your state with your groups or community please let us know …Check out the venues, dates or as they come to hand we will advise Adelaide is the 29th September till1st October 2012

Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read and that number is growing faster than you may think.

“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love”

Blessings from the Circle of Life

P.O. Box 700 Engadine NSW 2233

“Love is who you are and never forget it”