Circle of Life’s November 2012 Newsletter

   “The Awakening of Humanity ..the Wake up call is NOW”

         Circle of Life’s November Newsletter 


                                                                                  Circle Of Life


Welcome to our Circle of Life November newsletter.We ask to read with discernment as with all our newsletters as to what resonates with your Heart’s Truth  We are now into the End times, not the end of time but the times of major changes coming to our Earth and All Life forms on her body We are at the edge of a wave of energy that will change every single life on planet Earth.

The Lamb and Lion                            

  …..A quote from Jeshua from “The Keys of Jeshua” says what needs to be said about the times ahead


From now right through to the end of this year culminating on 21st December  much is to happen and will continue right throughout 2013 and beyond. Most of humanity right across the world are and will be feeling someting unique and special and that there is much more to Life . Yes it will be a wake up call for many, yes it will be a major jolt for those really stuck in 3rd dimensional living and ways.Some will take the Fear road. Some will do nothing about it as they will not change in this lifetime but most will be searching and that is where you and I will be needed more than ever before 

You are the Peacemakers, the Wayshowers , the Leaders by example firstly then for some the Teachers of the Way of Righteousness (Right Living). Yes this is now a planet that is well on its WAY to the Light  and there is no turning back .This dark planet is to be a bright Star in the Heavens and Love is to be the ‘Commander in chief.

The road ahead is excitingas Jeshua has said  …Heaven gave us a vision recently within 40+ years by the mid 2050s we will be all much Lighter, Lighter in weight and Lighter in Light as we embace our true Self, our whole Being.We were also  shown Sydney being such a  beautiful city with no pollution clean vibrant atmosphere, lovely green surroundings It was awesome.    

Fourth Dimension

Mother Earth we have been shown visually is clearly into the fourth dimension Those still stuck in  a materialistic world, 3rd dimensional living have two choices – get off the ship or look to go with her  and change their lives as they will not be able to live on her body unless they have raised their vibration to match hers .This may still take  a number of years but we can help here  .It will take as little or as long for humanity as each of us  do our work to show Humanity the WAY as we are now the cocreators in all present and future events.      


It is important to pray and meditate like never before.Each day firmly establish a mental intention to be in a state of Joy and Gratitude, for these will assist Heaven to step up the new frequencies that are inundating the Planet This intention also assists in the breaking up of the densities of mass consciousness thinking that has been accepted as the normal way of thinking, doing and Being for Humanity.


That is not to  say Mother Earth will do all things gently now .She will continue to shift and change and cleanse herself as we move into these new times and she is doing this as gently as she can but she will still react strongly as was needed on the East coast of the U.S and the Bahamas with the Super Storm Sandy  

This could not be done any more gently as this area needed this extra cleansing..It also will help the At-One-ment to by uniting people in Service not only in the US but world wide.Yes keep  up  your prayers for those affected.Be compassionate but stay in the role of the Beholder not be drawn into  this cleansing .There are more   ‘events ‘ still to happen and we here in Australia will not be exempt    

Pray for Divine Guidance in Governments Politics and world events

We do not normally mention governments and politics but for humanity to truly be given the chance to change its ways it must start at the top in governments and business alike  There are good men and women ready who  will soon come forward and this is in every nation . We have to mention two here that affect us directly as we have now been given this message  three times to this time..

in Barrack Obama and Kevin Rudd we have two such men. President Obama  has had to play the game of ‘politics’ and not been allowed to do his work to date -his and his family have been threatened  just like JFK and like him he was not to last his first term in office .On paper he has made some glaring mistakes as well as as some good decisions but his time is NOW .

He is divinely protected and Heaven will not allow him to be removed from office as the U.S was and is designated by St Germain with America’s forefathers centuries ago to be the future I AM race and so it shall be …It needs a great leader to be that and so  we will see  the real Obama shortly

We are not biased one way or the other in Australian politics but Kevin Rudd has developed quickly and spiritually over the past fours years, let go of his ego as is now ready to be an Inspired God man  in politics. Heaven TOLD me “he should never have been removed and is Australia’s rightful leader”

Having god men and women in public office IS NOW a MUST for all countries to move forward into the new times and Heaven is seeing to it …In Africa  there are many good men and women biding their time as there in Asia (Burma stands out ),in the middle east and in fact all over the planet but there is still a lot of Prayers to  be said .We can help make it happen as cocreators of earth events and the passion play to bring this on.

There will NOT be any world war as has been planned but here will still be some hiccups We repeat No world war it has been decreed is NOT to happen as this is not the path for humanity and our Mother Earth any longer. Every country on Earth is to be GOD’S COUNTRY !                                                                                  

Your Discipline and  Committment
Nothing has changed in our urging you that we must be prepared,be fine tuned,be committed be disciplined Be the Love that we are and more Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of Love. Ask God, the God team to show you how to Love more, to show you how to receive Love, and to show you how to radiate Love. Call on Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and our beautiful angelic friends here to help They hear every call to their  name .                                                                                                                                     
The Adamantine Particles
Breathe in consciously every day twice a day for at least 5 minutes the Adamantine Particles  Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome..They are the Body of God  in physical matter and carry the Christ Light ,The Love,  the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them out 
The Adamantine particles are so much more than the prana we are aware of This is a wonderful Gift from God, Jeshua, from Heaven, ……USE THIS GIFT .Much much more information is in our Jeshua books and do you know all our Miracle II.Ocean Ormus, Sacred Oils and new Sacred Oil /Lotions are full of them.  

A brief word here we have some incredible new  Organic ‘Light’ Lotions holding the Jeshua sacred oils just now available and will be up on our website shortly They are for men and women alike .We were guided to get them in..Like every Circle of Life product they were given to us to help enhance LIFE and the LIVING

Don’t forget we will be attending two more major MBS expos this month and two in the new year– Sydney (8th-11th November) and Melbourne (23rd-25 th November) then the Gold Coast in January and Canberra in March.We will display our full products range and our courses and programs for your Life .Plus we will be speaking at each of these expos on “Love Without End.”

Look forward to meeting with many of you at each expo .If you would like us to give a lecture or do some extra work in your state during our travels with your group or community please let us know ..We are here in Service

Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read and that number is growing faster than you may think.Lately I have told some old friends and family exactly what I have been doing this past 14 years full time .Some thought I had lost the plot leaving corporate life including the one sjust mentioned and they were listening !!!….In the past I could not have had that conversation.Try it on for size with those you know and Love.   

“Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out Love


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