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                              “My Peace I give you, My Peace I leave you .”

  The Lamb and Lion                                                                                                                                                     

And the voice of Jeshua speaks from the Heart to your Heart :” I give you Peace that in its Presence you may know your own being.

Come to me in your Peace and I will give abundantly to you .Come to me in your Joy and I will rejoice with you .

Come to me with your illusions and I will give you Truth. Come to me with your pain and I will give you Healing”.


Welcome to our Christmas  newsletter in this issue we focus on ..”The Children and the Youth of our world and finding Peace within in these extraordinary times.“It has been another demanding year for most Australians and our world with many events and changes happening so quickly now and many more to still come so it is truly a Blessed respite for us all to have a break at Christmas to be able to spend a peaceful, joyous and Love filled time with our family and friends. Use it wisely. 


And of course before the Christmas break are two big events coming up the 12:12 and the 21st December.Much has been written so we don’t need to elaborat but one thing that I was Told this week not just to focus on these two days There is no time in God’s infinite universe just a Pulse of time So the days we ‘don’t go to  work’  is when the dark ones  try to get underneath  all our  efforts .Every day in God’s world is sacred however do do your group  prayers and meditation on these specific dates as many of you would come together weekly or fortnightly anyway but remember our work is every day. 


We do recommend one particular meditation group activity for the 21st December from Archangel Gabriel’s Children of Light website of Light do some outstanding work re our Earth’s Spiritual guidance and have done ever so simply for over 20 years.


On these dates pray for Mother Earth’s birthing to be as gentle as she make it.She has held back  so much in recent times  she may not be able to in the times ahead. The Sandy hurricane’s storms could have been far worse the waves could have been 100ft or 30 metres but she held them  to a much lesser height  She may not be able to do that much longer as ‘her water breaks’ so to speak.


Pray for the collective spiritual consciousness of man to  take  a mighty leap – ALL humanity no matter what level individuals may be on. See them shift and change onwards and upwards .As this occurs is when our jobs will really begin in earnest as it is now not just about raising consciousness but then helping  humanity in whatever we can to  to take the next leap of Faith in their lives.

 The children and youth of our world

And then there are the Chilldren and Youth of our world   Bless the children and the youth of the world


There are so many children of the Light of varying ages on Earth at the present moment who are totally confused and conflicted about their role in life. They lack direction.Their main emphasis is not about God but simply ‘having a good time with no care nor responsibility’ Pray for those of the Light who are ‘lost’ that they come back and their parents to be more active in a good way in their lives.


This can be part of your collective prayer and meditation efforts on these two days and the youth and children of the world receive the Grace and Blessings they require to remain true to their real SELF..And as we have suggested before, ask for Archangel Michael and Mother Mary’ Protection working with and through you as Lightworkers to put a Protective web a shield around the vulnerable ones .  


Deep down they have a rememberance of the Heavenly Life that is to come back to Earth and it now needs to be  Awakened in them.This is a time of Miracles to occur     


And don’t forget the Christmas story of Mary, Joseph and the Christ child Jeshua Ben Joseph. …Christmas was always a time for remembering the children of the world and the birth of the Christ child but Holy Spirit has said Christmas is always best when Christ is an essential part of it and that is nearly lost in all areas of life today through the lack of media, even shopping centres and most importantly in our collective Consciousness. 

Spend time in nature

We repeat what we have often said before spend time in nature this Christmas All of our nature kingdoms have a Gift for humanity All are here in Service to us  – Spend time in Nature  sometime every day if you can., this can help us .no end to  feel a sense of Joy and Beauty and Oneness of all Life  and simply BREATHE        


As part of a routine spend some time for short prayer and meditation breaks more preferrable now then even a long meditation to do short spells of 5 -10 minute breathing rather than long half or 1 hour sessions and breathe in the Adamantine particles of God.And find something that makes you smile and laugh every day. Play some good music,turn the TV off, sing and dance some -so nurturing (Loving) yourself, Take time out each day for YOU .                                      


Give thanks to God for what we have- giving us good health and an environment, to be able to live in such a wonderful country, a beautiful world full of lovely landscapes,trees,waterways.The Gifts from our dolphin and whale families,our animals, birds, sunrises and sunsets to name just a few.

   Christmas Gift ideas from Circle of Life

We have been given  some of the most awesome products on the planet bar none in our Circle of Life range for your spiritual as well as physical, mental and emotional development Each was given us in Spirit to share like , Miracle II,Ocean Ormus,the Sacred Art and Oils and now our Organic Light Lotions from Love Without End (Brief attached)..these are truly awesome and for use for both men and women alike.People loved them at the recent expos we have attended.


In these great times of change and people searching,you could not offer your family and friends better Gifts then what we offer at Circle of Life and they all carry the Adamantine Particles. 

    Yours, Our Christ work         

The times ahead will be either challenging or exciting dependent on the way you view the much needed changes coming as Archangel Michael is calling all Lightworkers to more active Service NOW We are each being asked to come forward to assist and teach humanity the WAY,whatever form that takes for you 


Spend time this Christmas and LISTEN more to the Christ Presence within -the Holy Spirit, as to what God may now want and expect of you…Remember we are not alone and have much so much support from Heaven to complete our missions now but we have to ASK .”


If you would like us to give a talk about this,what has been revealed to us about these times, our Christ work, earth and body changes or about our Inspirational products and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be glad to discuss. Jeshua has made it very clear to us of late that  “it is time for the TRUTH OF THE MESSAGES OF LOVE He gave to the world 2,000 years ago be expressed again and clearly enough,as He has done through ” Love Without End…Jesus Speaks” to help all humanity on their Path to find the Kingdom of Heaven within  and be truly Empowered human beings again”…       Will you do your bit!! .
Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and thank you all for your support throughout 2012 ..”Peace be unto you,Peace be with you.” 


                      Breathe in the Adamantine particles,the body of God,
                      And breathe out Love

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