‘A new beginning’ January newsletter from Circle of Life

Welcome everyone to our first Circle of Life newsletter for the new times “The Dawning of Age of Aquarius’.There is much to write about at this time but we will keep it to the basics for this Christmas holiday report. A quote from Jeshua firstly about these awesome times.


” This is the time of tremendous change  and a most exciting time to be here. As we get into  the new times it will be the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new experience of the world in more ways then we can imagine” .

The 12:12 and 21:12       

For all those who joined with groups or linked in Spirit in meditation on or during these special dates in December, Heaven  has said   “our prayers  for World Peace, Justice, Love  and the Raising of Humanities Consciousness were heard” and rest assured everyone did get a big ‘charge’ along  the WAY during this  special period . More are readied now than ever before that is the good news . Are we willing to do our bit to Teach Humanity the WAY! 

But we also know some of you may have been personally disappointed with the ‘events’ or lack of on these  days. Many of the channelled messages coming forward from many sources about these ‘end times’ contain many prophecies, much  misinformation ,disinformation and would have had you think all sorts of things were to happen including Ascension and all its glories -Discern ALWAYS what you listen to or read from now on including our newsletter whether it is your TRUTH or not. 

Yes there were  alignments of the Suns, of our galaxy and many other celestial happenings but these were always to be on the etheric level .Our bodies and Mother Earth did feel the increase in Light and Love vibrations during this past month as our physical bodies are a copy of the Divine Blueprint Etheric body. Yes we and our Mother Earth are ‘ascending’ and have been for  since the early 90s.

As we have said often, Ascension (we like to  refer to it as Awakening) is one step,one day at  a time for every INDIVIDUAL  on the Path as it has always been and will always be. As we do awaken we will  get an increase of our own channelled information from God, Christ and Holy Spirit within .So go within always firstly ALWAYS! 

The new energies and resulting body effects                                                                                                                                                                 

We are in the most intense mutational process ever experienced As our etheric blueprints  get flooded with Light releasing us from the third dimension and its karmic experiences we are also to lose density. One day in the not too distant future humanities bodies will become more etherealized than physical and it WILL happen on this planet .We will by then released all our karmic experiences.Hard to believe but TRUE.

It is important not to let up  with our inner work in fact it may need to be increased to keep pace with Mother Earth’s and our rise into the fourth dimension and higher .Practise Spiritual body building everyday – Pray and meditate, Toning ,chants Breathe, take time out to  assimilate what is coming through and exercise lightly.  

The new energies are upsetting our sleep patterns tremendously and this will continue .Even young ones are telling us they cannot sleep properly any more and don’t know why .Many of us are  simply feeling out of sorts.. Allow it to pass . We have come this far so  it should become a ‘piece of cake’ eventually .

The Heart area is feeling the changes. I was shown theetheric webs around our Heart area are coming apart” and this is and will cause feelings of  ‘heart issues’ in some instances and extra pressure in this area until our Sacred Hearts open up more to LOVE  ..Watch our diets too but more importantly be disciplined enough to still the mind more than ever before.  

Learn to BREATHE better.using whatever modality you may have learned before as we need to take in more oxygen and also expand our lung capacity for these new times. This will also help the circulation. Did you know 80% of our world population do not breathe properly ….Correct Breathing can work wonders  to  your health and well being .

Consciously breathe in the Adamantine particles ..these are truly the Breath of God and are now available to everyone. Rest when you need to now during the day, take a several power naps to make up  for the lack of sleep and be gentle with yourself as we go through these changes  Now we ask if you pass on all this information to others who do not yet understand what is going on .It maybe a catalyst an  opener to their spiritual journey onwards and upwards.

 Circle of Life  products are designed for these new times  

Each of our products at Circle of Life can assist in the body changes -physical, emotional and mental. The Miracle II range contains the Violet Flame of Redemption and the Adamantine particles. Ocean Ormus Life Force will work on the DNA Cellular structure and the Etheric body to help make all things new. Both work beautifully together Our Sacred Oils and Light Lotions carry the Adamantine Particle s and other Gifts as only pure alchemically charged Essential oils can.   

Humanity who cannot handle the changes and Mother Earth’s move up higher 

For many of humanity they will simply not be able handle the new energies that are making everything NEW. These souls eventually may want to leave the planet ..that is their choice.And some as you know are and will cause  some bizarre actions in their communities and the world …Bless them and Love them all .They will have their opportunities at another time.   

On top of that there will be times when Mother Earth will not be able to hold back her Cleansing and this may increase this year . Holy Spirit has TOLD us in meditation  at the end of December we are in shortly for “some very weird weather patterns.” 

God’s Gift of the Violet Flame and more  

We have the Gift of God’s Violet Flame through Saint Germain to use and remove the negative energies on our planet. This can  be used in just about every situation in your domestic life and world events….With this Sacred Fire Gift we can become  a powerful instrument of God and do a tremendous Power of good for our families,our homes, our communities, and our world at large .For more about this wonderful Gift do visit our website in the Healing section for an explanation and use of the Violet Flame 


This Christmas break may we suggest you allow some time for creating and planning your spiritual future We have reminded you so often to do a Spiritual business plan’ for your future. Now is as good a time as ever to get cracking on it ..You will have so much help from above it is not funny.  Build in what you would like to see regarding COMMUNITY as this will be a WAY of Life as we move into the new times It could be the catalyst to let go of all things past including old karmic ties.      

We hope 2013 is a year of great Joy, Abundance and Peace to you all as you go about your ‘Father Mother’s business’ of creating your new world .If we can help you to  better understand our writings our thoughts about our future as they are revealed to us or anything re Jeshua’s and Michael’s teachings and you can organize sufficient numbers we would be glad to give a lecture or talk ‘at your place’.We are here to Serve.

Jeshua’s books we keep getting the same message they will become like the new times Bible and Archangel Michael’s books give us such wonderful tools to help our Soul  development …All the Circle of Life’s books are filled with Inspiration and LOVE !

Breathe in the Breath of God, the Adamantine particles and Breathe out Love                                                                                                          

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    “Love is changings everything”