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    January 2013 newsletter 

Welcome to our Special January  Circle of Life products edition .We have decided to do a major feature on the Miracle II story for in these new times we know Miracle II will come unto its own. We feature Clayton own story in brief plus ‘our story’ how and why we came to do Miracle II  some 8 years ago.

What you read re our comments we hope they ring true with you but these are our Truths .We do know one thing after 25  years of Miracle II being in business and sold now in nearly 30 countries worldwide we know these products WORK and that is from literally millions and millions of testimonials 



In this special Miracle II issue we thought we would go back a while for all our new users and give you some of the Miracle II story in Clayton’s own words and we do stress this is just some of his story in brief.

Before Clayton tells part of his story  by way of introduction we will add he was a very successful business man, a multi millionaire who  had a terrible car accident and was hospitalized and bedridden  for nearly a year. He asked God and Jesus to intervene and save him.He said he would do anything that  God asked if he could be saved from his affliction.

He was literally healed overnight . “He took up his bed and walked “and that was Miracle I  Some time later Clayton was TOLD to  give up everything ,all his money, his wealth his homes ,his real estate, his fleet of cars, everything he owned But he said how can I do your work with no money or support so he took a no. more years to really get the message and that required more discipline more commitment  to the Service  God wanted of him. He  literally had to  sell everything he owned and he di.Then he was  given a  Gift of the second miracle he was to  receive in his life….Miracle II

Clayton was such a successful and believing man all his life God knew he could build Miracle II from nothing …..Now read on .

Clayton Tedeton Founder of Miracle II story, in his own words

“It was God who gave me the formula for the Amazing Miracle II Soap. I awoke one night  to see names of minerals all miraculously flashed on my bedroom wall, along with the formulas on how to mix them.

I had been talking to God and He was talking to me. My wife would hear me talking and would ask, “Clayton, what in the world is going on?” And I would tell her, “I don’t know, I cannot explain to you what is happening in my life.”

I talked to God and He said, “I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING THAT EVERY PERSON THAT I HAVE CREATED ON THIS EARTH WILL NEED, AND AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME THE GLORY, YOU WILL PROSPER AND SEE MY GLORY.” One day later at 1:00 a.m., the formulation for Miracle II was miraculously flashed on my bedroom wall. The days following this I began to assemble and mix this product. The voice of God told me what to name it and how to package it.

As time passed and all this time the voice of the Lord was saying, “IT’S TIME TO GO TO WORK.” At this time, I did not know exactly what to do.

I talked to the Lord and said, “I have got to have instructions so that this product can be used.” A day later the Lord instructed me to take some of this product to a woman and tell her to use it for everything. I did not know the lady at this time. After three days, she called me and said, “Every time I use this product, the strangest things happen to me, I’m going to have to pray about this.”

The lady called me and said, “Mr. Tedeton, for the last two months the Lord has instructed me to write a set of instructions for that product that you brought me HOW TO  DETOX YOUR BODY WITH MIRACLE II . That day I picked up the instructions and that same day the voice (which I know to have been God), said “YOU CAN RECEIVE WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DESIRED – CONTENTMENT AND PEACE IN YOUR SOUL.”

The body gets loaded down with toxins from the many foods we eat that have been sprayed with all kinds of poisons. The toxins go into the body and they cannot get out because the pores of the skin are blocked up from the many oils and soaps we have all used over the years that are made from animal fat.

Miracle II soap is the only body cleanser that will clean out all the sweaty , waxey residue from the pores of the face, body and scalp. When this happens the body works the way God made it to work, to detoxify itself. When toxins cannot get out of the body, they settle in the joints and this is called arthritis, which leads to many other problems.

The inside of the body gets coated with additives, fillers, dyes, yeast, and acids in the foods we eat. They coat the stomach walls like syrup on a plate. Most of the nutrients that are in the food cannot get through the walls of the stomach. We have to eat more foods to try and satisfy what the body needs. This creates many problems for people.

But by brushing your teeth with Miracle11 Neutralizer Gel and drinking Neutralizer liquid regularly which are certified human safe, all the walls of the stomach are cleansed so food can be processed the way it was supposed to be. You will have more energy, cleaner teeth and the healthiest mouth you could possibly have.

When you use two to three drops of the green soap with the Neutralizer Gel to clean your teeth , yeast acids and toxins are removed or stabilized in the body so the immune system works the way God intended it to work. A little soap swallowed can’t hurt you, is ‘human safe’ and contains only natural and organic ingredients. The soaps are 80% Neutralizer Liquid anyway. But what is in the concentrated soap(s) green or violet doesn’t matter is what flushes out of the system everything that should not be there like parasites, worms, fungus etc.” Clayton Tedeton

Circle of Life’s association and testimony with Miracle II

About 8 years ago I was looking for some natural and organic product companies to work with or consult with and perhaps distribute their products I had consulted for 6-7 years after I left corporate life working with  a few small natural and organic companies that  did some good things also for our environment but those contracts had ran out. All this was to help us get funds together to open up our Circle of Life centre to help people with their lives find their Heart and Soul again  but continue doing some consulting work to pay the bills . But I was then told ‘no more consulting work’ the voice of God spoke to me and I said how will I live!  

I had been looking at Miracle II for a while, I knew all its background   but still wasn’t quite sure  about  it  then one night in meditation I received a vision of  how Clayton got the  formulation -the Laser Light writing on a Violet wall  but it was then taken away from us as it was Clayton’s secret with God only. Then I was shown how it was created in the ‘Science labs of Heaven’ and carried one of Nikola Tesla’s great discoveries and I knew then I was to  do Miracle II 

I was TOLD I was to be a ‘Captain of Miracle II’ and one day this product would become like Gold because of its all encompassing healing and uses and it’s positive effect on our environment and it higher vibration which will be a standard requirement for goods marketed in the new times . The next step I was TOLD I was going to travel to the US to meet with Clayton in Louisiana and also to meet with Glenda Green of Love Without End in Sedona on the same trip as this also is a most important part of our work

I could not afford a trip at the time then  a little Miracle happened.. God told us ‘I was getting a Gift and it wasn’t our birthday but I was still getting one ‘…Clayton paid for our trip to the U.S even though he really did not know me apart from a few telephone conversations He invited me to stay with him for two days to check him out and see how real he was We became good friends,   He liked Aussies. and he loved our Steve Irwin As part of our friendship he also gave us something which no other Miracle II distributor carries as a point of  difference to other distributors -a Violet formulation for the Miracle II soaps 

So here we are still doing Miracle II and will continue to do so It will ‘come unto its own in the new times’ We have received so many other messages about this Gift. over the years sometimes when we needed   to hear as we thought we could not afford to keep it  going .To name a few 1)”Taking a Miracle II bath will work  wonders on the emotional and mental levels not just the physical body” 2) “It carries the Violet Flame to Neutralize all things as well as the Healing energy of Heaven” 3) “It carries the Adamantine Particles”

There have been major healings like the man with a gang green leg and foot . He had so severe gang green caused by diabetes he was booked in for an amputation As a last resort he saw a naturopath  who just happened to promote and recommend our Miracle II He bathed his foot and leg in a tub  twice a day in our Miracle II soap for a half hour then applied the Neutralizer Gel  He also drank good quantities of the Neutralizer Liquid each day.  Within two weeks there was tremendous improvement and no  amputation.

This chap later made a special trip from the Sunshine coast to our place in Engadine in Sydney  on a cold wet winter’s night took off his shoes and sox in the street and showed us what Miracle II had done for him.  

We have seen Miracle II Gel, Liquid and Soaps do wonders on, scars, cellulite, sunburn, burns even third degree burns with no other medical treatment required We have seen it work on spider bites -all spiders and other  nasties and much much more.

We do  have a CD available of a radio interview Clayton Tedeton. did  on a U.S Health and Wellness program available on request.  talking about how and why Miracle II began and the Revelations he was given about these products to give to the world.

*Scientific and Clinical study report re Miracle II is available on request.

*Scores of people’s personal testimonials can be obtained by writing to or emailing Circle of Life.


     …. “Don’t leave home without it” this summer

Never was a product so necessary for our Australian climate. With the extremes in weather happening and the effects it has on people, animals and the land at this time of year we should remind on how you can rely on Miracle II to assist you through.We have included an up to date uses for our animals and our pets who may really be feeling the effects of the summer heat and fires and  they are not getting much attention  

All Miracle II products are “Emergency kits in a bottle” and remember they are antiseptic, antifungal and they sanitize and disinfect. If conditions get very hot where you keep your Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer either put them in a cool part of the house ..bathroom or even in lower part of the fridge. The products never ever go off but they may become a little runny.

           “Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II”


           Every product we have in our Circle of Life range we were given as Gifts .. EVERYONE of them!!! 

In the next issue we will focus on

  Life Force Essence and the   range and why we are doing these awesome product ranges too.  


Total life effect of Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence…The most amazing thing about this Liquid Gold, this “Manna from Heaven” is its overall subtle ‘effect’ on us . We know it will help us through some of the internal changes ALL humanity is going through at present and it works brilliantly with Miracle II.

                                                                       “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus”

If you would like to know more about our products, our work and can organize a group of people we would consider travelling to  your place to give a lecture or presentation. Until next time do share this newsletter as you see fit 

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