Find your Purpose


                                                 “Find your Purpose”.                                                                                                                                                

 “Everyone has a Purpose and a Covenant in Life which is special and if you don’t find it, no one else will.” Jeshua


We ask you read our October newsletter with discernment as with all our newsletters take in what resonates with your Heart’s Truth and only that. As you are aware we are now into the most intense months of the new times as the waves of cosmic energies hitting our planet and solar system are changing every single lifestream on planet Earth forever .


However we seem to be getting a small break (thank God) this early part of October to integrate all these massive energy shifts and upliftment of September (and they have been  HUGE) !  I thought over the weekend there is not a better time to rethink and plan out what ‘I now want to change as our ‘Service’. This was for me personally and you might hopefully think so  too.


So remember the ‘Spiritual’ business plan Archangel Michael ASKED us to ask you to do some while ago well I did mine again  as I believe I needed to restate and in some places realign my Purpose, my goals in Life to Serving God ..


Here is  His guideline to what He ASKED … He has said we will get all the help from Heaven we need once we commit ourselves.


                        Our Spiritual business plan ,our Purpose, our Way forward


“In these incredible months of accelerated waves of new Light and Energy coming to Earth  write out your Spiritual business plan for your future (add your family and children too if you wish)..This is now the perfect time . If you have done one before it doesn’t matter do it again as in such fast moving times priorities can and do change quickly now .


Pray and meditate before doing .this exercise and give it some good (God)  thought . What do I truly want to do with my Life now ? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is .We can all make a difference whatever age we are, wherever we are placed. In Jeshua’s words  above…”Everyone has a Purpose  and a Covenant …etc….”


Write down everyone you would like to be involved with, everything you need to have – Heavenly and/or Earthly team around you that can assist you …..Aim high with what you ask for.  


Do your plan in your own handwriting (do not type it). SIGN YOUR LETTER OF INTENT AND DATE IT   and leave on your work bench /desk OPEN overnight …Imagine God’s Light shining on it all that while.          


Also write on a separate piece of paper (in your own handwriting) all the things that you feel are STOPPING you like your work, the mortgage, your family, your lifestyle ,your current living environment whatever. Then you are required to burn this list .

You might be amazed what this exercise may bring up…..And one last thing I was TOLD was that people are losing so  much Faith in Life that they don’t even believe in God …there was a particularly high percentage amongst the young.. Boy have we got some work to do!

It will be our dedication and commitment to Spiritual Practices, to  remain devoted to the Spiritual Path  that will guide all of us Home and take with us our families, friends and community yes everyone who chooses to follow our//your example .


For most of humanity despite a raising of Consciousness generally, fear and hatred will continue to rise, peak and hopefully be healed in our immediate  future ! This will continue around the world until Love and Peace are an unspoken necessity each of us must live by.


Do your bit and use the Power of the Violet Flame to help neutralize the ‘diseases’ of fear and hatred that are effecting the mass consciousness during these huge changes and do use it on yourself for anything/everything coming up personally as I have experienced this past month in particular.    


Be the example of Love in action  everyday. It is in the Loving  expression of good (God)  thoughts that we have the Power to change our world as we see it not just in our families but our communities, our country and a more Peaceful world  ….This the magic of Being a ‘god’ in action. 


Prayer, Meditation, the Sacred Breath and the Adamantine Particles

We cannot stress enough the need for Meditation and Prayer in these awesome times .It is urgent if  not critical to stay above all the effluvia being spread from the mass media reports spewing forth about our world .We rarely see any good news from the media  ..


Every day -STOP, Breathe and Love ..Breathe the Adamantine Particles in consciously every day two or three times a day for at least 5 minutes Even if you do not quite understand what they are, they are so Powerful and awesome.. They are the Body of God. They create matter, they create physical life .


They carry within them the Love, the Christ Light , the Violet Flame and the Healing energy required to make everything NEW in you and everything around you as you Breathe them in and out .

They will help each of us create our new world !


USE THIS GIFT .Much much  more information is in our Jeshua and Archangel Michael work and do you know all our Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Sacred Oils and Sacred Heart Reiki are full of these Adamantine Particles too . 


In summary the consciousness of our beautiful planet is rapidly shifting upward and it is important that we keep pace with her wisdom and Love. Realize that she needs us/ you—and many like us—to make her and humanities transition easier and faster. We are in the early years of this new age, so change will continue whether people like it or not.


Hold fast to a Loving Heart and the willingness to serve the Light in your very own special unique way—and find others like yourself to share your journey with Love and Joy and this should be starting to happen more so now than ever before .


Sacred Heart Reiki


A brief word here about our wonderful Gift our Sacred Heart Reiki . What we have been given and the way we teach has been described as truly part of our Love Without End work from Jeshua .It is a Gift of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart, a Baptism of the Holy Spirit (like no other)and can open up your Life to enormous possibilities, to an increased flow of Adamantine Particles and much more. 


We have found even though people may have done healing for many years they have said how much our attunements have helped their lives..


If you like what Circle of Life offers we ask if you could support our incredible products range for your Health and Well Being from time to time as this is our only income stream….Thanking you in advance. 


If  would like us to give a lecture or do some special work in your state with your group or community please let us know. ….


Please also note..we have reopened in a larger centre at Unit 3, Park Plaza,  39-41, Princes Highway in Engadine to support all our work effectively  ….We are here in Service.


          Please share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read.


 “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God,Breathe out Love”


                                  Blessings from the Circle of Life


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