Finding Inner Peace


                                      “Finding Inner Peace”




Circle of Life ….November 2015 newsletter …




A change of pace in this newsletter .We have been bombarded with so much ‘stuff’ on planet Earth this past year which we have recoded month after month , we wanted to remind you of the basics we can all do  better not only to stay above all the effluvia in our world  but  to help us get back into Harmony and Balance which will only bring more Inner Peace, Joy and Love in our Hearts .


You know them but let’s take a different perspective on them


Our first Blessing …Meditation


Firstly from my Jeshua notes  .  … The physical values of meditation and more… How meditation and quiet times actually gift you with Light or spiritual food. In fact Meditation is critical for today’s times


“Many of us are very aware that we can increase our Light and so spiritual awareness through Living thoughts and actions to everyone, to all God’s creatures to our planet.


Do we realize that Light frequencies from our higher self can reach us best when our left brain is not busily engaged in affairs of everyday life…but is calm enough so that our intuitive, right brain can shift into that quieter realm of contact that spirit provides when invited.


The greatest gift of meditation is that it establishes a connection to your soul’s guidance, and your higher consciousness  Look at your own meditation schedule and determine if you feel you are giving yourself sufficient time to access your soul’s guidance in these challenging days.

Meditation is a matter of  choice! You are the master of your life by the choices you make, so ask ourselves what meditation schedule am I on ?  When do I stop and connect to my inner guidance? It is vital to put meditation on our daily calendar!


Look at our meditation or quiet time schedule over the past week or two. How am I  doing?  If I’ve been stressed by work or relationships, did I meditate or take quiet time to evaluate the situation and strengthen myself? Did I wisely use my God-given opportunity to consciously learn and grow amidst any unexpected circumstances?


What did I do to resolve this situation? What thoughts and actions were necessary? And did the results turn out the way I wanted?


If there wasn’t any particular situation to ponder, just smile and give gratitude that we  absolutely do have help anytime in the future it’s needed! And always remember that our own personal groundedness, or balance, is both a profound gift for ourself, but also a gift to both local and world consciousness with their ever-increasing challenges.

Time is shifting very rapidly, and the need to be aware of our best choices every hour of every day has never been so critical. Just a look at the TV, or any news source, should remind us of the many challenges people face every moment. And not just individuals, of course, but nations themselves! In this world, full of change and chaos, balanced consciousness and behaviours are essential everywhere.”

Our message has been and will continue to be—MEDITATE! Recapping Meditation offers the potential to receive Light frequencies that heal the body and advance the mind’s capabilities,relieves stress and so much more .


Plus meditation helps one to get back into an Alpha state, which for optimum Health, Clarity, Balance and Creativity is where God intended us to live our lives from. 


For the majority of our world they rarely get out of their fast paced Beta state  when awake, which causes stress, anxiety and illness (the medical profession relate to stress being the no 1 factor of all illness). Not to mention we do not make good decisions when permanently in a Beta state.


So  suggest a few times a day 5- 10 minutes will suffice. STOP what we are doing, put your hand on your Heart , BREATHE and send LOVE. It will also refresh you .You may even rethink some of the decisions you have made need changing. Leave any long meditations for night or on awakening in the morning.


Times are critical




And then we need to teach our fellow man A recent survey in the US quotes 85% of the people who are feeling lost in a way they never have before, as well as aware of a sense of clear dissatisfaction in their lives? …Australia would not be to dissimilar to the U.S survey.




We live in a world that people feel so lost, disconnected and depressed in any number of ways. The challenge is that the people in the survey admitted they don’t know what to do to respond or to resolve these challenging feelings.




We live in a time of unprecedented change… and that change is making the need for clear Life education more needed than ever and meditation is one thing we will need to teach.




Our second blessing


The Sun, Gold…God’s Blessing to our world.


More wisdom from Jeshua and its about the Sun and Vitamin D  …




 Vitamin  D “Do not ignore mother nature or ignore receiving the healing power of the sun; the sunLight actually furnishes several important health properties, particularly vitamin D. As you know, vitamin D is a nutrient vital to protecting against bone thinning and certain internal cancers. Although some foods contain modest amounts of vitamin D, the sun is still the body’s main source.


Some studies have found that people living in our sun-rich areas of Australia produce 3.4 times more vitamin D that people in Great Britain, and 4.8 times more than residents in sun-deprived Scandinavia. Moreover, mortality rates from breast, prostate, and colon cancer are also lowered by vitamin D.


One doctor proposes that just a few minutes of mid-day sun in the summer can produce 1,000 IU of vitamin D for every 10% of the body exposed, with 4,000IU as the recommended daily amounts. We must stress that such recommendations are not accurate for every person’s body. We would not recommend that you spend countless hours under a scorching sun , we do urge you to get out into “the fresh air and sunshine” ….


And we do encourage out-of-doors exercise that brings nature’s richness to aid your body, mind, and emotional balance. not only for vitamin D, but also to boost your brain’s serotonin levels to adequate levels.”


Jeshua meditation (from Love Without End)


An exercise to strengthen your Heart through “The Healing Energy of the Sun”


“Our sun as we know is the source of Solar Light that nourishes our Earth. The Sun is also a source of Energy that actually can ignite the supply of vitamins and minerals into our body directly and the Sun can actually nourish and empower your whole immune system, your nervous system, your physical wellbeing and health.


So get up early in the morning at daylight, when the sun is at a point that you can view it without hurting your eyes and/ or at dusk when the sun is on the horizon (you can also look at other times sometimes through the trees, clouds but always be careful not to hurt your eyes) and look at in awe and wonder of its magical life force energy. Take some good deep breaths at the same time. As you breathe in the ‘Prana’ of the Air say the following- ‘Breathe in Light (the Adamantine Particles) and Breathe out Love.’


Feel the Energy of the Rays of the Sun doing you good. You cannot look into the centre of the Sun without contemplating Infinity and at the same time you cannot help but feel you are also contemplating Infinity within yourself.” 




Our third blessing




Ocean Ormus- White Powder Gold – an INCREDIBLE Gift for these times  “ The energy within gold is really the radiant, electronic force from the sun, acting in a lower octave. Gold is sometimes called a precipitated sun-ray so it has God’s  Sun power. 




Gold was a common commodity in all Golden Ages, because its natural emanation is a purifying, balancing, and vitalizing energy or force. It is placed within the earth by the ” Lords to Creation “– those ” Great Beings Of Life And Love ” who create and direct worlds, systems of worlds, and the expansion of the light in the beings upon them.




The outer or intellectual knowledge of humanity, holds within it little–very little–understanding of the real purpose for which gold exists on this planet. It grows within the earth like a plant, and through it there is constantly pouring a purifying, vitalizing, and balancing current of energy into the very ground we walk upon, as well as into the growth of nature and the atmosphere we breathe.




Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety of uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using Gold as a means of exchange and for ornamentation. The far greater activity and purpose of it, within and upon the earth, is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world.




The scientific world today has no inkling as yet of this activity. However, it serves the same purpose to our earth that radiators do to our homes. Gold is one of the most important ways by which the energy from our sun is supplied to the interior of the earth, and the balance of activities maintained. As a conveyor of this energy, it acts as a transformer to pass the sun’s force into the physical substance of our world, as well as to the life evolving upon it.




 Ingesting this monatomic gold (Ocean Ormus)…is one of the most valuable substances you can ingest.


In addition to fortifying immune systems, monatomic gold contributes to health by rapidly regenerating cells; raising bodies’ frequencies; improving organs’ functioning; accelerating the transformation of carbon-based cells into crystalline; and helping to increase DNA strands.


All of those physical benefits enhance brain power and that leads to expanded consciousness, spiritual clarity and overall balance. For more info we covered a fair bit more ground in our Miracle II- Ocean Ormus newsletter last week.


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 “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God,Breathe out Love”




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