Live from your Sacred Heart


 “As Above So Below” . It is time to totally align with the higher vibration of our Sacred Heart and the knowledge contained there. The Sacred Heart is pure, yet also contains ALL All knowledge, all experiences. Our Sacred Heart remembers  all of our past experiences of various lifetimes.                   
By changing our Hearts and so changing our lives we can and will Create a New Future”
A happy new year to everyone and welcome to our first newsletter for 2016.As a break from past newsletters we will focus on just one or two issues each time we forward a news brief this year and perhaps do two a month. We’ll see how we go.
Understand we are facing great choices this year. This is an intensified year, a  turn-a-round year for humanity in every area of our world like never before, waiting so desperately to awaken fully to their Sacred Heart . 
Transformation requires action – from us within. We cannot expect an expansive transformation into our Heart space  if we are still struggling with work,office and financial traumas. Our soul withdraws and you find yourself alone with your thoughts and worries. The physical body then retreats into stress.
If you haven’t done so , demand of yourself this month to take a pause in your life, to sit quietly and BREATHE. Though to achieve quietness within may be difficult for many who are so engrossed in a busy, competitive lifestyle, do your best.
Quieten your minds, your body. Ask yourself how would you like your life to be if you could choose? What would you enjoy which could be reasonably achieved? Would you wish for health for your physical and mental body perhaps?
Take your time.  Dream, Visualize your Future …it is only from your Sacred Heart that you can do it properly

Read Inspiring books like our Jeshua and Michael books. Jeshua truly is the Heart Master and God’s Gift of Love for our  Universe .Why wouldn’t you want to  learn from Him and Michael the Prince of the Heavenly Host.
Listen to our wonderful Conversations with Jesus CDS ..There is so much simple yet Inspirational instruction in these books and CDS that are a Gift for your Life ‘like no other’ that will help open up your Sacred Heart .
And why wouldn’t you want to do  that ! The energy of the Sacred  Heart can give the most wonderful healing on our emotional, mental and physical bodies. The energy brings us back to a level of soul peace .We need to bring ourselves back to this state often as we learn to transgress our old life styles.This is so very necessary this year !.

And do help others. Smile and give a lending hand wherever you go. Get involved in community if that fits in with your life. Knowing what you know can help others more then you would ever dream just by being with them.
Opening To 2016…

Our new year holds much promise, but it is a future each of us must create. It is time now to say, “Enough”. To put up  our hands to say, “No more.” It is a time to come back to a basic life style and to honour our Sacred Heart.
Know and understand not everyone will join in to creating a new vision for Life that we see. Do not waste energy in trying to change those whose mindset and intent is set to do nothing. Leave them. It is their choice and their learning.
We cannot force another to ‘see’. This must occur when they choose, when they feel ready. But be compassionate, understand, do not judge . Do not dwell on those who turn away. Rather, use your powerful energies wisely.
It is time we Create A New Future As we change our will back in line with God’s Will “we will raise all men unto Thee.” 
Seasonal Gift ideas from Circle of Life

We have been given some of the most awesome products on the planet bar none in our Circle of Life range for your spiritual as well as physical, mental and emotional development Each was given us in Spirit to share like , Miracle II, Ocean Ormus,  the Sacred Art, Jeshua and Archangel books and CDS .They are all truly awesome.

                                        “Change your Heart, it will change your Life”
Until next time…


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