The Light Workers Call to Service

                                                                              Circle of Life  February/ March 2018 newsletter 


                                                                ” The Light worker’s Call to Service”  


Welcome to our special March newsletter. This newsletter is early as things seem to be really hotting up and we wanted to remind you of our/ your commitment and dedication to Service as I believe we are now coming into one rocky ride on our beloved planet if we are not centred and live from the Heart.


 We ask you to discern what we write and whatever you read  from others including ‘channelled messages’ (don’t believe everything you read though is the TRUTH)  as at the end of the day you must listen only to the God, Christ and Holy Spirit within you. That is your TRUTH .If what we write gels with you then we have been of Service to you..


The intensity of the overpowering God Energies coming through from Heaven are speeding up even more  Our planet and all Life on her is quickly going to the Light with her or are leaving!


Humanities singular purpose in these awesome and challenging times is to reconnect with their godself, their I AM Presence, their Sacred Heart. In doing so  they will also be doing their bit to bring Heaven to Earth.


We are in photon belt (which is taking all Humanity and Mother Earth upwards to higher vibrations of the 4th, 5th dimensions) and there is no turning back ! We have now outlived our time as 3rd dimensional beings on Mother Earth as we and she are to ‘graduate’ to becoming 5th dimensional beings.


 And that is why we came back so we can help lift as many of humanity up higher with us….  In Jeshua’s words. I believe this applies to you and me “If I be lifted up  will draw all men unto  me”


We have been told that we the Light workers (all of us) need to get even more disciplined/committed-too many are complacent ,not doing the hard yards, thinking that they haven’t got to do much now.. ‘They are home’.


It’s not like all we have to  simply do is like going to church on Sunday and that is it for the week. The Spiritual Path is a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week commitment  even in our normal home and working environment .And so it  is a matter of Integrating and Balancing our lives.


Our work is going to intensify in the very foreseeable future





Humanity enmasse at least at SOUL level (most do not know that as yet and still appear to be ‘lost ‘) have chosen to go forward but they need WAY SHOWERS. 


We came from a Future time to work in the past (these times now). We in fact will one day know how to change our past (as is slightly touched on in ‘past life regression’ treatments).


But to where we are now   we can and WILL change everything we know that is not right on our planet … FOCUS ON THAT AS THE ONLY OUTCOME FOR OUR FUTURE despite what ‘appears’ to the scenario now in our third dimensional world.. 


The new energies are disturbing most areas of our planet currently – most noticeable in the U.S. This negative and dark energy must be cleared. ..(President Trump needs your prayers to do God’s will )

People will soon hear and see the TRUTH in that country and will be shocked to say the least .


Our/your  work .we reiterate again -.Here are some suggestions …you may be doing some wonderful things now but many of us I know are not or only on an ad hoc basis..


*Start with dedicated daily prayers, meditations ( in groups- weekly or as often as possible) for your own self and Well Being, family, environments, your community, your country, world situations. Call on all the Great Beings of Light that you know i.e Jeshua, Buddha, Mary, Michael and their Angels to work with you.


Honestly meditation keeps us focused and at Peace and is a MUST for all Light workers to do daily. It can be done two three times a day in short bursts. 

 In those simple burst periods         “BREATHE, Feel Peace and Come unto Me “…Jeshua has said.


*Heaven reminded us again the other night to Include in our focus all the Children and Youth of the world so many of whom have gone astray into drugs, alcohol, sex abuse and misuse. Many of these  are actually high Light Beings who do not like our world.  Call on Archangel Michael and Mother Mary particularly for their Protection and particularly against molestation, abuse, slavery and other things too horrible to mention here ..


These the Indigos, Rainbow, Light children and youth are the ones who in future times will be the leaders of our world and will need Teachers and WAYSHOWERS!


*Call for Divine Government and Leadership NOW in all walks of Life .Having this is a MUST so the right environment for our world to go forward can be created.


*Call for Leadership in  all areas of taking care of and Service to our Planet, in respect of our Animal kingdoms, the Food Supply chain (no GMOS), no Fracking nor Mining no Chemtrails nor toxic chemicals, no Fluoride, no toxic fertilizers, no toxic additives (Aluminium, Mercury used in Vaccines) in pharmaceutical  products ever to  be used again.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.!.Use all your god Powers in Asking God and the God team support here


Note: For our own bodies we ingest GMOs or chemicals and pesticides(fruit and veges as well as processed foods) probably everyday in some form or other, take our Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid and Soap and Gel for teeth to neutralize these toxins out of the body. They also neutralize the effects of any of the pharmaceutical  products that are toxic including using after chemo or radio treatments (MII baths work well here) …….Miracle II carries the Violet Flame!  


*Call on the magic of Saint Germain’s Violet Flame (God’s great Gift) to cleanse and NEUTRALIZE anything and everything  mentioned above or you can think of. See it as  a twister, typhoon going through whatever needs to  be cleansed e.g the Middle East, government heads of state, the White House, our Australian government,.  Individuals.


Then ask Archangel Michael to use His sword of Blue Flame to cut the ties of any/all  perpetrators. and Protect wherever needs Protection..You are not interfering with anyone’s Soul journey when it comes to  affecting whole communities and countries .


For more information what it is and how to use read up on the Violet Flame on our website at and review our inspiring books and CDS


*Do some volunteer, charity or community work .Everyone needs your Love and your Light-a kind word from a Light worker is Healing Love in action.


*Learn a healing modality like our Sacred Heart Reiki to help with task of helping others as well as help you to self heal faster Heaven told us just a few nights ago in the future we will all be able to Self heal without the use of drugs or pharmacy products.


Archangel Michael has made it clear there are literally billions of Angels ‘waiting in the Wings’ so to speak to support you and all humanity.  We only have to ASK.. In this respect we have been asked to share His and Jeshua’s powerful teachings and messages which we do in our courses.


We have much to share about the Angelic Realm and the Elohim, our friends the Elemental kingdoms too without whom we would not have a physical body who  we will need to call on to  help create our new world, our food supply all with Gift of God’s Adamantine Particles.


Archangel Michael has said He and His angels will not rest until every many woman and child is at One with and working with the  Angels and Elemental kingdoms .Jeshua has said too- Call on Him and ask Him to help us reconnect fully with our God Presence .


He will befriend you in a Way you have never experienced before .He is the Personal Christ. He is the great master of God’s Infinite Love in the Universe and He will be waiting in your Sacred Heart to meet with Him…. “BREATHE, Feel Peace and Come unto Me


We have been given much to share and teach humanity particularly about the Sacred Heart and if we can be of Service to you let us know .We only touch on key points in our monthly newsletters as we are endeavouring to reach such a wide audience and everyone on our beautiful planet is at their own unique level of understanding and belief system.


IT IS YOUR TIME FOR ACTIVE SERVICE but you can only teach what you know and experience. You cannot teach from  a book unless you know and Live that work. We ask you now to take the next step. 


Circle of Life products and services


We have been given many Inspirational Gifts in Circle of Life like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Jeshua’s Sacred oils ,Love Without End and Archangel Michael’s ‘work  to  help us self heal, understand the times we are living in and do  something about it , so do avail yourself as your Heart suggests you buy them.


And Ocean Ormus will help you through  the DNA changes happening as we move from our carbon based  to a Crystalline based body with  a fully charged,activated and vibrant 12 chakra system!


We ask ….always appreciate you purchasing a product or two as this is the only real source of income .


Thank you for   your  interest …Till next time… Please pass on as you see fit…Blessings from the Circle of Life l

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 “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God,Breathe out Love”





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