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We thought we should share with all a few of the testimonials about  two of our great products Miracle II and Ocean Ormus .First off Ocean Ormus for a change as this product has some profound benefits during these times of incredible change that we are in


And to repeat listed are  only a few of the benefits of using Ocean Ormus and Miracle II but hopefully enough for you to consider trialling.


Ocean Ormus testimonies

Testimonial 1
Greg, as you know, I have been struggling with Chronic Fatigue (CFS) for several months now.  During this time I have also found it difficult to meditate, to the point where I was not doing it at all. 

A couple of months ago it was suggested to me to take a form of Ormus.  I didn’t question this, as I ‘knew’ it was meant to be. 

I found that I had a lot of dream activity at night and while the immense pain that I had in my body from the CFS has decreased considerably, I was left with a feeling that something was not quite right with it.  

I have now taken your source of Ocean Ormus for just 2 days and ……it is a whole new experience.

My mind over these months has been like cotton wool – difficult to focus (impossible to read), get clarity, even to put words together a lot of the time, along with, of course, the fatigue which would have me sleep for up to 16 hrs a day and without the capacity to do anything else.  Needless to say, I have also been suffering from depression in and on many levels – and a profound sense of being totally alone and abandoned. 

This has changed in just 2 days.  I feel a sense of clarity, positivity and aliveness I have not felt for a very, very long time.  I feel like I have come out of a quagmire. 

The ‘dream’ activity has been profound, but more than that – it has been a tangible experience of being connected with / at-one with the Divine.

I have also had a ‘calling’ from Jeshua on both of these nights, letting me know that He is with me.  The first one I didn’t take in, the 2nd I did – I sat up and went straight into a meditation which lasted for 2 hours, after which there was a deep sense of healing.

Greg, I give you this as a comparison, if you like.  The purity of this ‘gem’ you have been so divinely guided to take on – to compliment your other wonderful products – the combination of which is an alchemy in itself, to assist us all (and the animal and plant kingdoms – as the Ocean Ormes (and Miracle 11) are of profound benefit for them also) at this intense time of change.

I can’t thank you enough.  I am so excited. I feel like I now have the potential to have my ‘life’ back – to be the Love that I am.
Bless you.

Testimonial 2 
I have been taking only your ormus since finding out that I must treat the Queensland one before I can consume it as it was way too salty for me. I have also felt compelled to hold your ormus close to my heart so I found an appropriately sized bottle and filled it with 18mls of ormus. 

I actually keep it in the front of my chest, right next to my heart. I find this to be very comforting, calming and empowering. I feel very serene and in control with my ormus nearby. Since then, I have also taped the words “thank you” and “self love” onto the outside of the bottle, to work with the ormus & holy water inside (as with the work of Dr Masaru Emoto of the water crystal fame). It just felt right to do so.

It has only been a few days but I am noticing very subtle but remarkable changes in my outlook and stress levels. I noticed in your information that ormus has been shown to increase the synchronization between the hemispheres of the brain.

I am sleeping much better but I am feeling pretty tired most of the time. I attribute this to both my ongoing recovery from the extreme-gastro I suffered recently, but also to the initial “healing crisis” from taking ormus, as the tiredness has increased since commencing ormus. I expect it will alleviate soon.

By the way, I would like to commence trying out your other products Miracle II and Love Without End.”:Thank you 
Testimonial 3
What I noticed initially was a sense of heightened joy immediately after taking it, although that may have simply been due to having finally tried some after anticipating doing so for quite a while.

About an hour later I noticed as I was cutting some wood, that I had more of a sweat up than usual, as well as a tiredness such as happens when energy is being redirected internally. I take this as an indicator of positive healing change.

I had a break around 4.00pm and had a 10 minute nap. When I got back to work I felt a wonderful sense of refreshment and clarity. On the way home around 6.00pm I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the countryside was in the late afternoon light.

Not only that, but I saw features in the landscape that I’d never noticed before, as well as seeing familiar houses and landmarks in a totally new and beautifully enhanced way.

So I’d have to say that the Ocean Ormus is having an effect already in bringing me into a state where already I’ve sampled more beauty, joy, inner clarity and peace as well as a sense of quiet optimism, the kind you can get when you feel that everything in life is unfolding in divinely perfect timing and everything seems just perfect – even the struggles feel like they have their place.

Can’t wait to feel the mid and long term effects! I let you know when I start levitating! 
Testimonial 4
This morning I’m feeling a deep and abiding sense of peace and the feeling that some long -held inner tensions have been released. What a relief!

I imagine that this is just the start of the process, a bit like peeling away the layers of an onion, to use a common analogy.

One more thing I’ve noticed Greg, and you might wish to experiment with this yourself, is to put the bottle of ormus next to a bottle or glass of water – preferably overnight, and then taste some in the morning.

You’ll find that the water is incredibly smooth to drink, because the water has been imprinted with the information contained in the ormus. The water can then be drunk as an adjunct to taking the ormus itself. Anyway there are my initial impressions.



Recommended dosage

We recommend to take 2.5 mls per day morning or night with water but if needs be you can take as little as 1 ml (refer later testimonials ) or up  to 5 and even 10 mls morning and night dependent on your general state of health 


Some have also found taking 3 mls under the tongue can be as effective as taking 5 mls into the stomach..Allow it to go direct into the bloodstream .Wait 30 seconds before taking a glass of water .


This product has a profound  and magical effect too on your DNA Much more information on our webpages and reread some of our past newsletters 


                                                                                      Now to some Miracle II testimonials

Testimonial 1 From Naturopaths  in Qld They treated a client with gang green caused by severe Diabetes. He had been booked in for an amputation but as a last resort he went to  this  naturopathic health centre. One of the Naturopaths immediately recommended  our  Miracle II which they had been purchasing and using with their clients for a couple of years. They made the gentleman have two foot/leg baths a  day for half an hour each time with the Miracle II soap then applied the Neutralizer Gel afterwards.


Within two  weeks  he was healed Also his Diabetes was now under better  control  than it had been The chap made a special trip down to Engadine in Sydney where our Circle of Life centre was . He took his shoes off on a wet cold winters night, showed me his legs  and told us  what Miracle II had done for  him


Testimonial 2.My husband and I have spent our 25 married years maintaining and improving our energy naturally. We have 5 grown children and 4 grandchildren. My husband works in Earthmoving and I am a Remedial Massage therapist. When we come across a product that really works for us, we are so excited. 

Miracle II has been such a product. 4 or 5 weeks ago, a friend gave us a sample of Miracle II to try, as they loved the product. We decided to begin with our teeth first.  A drop or two of the Green Miracle II soap with a small amount of the Neutralizing Gell. WOW!! I never realized teeth could get that clean without having to scrub them all day. We love it. We will never use anything else again!


I know, I suffered from bad breath and was always very aware not to breathe on those around me. I did brush and floss all the time but bacteria seemed to have a field day in my mouth


During the first week I was very aware that there was a smell from my mouth when brushing my teeth with Miracle II. Just faintly at the start. I thought it might have been my toothbrush so I changed that. It must have been my teeth because that has now finally disappeared.


As a couple of weeks went by, my sinuses started clearing,  so have the  slightly crusty, wet ‘wake up eyes’ which I thought was normal, until it wasn’t there anymore.It cleared my head!!  No heavy feeling behind my nose the eyes 

Testimonial 3 o    Judith Love your products, I use the Miracle II Gel for burns, bites.

Testimonial 4 Another lady had third degree burns on her hand caused in the Victorian bush fires several years ago.  Within a week of using /constantly applying Miracle II liquid and Gel she was healed without the need for any hospital treatment.

Testimonial 5 My hair has softened with the Personal Moisturising Soap. It is beginning to get a little wiry lately as the grey hair is multiplying. I certainly couldn’t go without conditioner and it needed washing every day because of the oily hair smell that I loathe. The Personal Moisturising Soap works wonders. My head feels clean and no oily hair smell, even after three days. I can wash the soap in to my eyes and ears without irritation

My grandkids now know too, it won’t hurt their eyes.The Personal Moisturising Soap has received a permanent place in both bathrooms. Love the foam dispenser.

Bathing in the Green Miracle II soap has been wonderful. We love the way the bubbles last and you can actually feel dead skin cells melting. My lower arms and legs tend to itch after 20 minutes in the bath and then I know its time for the loofa. Since moving from the farm I had avoided taken a bath because of the strong chlorine smell in our town water, I knew I would be absorbing it and that was not a relaxing thought. I now add Neutralizer and soap to the bath water. It really rejuvenates and relaxes at the same time use Neutralizer in my rainwater and drink much more of it now.

I thought epsom salt baths were the best, now I say Miracle II baths are the best. Great for footbaths, too  My husband spends 13 hours a day in his work boots which, after he takes them off and comes in, makes us clear the room.  I have a Miracle II footbath ready for him to drop his feet in while he has a refreshing drink after work. Not only does it take care of the smell, he no longer complains about sore toes and I swear it keeps him awake longer. Usually it’s ‘eat and sleep’, now he is not nodding off straight after dinner.

These testimonials for both Ocean Ormus and Miracle II are just a tip of the iceberg .Many more we can mail to you on request


If you haven’t used  Ocean Ormus or Miracle II before or not purchased for a long time think about doing so now.These  incredible products are for these special times like no other.




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