Be in readiness

                Be in readiness   Circle of Life news April 2018


The “Event” = one extraordinary Consciousness shift…I have written often that the major event happening on our planet has been happening within all of humanity first and foremost That is aided and abetted by incredible cosmic Photon and Gamma radiation energy forces that are changing everything in their path -you and I included .

RYes there are still more waves of Christ Conscious energy coming and they exhaust us many times over . And there will be this Pulse of energy, what you and I now call ‘The Event’. That I believe is certainly coming and will be a part of our expression ‘soon’. So don’t loose Faith in what is happening in our world and what your new role(s) maybe ‘soon’.

Remember we are increasingly anchoring this light and increasingly spreading this light just simply by being here and being the Love that we are. Using a biblical expression we are ‘helping prepare the WAY’ for Mother Gaia and all life forms on her be a fully Christ Conscious 5th dimensional planet  So we need to remind ourselves that we are co creators of our new life in our world .We are this Consciousness shift that is happening . 

There is certainly going to be a lot more required of us in the now new times but we will know when that request is made of us as we will be a whole lot more conscious then we are now. I feel we will have extra Gifts to do our work (being in higher consciousness)and know that our work will be a JOY to look forward to no matter what our age or status is now

(On this note do reread Jeshua’s thoughts for this week posted just this will blow your mind)


On the surface it may not look like it now but everything is happening exactly as it needs to. You have heard many times that you will always be in the right place at the right moment, at the right time. For everything is shifting. It is not that it is about to shift, it is already shifting. You are in that shift now.


Now at the moment the world looks to be in total disarray, peoples lives are being turned upside down Globally one false flag after another is happening .President Trump now looks like he is making insane decisions. One minute he congratulates President Putin on winning his election then he invites him for a meeting at the White house then he wants to declare war on Russia and Syria and then there is Israel !!!


On top of that there looks to be a real civil war happening within the US itself. The deep state has at this stage looks to have taken control of Trump and the government. Trump’s family is threatened, his New York tower has been fired/bombed. All of a sudden he is not the decision maker, he is doing what he is being told to do. He certainly is no saint but his role is to be a change maker in these extraordinary times.


We asked you all a while back to pray hard for America and the president to remove the deep state before it crushes America internally , removes him and all those who want to return America to a Peace loving country Plus we really need to pray for the world external media/news/reports which are corrupt almost beyond redemption to now report the TRUTH.


For the world to live with Justice and Peace we need America at the helm to be just that We can make a significant difference with our Prayers, Affirmations and Meditations done every day to making changing in everything from our our lives and the world at large.


Not saying it is any of you personally, but from my perspective we still do not have enough light workers or people now awakening  COMMITTED to do the hard yards required of them.

Our planet will still go the Light one way or the other eventually but if enough of us do not make that extra commitment to be of greater Service including the awakening ones,the time for the overall changes on our planet could take a lot longer to come through perhaps as long as 20-or more years to remove all the darkness .

We are great change makers remember !

We don’t want that now even with any Event coming ‘soon’ !   however this Event will dramatically stimulate what our WAY SHOWER roles will be and those of the awakening humanity but again  we then have to do the work and this should be a great JOY .

Remember what we write is from our perspective. Take in what you want and take on board YOU BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD

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Take care till next time .

God bless Greg Circle of Life