The Crystalline body

                                           The Crystalline body


                                         Circle of Life August newsletter



Welcome to our special August newsletter. We have written often that we are moving (and quickly now for some) into the magnificent phases of Earths and humanities ‘Crystalline Ascension’. Whilst we are the advance guard so to speak this process will still take the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension quite some time ….a few decades for some, a lot longer for others in another lifetime..

But what we do with our lives and actions now is either helping ourselves , our Mother Earth to either speed up or slow down this process ..It’s up to each one of us .Prayer, good works a kind word, teaching, (if part of God’s plan for you), spreading your Love and your Light ..all these things are a must  and you would be even noticing now your inner Light is expanding .

To give a different insight to what we write thought a brief insight of what the physics and mechanics of what is happening at this time on Earth and future events look like, I quote some notes from greater sources then myself from the following Metatron ,Tyberon, Edgar Cayce readings.

“Edgar Cayce accurately predicted over 80 years ago that humanity would evolve into the 5th ‘race’, a new body format after 1998. that humanity would shift from a carbon to silicon (crystalline) base and that both the planet and humanity will be returning to a magnificent crystalline template”.

My notes..I believe we are definitely going back to what humanity was in Leumerian times and the early part of Atlantis ( before it went downhill ).Humanity then had a full 5 d Crystalline body which carried enormous Light .We were Christ (Crystallized) conscious and fully awakened and we were ‘Living in an environment as on Heaven on Earth’. .

But all this simply will not happen overnight. It’ a complex process but it can and will be done !.There is much for humanity to change from its current carbon based body and we are here to help, for humanity en masse will need many WAY showers .We are not better then anyone else but we are further on the WAY and came into this lifetime to do this job.

Now back to our shared message… “You know that Comets orbit in your heavens and meteoric phenomenon (meteor showers, carry within their centre enormous life force These energies absolutely bath the planet in waves of crystalline energy, embellished with codes of life force, of crystalline consciousness units, termed as Adamantine Particles (Essence or Akash).  

In the final part of 2018 (September – December) there are a series of astronomical events that will have great impact upon the crystallization of the planet and of humanity. These 5 astronomical events are benevolently combined with 7 meteoric energies amalgamated into a singular energy for this period, in what may be termed as pure Crystalline /Light bombardments..:


  • Solar Eclipse on New Moon..just happened  early July ,- Total Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon …NOW
  • Later in year- Solar Eclipse on New Moon ,-Equinox on Full Crystal Moon ,Solstice on Full Moon  

We have told you in numerous communications that solar radiation and specific astronomical events, like these solstices, equinoxes, eclipses& comets , meteor flurries are embedded with the edict & patterning of change. And these are code carrier, transmitting the codes of the upshift.

These codes are akin to frequency transmutation, facilitating the crystalline shift, the expansive change from polar magnetic to crystalline. They are something like a photonic-sonic password that opens a new program” !…End of special notes.

So be prepared for the awesome months ahead   .You could say this is God’s WAY of giving humanity the huge lift it needs in Consciousness and as you are aware it is not pleasant sometimes ..These energy shifts are causing much disturbance in our carbon based physical bodies, minds, extreme tiredness, anxiety, emotions and so much more not to mention our Earth’s body, weather and environmental patterns impacting all life.

The Lightworkers are feeling it more then others much like I have explained before like the transformer on a train set receives 240 volts of electricity and breaks it down to12 volts We are those Light/ Energy transformers for humanity until each individual can take on more Light /Energy as they too are lifted up.

Remember Jeshua’s words .. ”If I be lifted up will draw all men unto me.” That applies to you too.. Your Light and Energy are more powerful then you know. Remember Einstein’s great discovery re Energy , Light , Mass   (E=MC2) We are all just varying degrees of changing Mass , Energy  and/or Light. 

So as we raise our Consciousness and become more Light  (Crystalline or Christ realized ) everything hanges within us and around us  .

The great news for us all is that the darkness cannot come with these must stay behind in 3 /lower 4d..There will be no need for power, control, fighting wars and no need for pharmaceuticals nor drugs of any kind. It will simply be the Power of Love that rules the Earth

And as our bodies are raised in Consciousness, Love and Light no disease nor anything bad can affect us .

That’s what we have to look forward to so be of good cheer , do not let the disturbances on the Earth get you down. Take time out, make sure you meditate every day and more regularly in shorter bursts maybe better for you…Exercise Lightly and BREATHE.!!!

Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God and Breathe out Love…..

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Thank you for your  time , God bless and do take care