You have a right




                                                                 “You have a right to take time out “




Welcome to our July newsletter. We still have the great cleansing going on all over the planet, including within ourselves and so have both an exciting and yet challenging time still ahead. Everything that is not of the Light on our Mother Earth, ALL dis- EASE , negativity, darkness has to be firstly exposed then neutralized and dissolved and will continue and we are the bearers of much of the release of this effluvia..


With that in mind we thought in this issue to remind you to take time out away from the our everyday scene- the concerns re our mortgage, the rent, the bills, the traffic, everyday life generally storing up material wealth for our futures as all these ‘things’ won’t matter in future times only the Love that we are and give….


I have been told before ”Our Superannuation is God”.so why worry.All our needs will be met without the stress in the world that we know today. So if you need to take a break I am doing that right now-8 days away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life do so.


Don’t let our weariness, fatigue, or even apathy and depression take hold as it can and does to many light workers as we shift and change and go through the big changes now happening .


Jeshua said in Your Rights and Your Freedom chapter from Love Without End “You have a right to take time out when things are pressing on you” and that is what we are suggesting now for all the hard (and inner) work you have done to date.


Do just the simple things well for the next while so Loving yourself by nurturing yourself more than ever before in these coming months. Be Kind and Compassionate to all by being Kind and Compassionate to yourself first..


REST when we feel the need as we will not be able to continue handling the changes well otherwise. We have written before our sleeping patterns will never be the same again as we move into the River of Life., We need to regulate ourselves by listening to the Spirit within and get in synch with the ebb and flow of the universe.


Mother Nature

Mother Nature has many of the answers for our Lives …Isn’t it time to rediscover what a wonderful world we live in and rise above the 3rd dimensional way of Life !


Look for the beauty around you. Go out of the cities to see what she was intended to look like, and what she did look like before the industries and massive population growth encroached on her dense forests, clear lakes and mighty oceans.  


Go back to the forests, in silence and reverence for the Mother who has nurtured and loved you. Give thanks to her, and when you send your Love down into the centre of her being, she will be soothed and healed, and you will feel her gratitude and enormous Love. 


Look to the skies for Signs in the Heavens like our beautiful sunrises and sunsets the stars , the magnificent full moons , the orbs, the crop circles and some of the cloud structures created by the Elohim and the Angels are awesome …


People are now reporting all over the world that they have seen spaceships (the good guys are here to support our efforts but cannot directly interfere with our spiritual evolution…I call them the ‘Angelics’ . Heaven is putting on a show just for us to let us know they care, that they haven’t forgotten us and we are ALL ONE.


It is in these environments we can get the most Inspiration and all we have to do is go there and LISTEN. Don’t force anything, don’t even expect answers. They will come in their own time in their own way and you will also recharge your Life Force energy. But you may just start to co create your new world in a space like this…

If we make even make changes to the pattern of our working days, by spending your lunchtime in NATURE, walk in the park or near the water, a bit of light exercise. And don’t forget to sing and dance, meditate and pray. All will recharge you.


We will actually have more energy and be able to work longer and more ENJOYAYABLE hours….But Discipline is required so make it easier on yourself as very soon we will be ’employed’ in what we came here to do, the work that we LOVE.


Animal Kingdom


Spend some time with the Animal kingdoms too .Not only with our domestic friends but visit a zoo like I have just done , energize yourself in the Presence of the Dolphins, the Elephants, Lions and Tigers…Horses, are also coming unto their own. All the animal kingdoms, our birds, plants and trees know what is going on and are here to serve humanity to help us reconnect with our Soul, our LOVE, our connection to God …


We are All One don’t forget!.


Oxygenate your body It is important to mention here, we all need to be taking in more Oxygen each day as our Hearts and lungs adjust to our new bodies and the new energies. We can do that best in Mother Nature’s environment!


Good breathing techniques (breathing in the Adamantine Particles of God) and swimming can and will help expand our lung capacity to absorb more oxygen. Ocean shores and waterways create a good oxygen environment too.


The Violet Flame


And do use the magical Gift from Heaven of the Violet Flame to cleanse yourself each morning and night or whenever you go into your cities, your towns or any ‘dark’ place. Also use in your prayers around the world and for divine Government and Leadership in every country. The world in its current state needs your prayers and the Violet Flame .


The Violet Flame has the Power to cleanse emotionally, mentally, spiritually as well as physically and you know this Flame is in all our Miracle II products. Read up more about this magical Gift in our Healing section of our website.



 Pray for and work with the children and youth of the world


Remember the children of the world There are so many ‘LIGHT’ children of varying ages on Earth at the present moment who are totally confused and conflicted about their role in life and many would appear to be ‘very loose cannons’. They lack direction. This of course does not take into account those children who through no fault of their own are forced to live in poverty and squalor, who remain uneducated, are starving for food and affection and who have nothing to look forward to except more of the same.


Take heart, these children need all the help we can give them. Request from God the means of granting these souls in distress the Grace and Blessings they require to remain true to themselves.. And as we have suggested before, ask for Archangel Michael and Mother Mary with you all as Light workers to put a Protective web of Violet Flame and Christ Light shield around the vulnerable ones .

May God’s Blessing be on all the children and youth of the LIGHT in our world. Our prayers and efforts count now more than ever as you become more empowered by the Christ consciousness. Stay focused on a positive outcome for them as it is a time of Miracles to occur. Deep down they have a remembrance of the heavenly Life and the Gift that they come back to Earth to share and it now needs to be Awakened in them.   


We cannot help but enclose again quoting from this wonderful exerpt from the Elders of the Hopi Nation as it befits our newsletter’s message and our own WAY forward……

“Where are you Living? What are you Doing? Are you in right Relation? Where is your Water?

It  is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate. At this Time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all, ourselves.

For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in sacred manner and in celebration”.

                                                          “We are the One we’ve been waiting for”.


Jeshua has asked us to now take His teachings out into the public arena as this work will become a foundation for many, a manuscript for Living in the 21st century. The books “Love Without End ..Jesus Speaks”, “The Keys of Jeshua” and the accompanying 14 CD set “Conversations with Jesus “ “are to be like a new times ‘bibles’” He said and they carry the Creator’s and His Blessing Think about it and if you would like to share with us please email or call .

If you would like to support our work think about our Gifts too like our Miracle II, Sacred Oils ,books, CDS and Ocean Ormus which has a profound positive yet very subtle effect on the DNA as we move back from the Consciousness of a 2 strand to fully awakened 12 strand DNA ‘Being of Light.’

                                          Thank you , until next time please share our newsletter as you see fit and

                                                     “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles and Breathe out Love.”


                                                         “Simply breathe and connect to your Sacred Heart “