Our Future is NOW


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                                                                                  Our Future is NOW  


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                                                                     The Flame of Love …Mother Mary and baby Jeshua  

                 Our Future is NOW

Welcome to our special Christmas newsletter “Our Future is NOWand ever more so then we have written or mentioned before Suggest you take some deep breaths before you go any further into our newsletter and Breathe in the Light (the Adamantine Particles) and Breathe out Love and then read   with an open mind. ”As we always say take in what resonates with your Heart and leave the rest …

Many ‘events’ have happened this last part of 2018 and much more will occur soon–in politics, religion, banks and business , exposure of child abuse, weather patterns, earth changes, etc. All is coming up to be cleansed and exposed in the coming months so much so it could shake the human psyche to its core !

For the good news is humanity has at last reached a critical point of never going backwards spiritually and morally any longer . The darkness is leaving or is being arrested literally and figuratively. TRUTH is being revealed about Life on Earth these past hundreds of years as humanity is being upgraded eventually into full Christ Consciousness .

Mother Earth (Gaia) has already done so. Yes she is a Living vibrant Being of Love and has held back her ascension till humanity was ready to go forward too. Did you know this planet was designated to be a Shining Star in our Universe and will eventually be a Sun so full of LIGHT where only Angels live

We are as a collective , bringing ‘Heaven to Earth’ so keep on keeping on in your Life and your work and never ever give up, the Future is so full of promise NOW for Love and right Living so full of GOODNESS of every kind to be present in our lives everyday .

We cannot lose as we are being totally supported by God and the whole God team, Archangels and Angels, great Masters and extraterrestrials (but no direct intervention from them, until we ASK or in God’s appointed time )

The great news for many from the ‘Events’ still to occur will be that people will know that they are the very Force of Love and this is just the beginning but then they will need teachers and this is where the Heavenly teams will help us to do our jobs effectively!

What about the physical

Don’t be concerned of what is happening to the physical during these momentous times and they are substantial . Note :Do read some of our previous newsletters where cover this subject fairly fully

Make sure to breathe deeply and often. Apply breathing tools that hopefully you have learnt over the years to work with this opening. Be still and know I AM God

We must start to consciously take in the prana, chi, universal life force energy, Adamantine particles to help balance our new founding crystalline body structure that will also help decrease the pressure on our physical hearts .

Do come to grips with what the Adamantine particles are all about .We have written much about them in past newsletters..They create Life !.Jeshua and Archangel Michael revealed them to the world through the wonderful books we market

Miracle II and Ocean Ormus will help you enormously during these special times and some Light exercise. Whatever it takes to prepare your Body temple to be able to house the new Christ energies coming through

Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products were designed with the times we are living to assist us clean out all the toxins in our body and prepare our Temples of Light to come through. Drinking Neutralizer Liquid everyday helps do a ‘de coke and valve grind’   internally with its Violet Flame properties and Ocean Ormus will help  you build your body of Light, and plug any Etheric holes in it .

Lastly some of God’s greatest and simplest remedies that have always been with us will aid us tremendously in these times .It should be easier at Christmas to be in Joy, at Peace, Sing and Dance , Laugh and do share discreetly what you know with all those you think may be awakening.

Get back into Nature, Pray, Meditate , Give thanks for everyday of your Life. All these Gifts gently open the Heart, the breathing and lungs naturally and use the magical Violet Flame everyday in your Life and for our world.It is a powerful God given Gift! (much is written up about the Violet Flame on our website)

Do rest whenever your body tells you too and over this Christmas period particularly find time to be alone and at Peace and ONE with God We will ALL be needed more than ever before to lend support next year wherever we can…To conclude a final thought from Jeshua ….

“Beloved one, you are a great ray of Light. You are energy form, living a Reality .Your purpose is to allow that Light to Shine , to Live Life so that others may see your Light ,and by seeing your Light to know that they are the Light also

Thanks for all your support this year it certainly has been challenging hasn’t it

Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas

Find time for giving Thanks and remembering the Christ child Jeshua ,Mother Mary, St Joseph, Mary Magdalene and all the great Beings who came to Earth to support God and Jeshua’s work and impregnate this beautiful planet with this massive infusion of God’s LOVE and LIGHT.

And do remember your own Christ self becoming as this was Jeshua’s mission to tell   us not only that  “The Kingdom of God is within you “that ye are gods” “that the things I do you shall also do and more” as you are the Christ becoming .

                                                     Blessings from the Circle of Life