Miracle II Ocean Ormus Skin care guide

                                                  Miracle II  and Ocean Ormus  February 2019 newsletter  


Welcome to our combined Miracle II – Ocean Ormus February newsletter .We focus on Miracle II’s and Ocean Ormus’s handy hints for kiddies and the litttle ones and for your “Skin and Beauty care” treatments over these summer months.


There is so much news about chemicals used in personal care items including  baby powders, we thought we would sing the praises of both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus (both using only natural and organic ingredients)as your specialist beauty care products range.


These products will come unto their own in the coming times due to their high vibration and suitability for our more developing ‘crystalline’ bodies. We hope you enjoy the good news we have to share in this issue ….Firstly …. 


Miracle IIs Natural Health and Personal care range  …. Perfect for children and infants

Coming  up to preschool and general school time ,Miracle II products  are a must have for your little Loved ones….

Antifungal, Antibacterial formulas

* All Skin care problems- Acne, Eczema

*Allergies of every description

*Teeth & Sensitive Gums, oral hygiene

*Digestive problems, reflux

*Chest Infections, Coughs and Colds

*Bathing, Hair Shampoo& Conditioner

*Body, Face Washer, Moisturizer

*Dandruff, Head Lice control

*Aches & Pains of every kind

*Nappy Rash, Blisters& Burns

*Scars, Sores, Sunburn, Bites

*Washing babies and children’s clothes

There is a Miracle II product for every child and baby’s health and personal need!                         

and these natural and organic products are so  safe to use

No chemicals ,no petroleum non toxic use only .pure natural and organic ingredients

“Miracle11     caring for your child and baby’s health and well being naturally”


Miracle 11 general Skin recipe guide-Beauty treatment

MII is great for general skin care and beauty treatments. You can treat your entire body from head to toe. No matter what type of skin you have – Dry, Oily or Combination – using MII for at least 90 days will help smooth and tone your skin.

Below are excerpts from our “Skin care recipe” guide of how to combine all the MII products to treat and care for your body,use as much or as little as your body requires. No need to buy 20 products that will just sit on your shelf. It’s time we get what we pay for.


Our Skin recipe guide is taken from Beauticians trial and recommendations plus general customers testimonies over many years . Women have reported that using Miracle 11 is like having a ‘Botox’ treatment, they say it is great for cellulite and wrinkles and they love using Miracle 11 because all the formulas are natural, non sticky and non oily.


  1. Dry skin –Primary products: MII Concentrated Moisturizing Soap for Extra Dry skin, MII Neutralizer liquid spray and Skin Moisturizer and/or mixed with part Neutralizer Gel.
  2. Oily skin – Primary products: MII Concentrated Personal Soap for Normal skin, MII Neutralizer liquid spray, Neutralizer Gel


Facial Cleanser – use a dime size amount of Soap of choice to cleanse your entire face and neck twice a day. Rinse. Continue with Neutralizer Liquid spray, Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer. (Tip: use a foamer bottle and add 1 part Soap to 5 parts Neutralizer Liquid for a foaming facial cleanser)


  • Facial Scrub – use a dime size amount of Soap of choice on a baby brush. Make small circular strokes all over the face and neck. Rinse. This procedure can be done morning and night.
  • Spray on Toner – use the Neutralizer Liquid spray to help revive your face and neck morning and night. Spray can be used throughout the day over makeup as a refresher.
  • Eye Cleanser/irritant Remover – spray approx. 3 sprays of the Neutralizer Liquid in each eye to help cleanse the eye of make-up particles or other eye irritants. Also helps reduce the duration for other eye irritants like pink eye, styes, etc. (Tip: can also be used for dry eyes, contact lens users, etc)
  • Soothing Eye Gel – use a pea size amount of Neutralizer Gel under and around each eye twice daily for reducing fine lines. (Tip: use your ring finger to apply so as not to stretch the skin) (Tip: keep a separate container in the refrigerator to add coolness and help aid the puffiness)
  • Eye Make-up Remover – For use with non-waterproof mascara – take a Q-tip and put a pea size amount of Neutralizer Gel on one end. Gently scrub the eye lashes and eye area. Discard the Q-tip. Using a clean Q-tip, spray one end with the Neutralizer liquid spray and continue to gently scrub the eye lashes. Continue using the Neutralizer Gel and the Neutralizer liquid spray until the eye is completely rid of eye make-up. (Tip: use a clean Q-tip each time so as not to expose the other eye to irritant particles.)
  • Acne Treatment – Using a loofah sponge or wash cloth, use a dime size of Soap for Normal Skin and gently scrub the acne area for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Avoid using any lotions or make-up on the area until the blemish is gone. Continue scrubbing the blemish 2 times per day until the acne is gone. Neutralizer Gel can be used on the area as well.
  • Eye Makeup – smooth a pea size amount of Gel on each eye lid to help keep eye make-up in place all day long.
  • Eye Brows – Smooth a pea size amount of Gel on eye brows to keep an arched look and keep the brow pencil from smudging during the day.


More Baby Care tips    ….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  •  Diaper Rash – Allow the baby to soak in luke warm water combined with several drops of Moisturizing Soap . After the wash – gently pat the rash area dry and smooth on Neutralizer Gel and/or lightly spray with Neutralizer liquid. Continue throughout the day at each diaper changing with the Gel and Neutralizer liquid until the rash is gone.

 Dry scalp – after shampooing with Soap for Extra Dry Skin, rinse and pat the scalp dry with a towel. In your palm, mix equal parts of Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer and massage into baby’s scalp. Do this procedure 3 times a day for 5 days or until there are no signs of drying and flaking. Continue the procedure once a day for the next several weeks. Use a fine baby hair brush to comb through his/her hair throughout the day as well.

Pregnant Mums                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •  Stretching and Itching tummy – use equal parts Skin Moisturizer and Neutralizer Gel. Massage over tummy, hips, thighs and all other growing parts.

 Sore legs and feet – use the Skin Moisturizer or the Neutralizer Gel or a combination of both to massage into legs and feet. Spray Neutralizer liquid on swollen feet before bed to decrease puffiness as well.

Post Birth

Scars itching and irritation – soak at least 3 times per week in warm water and Soap of choice. After bath pat area dry and apply a generous portion of Gel. May also spray generous portion of Neutralizer liquid as well. (Tip: put a small amount of Neutralizer Gel and liquid in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Read more  on our full Miracle II Skin care  guide pages on our website….

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ocean Ocean Ormus has only pure and natural ingredients in all face care skin and body treatments and can be used in conjunction with Miracle II  Try our Femme Fresh, Alpha serum ,Eye Serum,a magic product) Reform Pain Ease – note can be be used with the Neutralizer Gel)..Refer attached applications list ).


OCEAN ORMUS is a product whose ORMUS source material comes directly from the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, on the Southern side of Albany.  From the depths of the sea to final bottling, the pure ocean water is treated with the pure intent it deserves.  We then add this vital Life Force Ormus essence to our beautiful skin care range “Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence” Face Serum and Body Smoothie for men “Alpha M” and “Femme”for women.  


WHAT CAN IT DO FOR ME?  Rejuvenation, Revitalisation & Healing.  Our Ocean Ormus Skin Care Face Serum and Body Smoothie Range for both men ‘Alpha M’ and women ‘Femme’ is  unique in every way…..it is so totally natural a product that you could even eat it. It has so many vital ingredients that nourish, renew, rejuvenate   and revitalise the skin that we believe actually reverses the aging process that has ravaged the skin.


Used in conjunction with an oral dose of Ocean Ormus daily we believe you will see the reversal of wrinkles on your skin  after only a few weeks if not days. We suggest that you take a close up photo of yourself before   you start to use these beautiful products so that you can  be sure to have recorded your own visual record of evidence of the benefits from using these products.


                                                           General health and wellbeing… Ocean Ormus


We suggest you take your Ocean Ormus Life force essence daily after you do the inner and outer cleansing with Miracle II. People feel much more energized, are sleeping better or actually need less sleep and still have more energy…Be assured even when/if you have taken Ocean Ormus for a while and you feel  there may no effect Ocean Ormus continues to work subtely at every level in the body.


 Some thing is so special about Miracle II and Ocean Ormus products that make them uniquely a ONE STOP SHOPPING product range for the whole world Why not a Gift pack or a trial size Ocean Ormus and /or Miracle II for your friends and family – Retail packs, Travel/ Trial packs, Beauty pack offers with instructions and applicators and even an Animal and Pet care pack


Yes Miracle II (and Ocean Ormus) can be used for our Animal and Pet Kingdom….As always the same handy hints guidelines apply for animals as humans just in different dosages ..Read our ‘how to use’ on our website in the Miracle II section


Recommend you  use all our products in our extreme Summer of heat , fires and floods to sooth all the aches and pains sunburn etc.


Check out all our past newsletters on our website in our archive files for more handy hints as well as revisit the “How to use instructions for all applications”again on our website pages.


If you would like some more information or you have a sufficient sized group of people we would be prepared to give a talk about these awesome products at ‘your place’ as we need to Spread the good news about these awesome products for these special  times . 


Till next time, please pass on !


“Know you are helping our Earth and our Waterways when you choose Miracle II and Ocean Ormus”


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