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                            “There is Light within an enlightened person, and it shines on the whole world.”
                             From: The Gospels of St Thomas:The secret sayings of Jesus-saying 24.
                                                                     “It’s happening… the time is    NOW “
Welcome to our Circle of Life   Easter newsletter for 2019…As always we ask you read our words from your Heart space .Boy what a time we are living in. I am finally seeing in my inner vision people are starting to awaken and are nearly ready for you to assist those who would come to you to help them begin their journey back Home to the Heart.
Yet on the surface our world seems to be getting crazier by the day. Become the Beholder and stay grounded   with all that is happening in 3 D life. We need to get back to basics now, rest up when you need to, no forcing your way through each day  in preparation for the times ahead. And this Easter timing is great  .
Easter is a time from which most of the western world’s belief systems and spiritual life truly began. So with that in mind we have prepared some wonderful readings from Jeshua to review the magic of the Easter occurrences from a whole new refreshing perspective
In ‘Love Without End’ and ‘The Conversations with Jesus’   Jeshua explains His Gift of Separation and Resurrection and gently pushes the Crucifixion to the side ..The Revelation s of these new interpretations are eye openers for all humanity  not  just Christians and can open up brand new doors for people’s Belief systems
These new revelations can definitely bring people closer to Him, His inner teachings and His purpose for coming to Earth..You see all His messages were not about religion but about  LOVE and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE   So now read on with your Hearts open
                                       Easter……what it really means for us from Jeshua’s perspective
Most of us   will be thinking at some time this month on the Resurrection and we do  mean the Resurrection, not the Crucifixion.. Resurrection brings new life, new beginnings We are all raising in vibration ,RISING in Spirit even if we don’t know it YET as is our beautiful planet Gaia.
The changes we are going through are simply part of our ‘Resurrection and Ascension’ process. Take some time out over the break to recharge the batteries and to give a big thank you for your Life and for what Jeshua did to allow us all to go back to God and rise in Spirit with His Gift of Love … 
                                                        Crucifixion, Separation and Resurrection
Until I read ‘’Love Without End’’ and listened to ‘The Conversation with Jesus’  I had  never heard Easter explained or taught this way in any other text or context and it all makes so much sense in today’s world..read on….


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“You see, the point of my sacrifice on the cross does not lie so much in the fact that I died for you as that I Separated for you.  Death means nothing to me, for I am utterly assured of my immortality and the pain of death could have been cancelled in a moment by my Love.  My gift to mankind was the Separation that I chose to experience. 
Uniformly without exception, the separations of man have occurred because man drifted away from God, the Source of Love and reality, through his devotion to private fiction and ego projections.  Man’s headlong pursuit of personal agendas and invented realities caused him to forget the Love that he really is. 
I  Separated as an act of Love, so that Love could then be united even with the state of separation. The long estrangement from God could then be ended.  Many have died for you.  Many have given their lives for a brother, for freedom, or for mankind in honour  of cherished principles.  Many saints have died for you.  Countless people have suffered for you.  But no one else Separated for you!
I Separated in the Spirit of Love, that Love might be joined even with Separation, and thereby the fact of Separation would be reduced to mere illusion.  The event of my Separation was the most extreme grief I have ever known in my entire existence. While on the cross, I momentarily experienced full release from my Father as I received unto myself all the Separations of the world.
Now, by the law of Grace, all you have to do is accept the fact that you are Love and return to the Father. This is an enduring miracle, which I gave unconditionally to all mankind. It is for the receiving by anyone who would choose to accept.  Separation–though essentially an illusion–was once a very real problem.  Now it is only an illusion that anyone may end by picking up the sword of truth and ripping the veil.
The miracle evoked by my death was the cancellation of Separation by equating it with Love instead of judgment.  The miracle of my Resurrection is not so much that my body was made whole as that man was made whole with God, and Separation was transmuted to an illusion. 
This transfiguration is now available to anyone who accepts the Love that he is.  You may perpetuate the illusion if you choose, or you may accept the Gift. This was my Father’s Gift and mine, given freely to anyone who wishes to regard the change of potential which now exists for mankind.
I would much rather the Gift be promoted than the giver.  In savoring the blessing of the Gift, the receiver will eventually seek out the giver.  That point is difficult for many of my friends and followers to accept, for they are protective of my glory.
It is sad that the Gift has been shunned by so many, simply because it was poorly understood, or because the giver was thrust upon them.  I would rather it be the other way around–that the Gift be understood and be received by all universally. It was freely and unconditionally given.
Personal salvation, in the way it is often regarded today, was not claimed by me nor taught by my disciples.  A man is saved by his own return, not by the fact that I made it possible!  Free will is always a critical point of redemption or peril. It was man’s choice to judge, to separate, and to miscreate   himself.  Now, it is for each one to seek his own return”. 
                                                                       Jeshua “The Beloved …Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”
I have read and reread this message so often ..it really is enlightening .Jeshua showed me very graphically just a few Easters ago for those who take Communion at Easter to take the Nails out of the Communion bread’ finally. Do not suffer anymore. The Crucifixion is over, Focus on the Resurrection at Easter and yours in the NOW time or in the future .
If you would like to purchase this Easter period  “The Conversations with Jesus” 14 CD set we are selling at a very special price. It makes for a beautiful listen to in the car or in a quiet place in your home  .It is not like any other channeled material you may have read
It really is a Foundation  and/or work in progress for your Life, a manuscript for living in the 21st century . Holy Spirit reminded me again just last week this very special work of His with Glenda Green , Jeshua would Love to see ‘out there’
If you are like me you will still get whispers in your ear from Him –weeks, months or even years later over a teaching that you couldn’t quite get at the time of listening or reading.   
We will be receiving even  more ‘higher voltage’ Christ Light than normal this Easter so  do take some real time out to Pray and Meditate .Light exercise as well and do some ‘spiritual body building.’It is so easy to “Breathe in Light , Breathe out Love” . .  Know you are breathing in God’s Light (the Adamantine Particles)
Sacred Oils
A reminder about the Sacred Oils we have from  Jeshua ..Each oil whether it be Christ Scent, Abundance, Compassion, Love, Peace Forgiveness, Joy, Innocence, Ohm, Holy Ground ,Magdalene’s Blessing  or Blessed Mother is very  special as each carries a  remembrance  of  a quality of Life within our own Sacred Heart space…
When you use the Oils they ignite that Quality within the Sacred Heart .
Circle of Life lectures and programs
If things ‘hot up now’ we will recommence our lecture programs   taking the theme “The Awakening of Humanity that time is NOW”  to  various places This has always hit a chord with every  audience we have ever spoken to. It is designed to stir the Soul into action , the need for change in our lives and that time is NOW.   
A reminder about two special books from Archangel Michael  we have  ‘The Golden Promise’ and ‘Let there be Light ‘which beautifully complement  our Jeshua work . .
Miracle II and Ocean Ormus
For those of you who have not experienced Miracle II or Ocean Ormus they come from the same God source – full of the Violet flame, the Universal Life force energy and are GIFTS  from God for   these times .
They can  help  you no end personally through the vibrational changes happening within the body and do wonders for things like the flu,aches and pains and even more.. Know also  you are doing something wonderful for the Earth and the Waterways by using them. .
Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area on any of the programs or Miracle II and Ocean Ormus although there are many pages of great information on our website and our newsletters about both these products.
Thank you for   your   interest …. Till next time…… Please pass on as you see fit
                                                             Many blessings to you and your families for Easter 
                                                                 “Shine your Light on  the whole world “
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