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                                                                Miracle II prewinter news


Welcome to this brief  pre winter newsletter. With winter nearly upon us we wanted to focus on how powerful Miracle II products can be used to protect us all from the colds and flu season. and help ward off winter ills and chills .We use many testimonials throughout to highlight so do read on and enjoy

Nothing beats a good old hot Miracle II bath to ward off winter chills, coughs, colds and flu. If we couldn’t get you into a Miracle II bath in summer then do give it a go now It is great way to detox and energize yourself anyway.


We have always strongly recommended that bathing is a MUST part of a total Miracle II Health and Wellness routine and do drink plenty of Neutralizer Liquid to help build up your alkalinity and immune system.Plus drinking Neutralizer liquid is great for all your Reflux, stomach bugs, candida, thrush and digestive problems – You can never overdose on it.


Miracle II’s Natural Health & Personal care products are for ALL winter issues

*Chest Infections, sore throats – Rub Neutralizer Gel onto back and front of chest, Spray Neutralizer liquid into mouth, ears and dab some Neutralizer Gel up the nasal passages


All Miracle II products are Antifungal and Antibacterial so wash the hands often with any one of the three natural and organic soaps


*Rub the Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer into all aches & pains, joints


*For All Skin care problems that always seem to increase in winter months – Eczema, Acne, etc, have regular Miracle II baths

If you didnt have any Neutralizer Gel Skin Moisturizer handy you can still use any one of the soaps to do a similiar job so leave on the skin after a bath even


Stomach and Gastric issues and Miracle II

As we have mentioned so often before, take Miracle II Neutralizer liquid twice daily 5-10 mls (teaspoon to a dessert spoon) and clean your teeth as outlined below. It can STOP Fungus, Yeast, Wheat and Gluten problems and intolerance, even parasites and worms (which most of humanity have had in the system at one time or other ) and it what is the soaps that actually washes these things out


A lady in Victoria reported back from her naturopath how taking Neutralizer liquid and brushing her teeth with

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and the green soap and swallowing the excess how it actually neutralized and removed parasites from her body. The Neutralizers NEUTRALIZED the parasites but it was the SOAP that REMOVED the parasites from the body. The same magnetic attraction in the soaps is what draws toxins out of the body in the bath tub.


Mouth ulcers, teeth and gum health and hygiene and Miracle II

Cleaning your teeth with Neutralizer Gel and 3/4 drops of green or violet soap on your toothbrush twice daily. We can assure you there has never been a report of any gum or teeth disease from this regular application EVER, and you will have the cleanest teeth you have ever had!


But we would add please swallow what you can as the Miracle II “toothpaste” does another awesome job internally as mentioned above. It is safe to take as it contains only natural and organic ingredients, refer below.


Miracle II is great for babies and children too

1)A young child developed huge ulcers on her tongue and in her mouth which the doctors could not control ,squirting her mouth with Neutralizer liquid and applying the Neutralizer Gel on the tongue, within 36 hours she was well again. She could not sleep, eat or swallow for over a week and was losing quite a bit of weight so sick was she before that. Miracle II is generally a great aid for babies teething.


2) A lady from western NSW emailed us about her children’s teeth -”never seen them whiter” she said, after only a few days of brushing and their eczema disappeared from their bodies very quickly after bathing in Miracle II soap.This mum used the Neutralizer Gel (and sometimes even the Neutralizer Liquid and/or Skin moisturizer to clear up nappy rash (after a Miracle II bath of course).


3)Do use the Neutralizer Gel for babies teething. Better than all the chemical products used for this purpose and Miracle II WORKS. You also know the soap is SAFE to drink in the bath as all babies will suck on their sponges in their bath Again this can only do them good internally.


4)And a footnote Washing your children’s hair in the Miracle II soaps also eliminate head lice and dandruff naturally. MII has only pure organic and natural Ingredients in it so it can never harm you.


Mobile phones and Miracle II

A reminder with mobile phones nearly being classified these days as an ‘extension’ of the human body particularly amongst the young, they can be dangerous Miracle II can neutralize the effects microwave radiation can cause by overuse of these ‘microwaved’ gadgets. For those of us who must use mobiles and hand held phones and that is nearly everyone these days, please spray inside your ears each day with Neutralizer liquid to nullify the effects of your brains being fried or scrambled.


Cellulite and Wrinkles – Botox treatment

We get many testimonials for the U.S., but do like to receive our own re the effects of the Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer, well we have had some wonderful testimonials re both products, like how fantastic they are on wrinkles and cellulite. One lady emailed us to say after using for three weeks, the people in her office thought she had had a botox treatment!


Surgical Scars and more

A few testimonials…One chap showed us how the Neutralizer gel had helped heal the huge scar he had on his chest from open heart surgery. Two ladies who both had caesareans both were extremely impressed how the Neutralizer gel zapped their caesarean scars in no time.


Miracle II Laundry Therapeutic ball

Miracle 11 Laundry balls do EXACTLY the same job as laundry soaps but so differently – the result is no skin irritations .The balls work electro MAGNETICALLY…-the soap and neutralizer inside the Ball never ever gets used up .. Just like a magnet they magnetize all dirt and odours , positive ions as ALL


Miracle11 products have high Negative ions so DIRT and ODOUR get magnetized out of the garments into the water. With hard to get out stains use some Miracle II soap made up like a ‘preen’ product SOAK in a bucket as you would with a product like napisan or spray a diluted amount on stain.


The Laundry Balls are also therapeutic – throw them in your Miracle II bath (If your skin is supersensitive, you could actually bathe without any other Miracle II products.


Massage tired feet and body with them. The 209 spikes charged with Life force energy inside. They do some wonderful things to the body even Carpal tunnel -massage some gel/ball in to any aching spots.


The Balls are guaranteed three years .If you are not happy with their performance you get your money back and in any case you recover your money within 9 months such is the cost of washing powders these days and NO FABRIC SOFTENENRS are required


Pets, Animals

Miracle II works just as effective on our pets and animals . Bathe them regularly with Miracle II soap – no bugs, fleas ,ticks and their coats shine .Spray their eyes, ears, mouth with Neutralizer liquid Treat their wounds and sores with Neutralizer Gel


You can save a fortune on vet fees and have a very healthy pet or animal at the same time. Remember this applies to all larger animals like horses, sheep, cattle too. Read up on the instructions for use on our website.


Ocean Ormus: White powder gold, the “Manna from Heaven’

Just to touch on this incredible product as we wrote about it earlier this month .It goes hand in glove with Miracle II in so many ways .As an example you can mix a small amount of Ocean with Miracle II in rubbing into the skin or massage to empower the healing and performance.


Trial an Ocean Ormus trial /travel pack or full 250 ml siz..it can go a long way


Archived newsletters and more

If you are as excited about Miracle 11 and Ocean Ormus as we are, please spread the good news. If you want many more testimonials and items of interest go to our website or read our archived newsletters from the past months/years



                                      “Know you are helping our Earth and and our waterways when you choose Miracle II


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