Miracles of our times

      The Miracles of our Times


Welcome to our mid May 2019 newsletter.. As I always request read our newsletter with an open mind and ask Holy Spirit within if what we write is your Truth   We have truly now moved into a time of Miracles, a time of  ending a 3 D Life on Earth (but not the End of time)and a time of new beginnings .


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know we are going through the most incredible changes on the planet that have ever happened. BIG things are happening .all over the world- weather patterns are off the planet. Droughts , fires , floods, recessions, fear tactics to start  all out wars,  earth movements not to mention the greed and corruption being unearthed in governments ,banks, churches etc.


But do not be afraid as we living in God’s time NOW. To lift your spirits a quote from Jeshua .  The great news to tell you is we will ‘soon’ be living in new times on a New Earth full of Love, Peace, Joy and everything that goes with it. It is the “thousand years of Peace” coming spoken of in the Bible.



”On the new Earth our bodies will be renewed , we will live under the conscious direction of Love. The transformation will be brought about by knowing the Truth of what Love is. In this new state of existence, Love will literally cause the pulse beat of your Heart and the cells of your body.  Love will propel the blood through your veins. Love will spark your thoughts, and all the energies around you, and all that you magnetize to yourselves.” “The Keys of Jeshua”


This is starting to happen . With what’s happening on our planet now, humanities needs are being drawn to ‘go within’ and are starting to change  and growing spiritually despite what appears in our world. Everything that is coming forward is so, to be totally scrubbed clean .Mother Earth is doing her bit here to assist.


I have heard Gods’ voice say to me “Enough is enough” .That is the best news  I have heard so I feel comforted by that message to keep on keeping on and to stay above all the ‘effluvia’ going on in just about every area of Mother Gaia .


Now it is going to take as long as or short a  time as humanity  decides to change enmasse  so there is   a very exciting but challenging time  ahead   especially for those unawakened  and we will have our work cut out then.  Right now the Light workers  and the  Good Souls who are Pure of Heart in all walks of life right across our planet are helping to raise the Consciousness of people and our planet back to LOVE.


God’Grace will see us all through the changes…


The masses  you can rest assure may still be in denial and resistant to change(s), as many may be incapable of absorbing what they feel may be far-fetched, radical teachings of the coming age of en-Lighten-ment even though they may say they have a  ‘God experience’


Fear, discontent and anger still may  abound  for a human majority not ready to accept the fact that great changes in every area of life on Earth need to be made if we are to live in a time of Love, Peace and  Joy  all over our planet.


We know that these maybe times of great stress during momentous change. It is more important than ever that you do not let yourselves be dragged downward onto the spiral of fear and negativity that is building within the collective consciousness of humanity. Become the Beholder as we often write.


We know our work and ‘time is truly at hand’ to spread the message  of LOVE , the message of the Sacred Heart and ‘God Within’ and revisit with humanity this incredible Gift of God’s Grace coming.


You must stay centered and focused on your personal vision for the future and do not allow others to deter you from your path out of a false sense of duty, and old ties that bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions.


Be aware that there will be people who come into your life who may try to discourage you from your path as you move further along the spiral of truly awakening / or the resurrection / ascension process, and there may be some that you will leave behind as you delve deeper into the complexities of enlightenment.


But do not judge. Bless them and allow them to follow their own path, but do not let them deter you from yours..


So are you now ready to step forward now in these critical times .You are needed as transducers and transmitters of the incredible energies  being sent from Heaven  to help move humanity and the Earth through this important time of major transition.



Here are some thoughts ,some confirmation for many of you to remind you of who and what you aspire to.


*Be the Love that you are in every moment Accept  where and  who you are , Love yourself as you are now , be Thankful and Grateful everyday for your Life ,  be in Joy..


*Seek Harmony in all your daily activities and be the Peace makers wherever you can be.  


*Know we are ALL ONE We are all United in God. there is no Separation only in 3D life does this exist. “SO YOU WOULD DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU


*Forgive yourself for those you have hurt  and forgive everyone who you has caused you harm.This is the greatest lesson most of us have to learn in this lifetime  but if we are to truly  go forward  we MUST release all the past ,all our  baggage that keeps us tied to our 3 D way of life.


We simply cannot take any baggage with us  Ask  God, ask Jeshua,  Mother Mary , Mary Magdalene, Michael, Gabriel or any of the ArchAngels that you are familiar with  to  help you here. Use the magic of God’s and Saint Germain’s  Gift of the VIOLET FLAME to help you in your cause to release and let go.


*Shine your  Love/Light everywhere ….your circle of influence will widen. First, you will be further transformed, and gradually, those in your immediate environment too– then it will radiate out further and further into the world.


*Meditate and Pray are so much a MUST now !  Suggest do so in 3 short bursts a day rather than one long session. You know Prayer should not be a last resort in our lives but the first. The Power of Prayer sets our Angels  alight to do God’s Will in every circumstance.


*Release all your wants or needs of seeking material advancement or success in life now. These will come to you in different ways in 5 D.


These are just some of  living experiences to aspire to a 5 D ways of Life . Remember we are not leaving our beautiful planet  simply bringing Heaven to Earth as ”We  are  overcome the world “


As you allow your Sacred Heart, your Higher Self to guide you and to become more fully integrated within, more and more inspired thought will come to you via clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance … just allow it to happen naturally. And all of Heaven , Our Mother/Father God and the God team are here to support and encourage us no end.


You are ready, NOW is the time !


You will not and cannot be harmed from any 3D source once you fully commit to the Path of raising your Consciousness  to 5 D. You are protected  by legions of God’s angels And you know the more we lift our vibrations the less we will be affected by all the ‘stuff’, including the dramas,  the poisons inflicted on our bodies, our life and our environment  …TRULY!


They will simply not affect our developing crystalline body structures –Drugs, chemtrails, fluorides, glysophates , vaccines ,you name it , diseases of every kind will be a thing of the past. We will even know how to self heal…that is why the dark ones want to keep inflicting on us their agendas to keep us limited ,to  keep us separated from a Higher Life …..They know their time is up!


So get on your bikes and peddle onwards and upwards , resolve to grow even further on  the Path. You are needed! ….


And lastly take heed this incredible message from Jeshua, confirmation of these changing but exciting times.


This is not the end of geophysical time or biological time but it is the ending of ‘story’ on such a massive scale  that one can only survive the forthcoming changes  by honouring  Life, Love, Personal Integrity and Community above all stories.


The whole Earth -land, sea ,animals ,plants and atmosphere -ache for the end of its troubled stories Most of all the hearts of men and women ache  for them to  end . Each will play its part in seeing that it does…Planetary changes  will continue to shifting populations. Massive relocation of people will transform economic systems and the way people relate to  each other..


Belief systems will be  fully reexamined! There will be so much transformation in this century, much so that what you now consider reality will only be found in history books.”…  The Keys of  Jeshua


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Miracle II , Ocean Ormus, Jeshua’s  Love Without End  and His Sacred Oils were all given us in Spirit  for these NOW times to share .Miracle II and Ocean Ormus in particular are helping people to  transcend  from  a 3D carbon based to a 5D  crystalline developing body. Check out our website Circle of Life


                 God speed you on your journey into these new times, these most exciting times ever on our planet !.