Amazing Ocean Ormus special report


Our amazing Ocean Ormus  Life Force Essence  ….Special report


Ancient alchemists of many cultures sought to create in their laboratories a substance that conferred amazing properties: higher consciousness, greater spiritual awareness, long life with excellent health. This substance has been known by many names: the Philosopher’s Stone, Manna, White Powder of Gold, the Bread of Life, the Semen of the Gods, Shewbread, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, MFKZT, the Elixir of Life, etc. AND now it comes to us as OCEAN ORMUS  Life Force Essence.



We write the following brief to encourage you now more then ever at this time to trial our amazing Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence , one of the great ‘Gifts’ given to humanity for these new times ..



WHAT WILL IT DO? Think of each of the cells of your body as a tired drained battery that can be recharged and rejuvenated by the elemental life force released by OCEAN ORMUS Concentrate Products.  OCEAN ORMUS is a product whose source material comes directly from the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, on the Southern side of Albany, Western Australia.

We believe it  can cleanse the body including the lungs ,the walls of your stomach and help to remove energy blockages. Our ORMUS is extracted from concentrated minerals including Gold from clean sea water pushed up by the Antarctic currents. All but trace amounts of sea salt  is removed and what is left are Minerals that are natural, balanced, and pristine.

(Note here.. the purest form of Gold on our Earth comes from the mountain tops submerged under our oceans which separated over millions of years from these submerged mountain tops and by so doing is cleansed by the ocean waters . It literally takes thousands of litres of this pure salt water though to give just a small amount of the purified Gold extract.)


From the depths of the sea to final bottling, the pure ocean water is treated with the pure intent it deserves. The ORME or ORMUS, are extracted from water gathered at a place that we have found to be clean and pristine giving us the benefit of using ocean water that is full of vital energy and oxygenation to achieve a high concentration and energized state to our Ocean Ormus precipitate


When on completion of the whole process most of the salt is removed, leaving a very pure Ormus (Ocean Minerals ) state for bottling.


Note the process for doing this is an ancient one , the same as given to the Ancients and Elders, Abraham, Moses and the Essenes (to which Jeshua, Mary and Joseph were raised) to extract Gold and then change its form to ‘ monoatomic’ that makes it Ingestible. And to add to all this wonderful news our finished product is Blessed . 


What is ORMES?  It’s called Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements in the high-spin state – ORMES. That is the collective name, a single ORMES is an ORMUS.  It was rediscovered by David Hudson. It’s a higher state, it’s the crystalline Light body state of gold and other metals. 

 If you want to know more about ORMES, you can google it, look up ‘David Hudson’. We do not recommend powdered ORMES – you can overdo!  David Hudson did and others have done, but Liquid Ormus (Ocean Ormus) in its high spin state Yes !

So we recommend if you want to start bringing more ORMES into your crystalline-forming bodies, just drink 3- 5 mls of Ocean Ormus each day. It is advisable that you get it as pure and organic as possible like Ocean Ormus so as to not destroy any of the good things in it.

Remember eventually we will live in a Lighter state (in weight and Light).We are not just travelling to a Golden Age – we are going to experience the Golden Age, and complete all the higher vibrational processes and still be here on this planet “. 


Historical documents from Egypt and various passages from the Bible also point to this finding. Manna and Shewbread are some of the older terms used to describe Ormus has been in use for thousands of years. And Jeshua(Jesus) made this comment some 30 or so years ago before the rediscovery of Ormus….

Soon there will be a very powerful, extraordinary awesome ingestible product available, like the biblical ‘mana” to  help humans bring their DNA cellular level back to full consciousness.

Those involved will be able to transform that most precious metal gold, from metal into a white powdery superconductive form that your body can absorb and can help humanity  awaken and rise in consciousness.

Be attentive to what  I have explained here  and safely proceed to  learn what your future role may be in personal usage of superconductive elements to promote health and to assist or cause the awakening process.

All major religions of long ago knew about this alchemy process of transforming gold metal into a superconductive material that the human body could safely assimilate. Moses spoke of it  and so  to the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism.”.

Ingesting monatomic gold(Ocean Ormus)…is one of the most valuable substances you can ingest. You see Gold is one of God’s greatest healers as we can all attest from the Life Force energy from the Sun. Gold was placed on our planet as the precipitated  energy of the Sun, a magnet if you like to give golden Life Force energy to our soil and plants.


In addition to fortifying immune systems, monatomic gold contributes to health by rapidly regenerating cells; raising bodies’ frequencies; improving organs’ functioning; accelerating the transformation of carbon-based cells into crystalline; and helping to increase DNA strands.

All of those physical benefits enhance brain power and that leads to expanded consciousness, spiritual clarity and overall balance.

In summary


*Ocean Ormus is an overall enhancer of physical, emotional and mental health…

*Rejuvenation, Revitalisation, Healing of the Body and the Mind can happen by taking Ocean Ormus .

*It is a catalyst consisting of minerals in a unique state, that improves and maximizes the potential of whatever it comes into contact with, whether that be plant, animal or man.

*Ormus heightens awareness, going on current research and many anecdotal testimonials.


*Researchers have identified over 40 health problems which the evidence indicates are really NOT diseases at all. Instead, they are the result of a deficiency of the natural trace elements…


Many of these vital trace elements are in Ocean Ormus.

Plus it  will…

Improve  human and animal health, brain function and consciousness in general.

Why not see what wonderful things it can do for you .We have taken it everyday for years now..It is a wonderful Spiritual food source.


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           We know from many, many sources now that “There is no ormus available quite like Ocean Ormus