It really is that time NOW


                                                                       It really is that time …


Hello everyone welcome to  this special Circle of Life November Newsletter. As we suggest always read with discernment and take on board only what registers as your Truth…


For several years I have put out a message that we are finally coming up to ‘crunch time’ on our planet as far as the God team and 3rd dimensional  ‘events’  are concerned . We are right now in the Tribulation spoken of in the bible and from now till the end of December hold onto your hats and then be prepared for a very eventful but challenging, inspiring and enlightening 2020.


It could be a rocky road or smooth sailing dependant on where you are at… and so it is so important to raise our Consciousness ‘up higher’ and look at any/all external things as a ‘Beholder’. More on this subject follows   but first …


The body changes


This past month as it has been even more exhausting I think then I have ever experienced and simply have had to take it easy most days. I expect most of you did likewise, so don’t feel you have not been contributing ..we were meant to rest to take in all the New energies coming in for from the God source to fit us for the times ahead.


And also we must slow down to get some clearer guidance rather than rushing forward, thinking we are not doing enough …go with the FLOW NOW more then ever NOW.


This metamorphous-changing from a carbon based to a crystalline body is for real and is happening and seeming more real as the magical Light from God’s Infinite universe through the intense Gamma radiation – the Adamantine particles has Intensified tremendously affecting our bodies even though it will take time…it is not an overnight event.


We are in God’s time and our bodies will need to be changed to exist as a 5th dimensional being living on a 5th dimensional Earth .The Inner Light within, our Sacred Heart, even though most of us cannot see it yet , is glowing more brightly.


We are becoming more powerful human beings , becoming  more fully conscious human beings, full of Radiant Light and Adamantine Particles. Jeshua has said “there is a Light within an awakened human being and it shines on the whole world.”


                                                     Sacred Heart Light manifesting


You do not know how many people you are effecting now, more then you will ever know .

Our Healing ability ,our Inner Knowing because our connection to the God within, our Sacred Heart is increasing. 


And so we are coming into things Jeshua spoke about like “The things I do you shall also do and more” This is that time!!!

Jeshua holds a Master Key for these special times! Bring Him into your Heart daily !

As I said I see we are coming up to crunch time on our planet as far as 3rd dimensional  ‘events’  may be concerned and come more to a head (to be cleansed) .This looks like intensifying  ..Expect the unexpected as much as the expected.

I say again we could also be in for a beautiful surprises at the end of it …


Expect there will be a general raising of Consciousness to balance any ‘events’ coming. It is through Prayer, Meditation, Invocation, Affirmations, Right Living and other good practices that we move faster into living from the Sacred Heart and so better help our fellow man, our Earth and all her kingdoms raise in Consciousness too .


Your Prayers and Invocations are needed right now for the US (major civil unrest there although that is also happening world wide in Asia ,Europe and the middle east) . Russia holds a vital key for Justice and Peace to happen on our Earth. She needs your support to carry out God’s Will . 


I have said previously that humanity is basically now in four groups-1) the Awakened 2) those starting to awaken (and will need your guidance),3) the third group do not want to change from their worldly lifestyles or will not change at this stage from their fear based structured and/or religious lives and or/ and/or are in no position to change due to  very poor living conditions.  


And 4) this is a much smaller group who have controlled the masses for Eons of time -these are the dark ones who will not change ..(however they will still be given a chance to do so).


Our time is at hand….. You are needed …God Bless.



In Summary 


I  certainly do not know all the answers for these times. There is certainly lots of ‘stuff’ circulating on the Internet that says others do but I wonder about a lot of it .This a time of real Introspection for humanity as we prepare our Inner self for the exciting times ahead no matter what the world looks like now on the surface

Everyone on this planet is now going through the ‘shift of the ages.’ Everyone on this planet is feeling it and that includes the children although most of them do not feel the intensity as much. Everyone knows that something is going on and it not just the world going crazy with uprisings and things but it is within each person’s own psyche..


Spend as much time in nature as you can daily even, meditate and pray often  in short bursts throughout the day. BREATHE !!!. Relax as much as you can and do NOTHING if it gets too heavy some days .And use the magic of St Germain’s Violet Flame each morning and night to recharge the body too.


If you feel you need to find a good therapist, do a workshop, or find a good book (one of our  Jeshua – Love Without End books or Conversations with Jesus CDS or Archangel Michael’s books are perfect)  These can help you let go of the patterns of your wounded child then do so !

And then understand that while we are doing any major cleansing we may still be exhausted. We have spent most of our lives repressing these energies. Processing them is hard work. But worth it! When we are finished we will have cleared our psyche of subconscious patterns of  self- sabotage, and will be able to function from a space of complete clarity and purity of intention.

Circle of Life’s product range


Miracle II , Ocean Ormus and our Sacred Oils can help you no end to help you detoxify and actually assist you to reenergize yourself !!!. 

The Sacred oils can help rekindle the process of Qualiites of Life we espouse to – Love, Compassion, Joy , Forgiveness, Blessed Mother, Innocence, OM, Holy Ground, Peace Abundance  or for Healing a wounded Heart (Christ Essence) – Jeshua’s own  oil..!   


Check out our ranges and pricing in the two documents attached..These products are as Inspirational as they are exceptional and for these special times .Ocean Ormus was given to help with the DNA changes we are all experiencing.


                                                       ‘Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God and breathe out Love’



Please ring or call in to enquire about any/all of our incredible products. Call or write to us if you are interested in us giving a talk or a seminar in your area. If you have not understood what we have please feel free to  call or email and we will endeavour to help you out.


                               Stay the course won’t you have Faith and Trust in God that all will work out for good ,for God.


                                     We are here to Serve .. Till next time, please pass on as you see fit..


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                                                                           Know  “In the Circle of Life we are ALL One”

Footnotes…..Some ‘Light’ reading from Jeshua on Prophecies for these awesome times follow. 

Firstly Jeshua’s message from “The Keys of Jeshua”to put you into the theme for the days ahead. From “The Beginning of Life …The  End of Story” section of the Keys, Jeshua describes  a little of what is ahead of us in these awesome times and that time is NOW!


This is not the end of geophysical time or biological time but it is the ending of ‘story’ on such a massive scale  that one can only survive the forthcoming changes  by honouring Life, Love, Personal Integrity and Community above all stories.

The whole Earth -land,sea ,animals ,plants and atmosphere -ache for the end of its troubled stories .Most of all the hearts of men and women ache  for them to  end . Each will play its part in seeing that it does…

Planetary changes  will continue to shifting populations. Massive relocation of people will transform economic systems and the way people relate to  each other..Belief systems will be  fully reexamined!

There will be so much transformation in this century, much so that what you now consider reality will only be found in history books.”  Jeshua

In this same book ‘The Keys of Jeshua’ He went on to talk about the book of Revelations .He said 70% of what St John wrote was to do with the Inner Self , 30% related to outside ‘events’ but the 30% will still be quite challenging depending how connected you are to the Sacred Heart.


“The Book of Revelations is a great deal more than a book of prophecy.  It is a timeless revelation about the soul’s fulfilment in its return to the Father, along with the perilous demise of all that is false as negative possibilities fall away in the light of truth. This book is not subject to the normal pitfalls of prophecy because it does not centre its meanings on the temporal probabilities of life, nor is that the intent of its message.  This sacred document has been greatly misunderstood to be an unfolding drama of external events.


Certainly a profound transmutation of the human soul would be impossible without correlations and manifestations within outer forms of reality. Therefore, some physical phenomena will accompany the drama, especially considering that the very elements that fall to dust will be the structures of worldly dominance.


“This book foretells the point of critical mass when humankind must confront its destiny. Man cannot realize his sonship with the Father until first he has released all that was created through unconsciousness and disconnection. False identities, false meanings, and unworthy structures will fall away as the soul is empowered to manifest its true covenant.


This is a glorious event to be approached in Love rather than fear, and as hearts prepare for it, external consequences will be modified as well. What is to unfold is crucial and inevitable to the destiny of man.  No one is exempt.  However, there is a choice in how one receives the unfoldment. Those who approach it with Love will find it the ultimate bridge to fulfillment.”


Many people at this time are concerned about impending cataclysmic events foretold by prophecy.  It is rather amazing to think that in His Presence, when I could have asked so much, my attention was never directed toward the ominous or to the thought of possible disaster.  As He completed the above-mentioned thought, however, I made the one and only inquiry in all our conversations about the possibility of impending catastrophe.  His answer was firm, positive, and contained no fear.


“The structures which dominate the lives of man today were all created in a state of disconnection and unconsciousness. The powerful momentum of these structures carries with it the seed of continuing oppression.  In order to survive, such creations must suppress the soul of man and perpetuate his enslavement to them. 


As the time of man’s fulfillment arrives, there will be a simultaneous collapse and retaliation of that which wishes to survive against the good of man. This exposure will, nevertheless, assist in the elevation of man’s consciousness and bring about a new era of brotherhood on earth where structures are reestablished from a state of consciousness and connection with Divine Order.”


  We are in that time NOW! I then inquired, “Will there be great suffering?”


“Suffering is never the Will of the Father, although none will be exempt from the experience. Many will feel little suffering except for the compassion extended to those who do experience pain and sorrow.  At the other extreme there will be many who are so attached to that which is falling that there will be no reprieve from their agony. Even this is a blessing, that lives full of anguish may bleed the venom and thereby have a chance to heal.  How the ‘event’ is experienced will be due in large part to individual choice, and also to the accumulated necessity of fulfilling choices made long ago. Regardless of how each individual receives the impact of change, it remains enduringly true that all mankind will be blessed with the results of that human transfiguration.


End of Prophecy notes from “The Keys of Jeshua” …..



























































































































































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