Put Christ back into Christmas

                                                                       Christmas New Year newsletter from Circle of Life



                                                      “Christmas is always best when Christ is an essential part of it”


Welcome to our Christmas newsletter. Its pretty jam packed with lots of special thoughts and ideas to ponder over Christmas

as we focus on  extending Peace and Love to ALL and especially to our young ones for what would Christmas be without them.


Oh how the world needs some Peace and Love right now  more then ever , so what an opportunity this Christmas to truly living and projecting Peace and Love  to ALL. 


It has been probably the most demanding year ever on our planet with many events and changes happening so quickly  and many more to still come. 2020 I believe will be something else ! So it is truly an opportunity for a  blessed respite for us all to have a break at Christmas, to be able to spend a peaceful, joyous and Love filled time with those we care about , our family and friends and  a special thought for the children of the world …. 



                                                         Pray for the Children and the Youth of our world.


There are many ‘children of the Light’ of varying ages on Earth at the present moment who are totally confused and conflicted about their role in life. Did you know that 1in 4 children and youth  in Australia are suffering from some form of anxiety, depression,  fear and this starts as early as 7 years of age. …And this is only in Australia !….What are the kids in poor and war torn countries suffering!


And kids are so over engrossed in I Pads, I Phones, computer games, Facebook etc and then there is unnecessary peer  pressure, bullying not to mention, how movies and music , alcohol and drugs, world events are affecting them.. Pray for them .


Surveys have shown Aussie kids lack direction. They fear the future .Their main emphasis is not about God but simply ‘having a good time with no care nor responsibility’ except they do fret for good results  at school”  …….


Aligned with this Holy Spirit TOLD me many children, teenagers now do not even believe in God or Christ . What has society done to this fragile generation !  What example collectively are we showing the young ones !


So ask in our prayers for Blessings for the children and the youth in Australia and the world ,so many of whom are suffering in so many ways. Pray for those of the Light who are ‘lost’ that they come back and for their parents be a lot more active in a Spiritual way in their lives.


Ask for Jeshua and Mary, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary’ Protection working with and through you to put a Protective web a shield around the vulnerable ones of our children and young people .


Remember deep down they all have a remembrance of the Heavenly Life that is to come back to Earth and it now needs to be Awakened in them….Take Heart this is a time of Miracles to occur !…



For ourselves align with the Christmas story of Mary, Joseph, the Christ child Jeshua Ben Joseph and the Christ child within you !  Christmas was always a time for remembering the children of the world with the birth of Jeshua.


Holy Spirit TOLD me Christmas is always best when Christ is an essential part of it and that is nearly lost in so many areas of life today .


                                                                                            Spend more time in nature


We repeat what we have often said before spend time in Nature over Christmas All of our nature kingdoms have a Gift for humanity. All KINGDOMS are here in Service  to help us feel a sense of Joy and Beauty and Oneness of all Life .


The Crystal Kingdoms too has special Gifts for humanity ..as we move  from our carbon based to  a Crystalline (or Christ realized) structure they have  an enormous amount to offer us…….explore!


Often  as part of a routine spend some time for short prayer and meditation breaks more preferable now then even a long meditation . Do short spells of 5 -10 minute breathing,meditation rather than long half or 1 hour sessions and breathe in the ‘Adamantine particles of God’.


SLOW DOWN,DO NOT RUSH ANYMORE. the 3 d world is disappearing . There is no need for any rushing around in higher living .And find something that makes you smile and laugh every day. Play some good music, turn the TV off, sing and dance some -so nurturing (Loving) yourself, Take time out each day for YOU !.


                                                                         Give Thanks


Our greatest prayer is GRATITUDE. Give thanks to God for what we have- giving us good health and an environment, to be able to live in such a wonderful country, a beautiful world full of lovely landscapes, trees, waterways plus the Gifts from our dolphin and whale families, our animals, birds, sunrises and sunsets to name just a few Gifts from Heaven here on our planet.


                                                                          Christmas , Seasonal Gift ideas from Circle of Life


We have been given some of the most awesome products on the planet bar none in our Circle of Life range for your spiritual as well as physical, mental and emotional development Each was given us in Spirit to share like Miracle II, Ocean Ormus,  the Sacred Art books and Conversations with Jesus CDS and Sacred oils from Jeshua .They are all truly awesome.


                                                                                               Our time is at hand


I think you all know the times ahead will be challenging . I truly believe that some Divine intervention is now starting to take place and very soon even later this month or perhaps early in the new year more to come .


If you are centred in your Sacred Heart you will not be affected whatever may occur and in your case if you are doing the work it will be a joyous occasion, for others it may be a real challenge .. 


You know it is time !.And God and Christ are in charge ..its time to wake up humanity !


‘Find the Peace within that is beyond human understanding’ …We  repeat  spend some time this Christmas alone in Nature as well as with family and friends. LISTEN more to the Christ Presence within -the Holy Spirit, as to what God may now want and expect of you and what may be happening in our outer world..


God knows humanity needs the  BIGGEST injection of Love to help them in their journey through Life and particularly our children and youth .  Share your LOVE with ALL.


In the new year  if you would like us to give a talk about what has been revealed to us about these times, our Christ work, earth and body changes or about our Inspirational products and you can organize a sufficient number for a talk or seminar we would be glad to discuss.

Share your Love and your Light with as many as you would meet and a smile will go a long way to enhance that encounter.

Have a very happy, Joy filled  and peaceful Christmas season and thank you all for your support throughout 2019 .

We leave you with this Jeshua message message…


And the voice of  Jeshua speaks from His Heart to your Heart :…


“I give you Peace that in its Presence you may know your own Being.

Come to me in your Peace and I will give abundantly to you .Come to me in your Joy and I will rejoice with you .

Come to me with your illusions and I will give you Truth. Come to me with your pain and I will give you Healing”.  


“My Peace I give you, My Peace I leave you .”


                                                               Breathe in the Adamantine particles, the body of God,

                                                                                          And breathe out Love



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