This is the time



                                                                          “This is the time ”


Hello everyone welcome to 2020 and a very special  and happy new year ahead for us all. As always we ask you read our newsletters  viewing and/ or seeking your  own Truth but we are now in extra special times . Just this day in meditation I have been guided to head our newsletter  “This is the time” as our theme this month.

I believe we start in 2020 the most challenging but exciting time in our history on Mother Gaia(Mother Earth). Without exception every human being came to this planet to learn and grow ! And learn and grow they will and ARE, even though collectively most still seem stuck, caught up in the trappings of a comfortable life and/or survival mode, or fear of what’s happening in our 3r dimensional world.

But this is how it has been and we know this can’t go on this way.. We are ALL equal , we are ALL ONE  and  now  that enough have consciously awakened  all over the planet This is the time” coming to teach ‘(wo)men the WAY – as humanities Big wake up call truly is happening in earnest .

As you know many things are happening all over the planet-  the extremes in weather we are experiencing ,fires and floods, wars (starting to dwindle though), earthquakes, volcanic eruptions ,crime, child abuse,corruption particularly in many of our world leaders (government,business and religious included), you name it are being exposed and/or coming to a head due to the collective consciousness  of humanity being in quite an unstable state at present and looking for answers ..

One day soon humanity will know that they collectively created everything ever good and bad on our planet by their thoughts , their fears their Will to do good (or bad) but enough people have turned their lives around now for big changes on a good note.

(we must add here..ll still be clearing out of the ‘old ‘ in the times ahead …how long that takes will be up to humanity’s deliverance from their old self via prayer, meditation and good works)

But look at this time as a time of HOPE guided by your FAITH  with plenty of CHARITY, LOVE and KINDNESS in ACTION  and then see the world changing as these are the only things that truly last.  Pray, Meditate that enough souls start to live in real Peace, Love , Compassion , Justice  and the changes for good on our planet will be extraordinary .


The Power is within us to rebuild our world, we just have to rediscover it and God is now speeding things up so we are being given the opportunity to do so. Our environment will be like living in Heaven on Earth .As I said we create our world! Did not Jesus say “Don’t  you know ye are gods” You see Hu- man is a sanscrit word meaning god-man ..

God has given us His / Her  Power to use and it resides within the Sacred Heart .

Now we know many of you practice and live as much as you can from your Heart but still lets explore more about this sacred space , our Sacred Heart, the Kingdom of Heaven within ,with some extra help from Jeshua’s teachings ( and we add here this includes some physical explanations for you to understand. to  show sceptics this is real!…

Knowledge of the Sacred Heart is priceless to your life. Did you know it exists within your physical body.  The Sacred Heart has an exact location which can vary slightly in each person, but it is approximately the same. It is located between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch above the physical heart to three inches below it.  

This depends on the one’s body proportions and one’s centre of gravity, which is always slightly lower than the Sacred Heart. It also establishes a true central axis for the body, whereas the physical heart is slightly to the left of centre”

The Sacred Heart takes up only 1/16 inch space in diameter yet if you could see it in meditation you would see the most brilliant Light housing a Pink flame ,a Yellow flame and a Blue flame within you representing the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power of  God-Yes God lives within YOU. Find your Sacred Heart space and  put your hand over your Sacred Heart and say to yourself in meditation

                                                      The Sacred Heart




                                                “I AM Divine Love, I AM Divine Wisdom, I AM Divine Strength”


 We add here we are not talking about your heart chakra as many believe and even taught in spiritual modalities . The Sacred Heart stands alone . Returning to Jeshua’s comments…

“The Sacred Heart is a place where you must be alone, for it is your sacred ground.  The very act of being there is the essence of prayer.  When I told my disciples to go into a closet to pray, I was being quite literal in two ways.  Any quiet secluded place will do.  Select a place that is appropriate to the sacred chamber you are about to enter within your being.

 The Sacred Heart actually marks the intersection point of mortal and eternal life.  To create a visual image of this, envision a vertical shaft of Love, Life and Light extending from heaven to earth and passing through your body.  Then see it intersected by a horizontal line of events representing your life. 

Divine guidance is embracing all earthly possibilities at this intersection point of complete unity and zero resistance. The closest comparison I can give you is the innocent hug of a parent and child encircling one another in deepest love.

When your relationship to the Sacred Heart is sentient and alive, it is the most natural place to be.  But when it has been forgotten and abandoned, certain difficulties will accumulate around the prospect of re-entry.

The most critical issue is that the Sacred Heart carries an imprint of your true character and “the Love that you are”.

That is its only recognition of you.  Therefore, when you attempt to enter with false identities, spurious agendas, impure thoughts, or excess baggage of any kind, you may not present a workable entry key. 

You are most worthy to be in the Sacred Heart, for indeed it is your home, the centre of your being. Nevertheless, as the defender of your immortal soul, its security system is formidable. This is the seat of your I AM Presence

By the Will of God, the Sacred Heart will not be recognized by anything that is not you.  All illusion, pretense, and judgment must be shed at its portal. This is how you must enter “the Kingdom of Heaven”…as a little child!

 The easiest way to enter is to quiet your mind through surrender and resolve, allowing your attention to become like a pebble cast into a great, still lake. As you enter, release your attention into silence, letting it fall until it comes to rest. 

This is the way of quiet contemplation in which you may behold the Oneness of All That Is. This is your sacred place, for it is the pivotal link between the body and soul, the physical and the immortal, between yourself and God.”

The Peace , the Stillness , the Love you experience is extraordinary .In this space you can self heal.  You  can truly and honestly recharge yourself, create your day, your week, your future.

Here you can/will meet with  God ,Jeshua !  your Angels, the Masters and get guidance …Why would you not want to live from there permanently !  Practise being there  at least twice 10 minutes at a time each day and BREATHE! 

And as we have said so often we NEED to take time out anyway and regularly to absorb the new energies, the new vibrations that God  is uploading us with. Meditate on the Sacred Heart !

“Divine Microchip within” .

In many of our lectures over the years it came to me when speaking particularly to business people to refer to the Sacred Heart as the “Divine Microchip” within as it carries all the Sacred Intelligence you will ever require .It literally carries the secrets of the Universe , yours and  all Life . It has all the answers for your Life as that is where God , your I AM Presence resides.

It is the supreme Intelligence Your  brain / your mind is a servant in comparison , your brain is undoubtedly a sophisticated DNA computer as Jeshua calls it but cannot solve problems of your Life  It only interprets what is fed into it 

And you know if  you did not have this “Divine Microchip”, this “Sacred Heart space” within  you would not even be taking you next breath..Think  about that next time you breathe   That is another reason why we continuously ask you to  BREATHE in Light and BREATHE out Love .

Every breath we take is Sacred …  You are Love in action ,you are God’s handiwork in action. God made us all special ..”We were made in His image”  Jeshua said ….Isn’t that a  real Blessing to contemplate.

Teach your family and friends what you know now of the Sacred Heart..

Many will be ready


The Sacred Heart and the Kingdom of Heaven viewed from our  books and CDS


We have done ‘Love Without End’ for  close to 18 years now and I believe Jeshua’s teachings of LOVE  revealed in them  are becoming  even more relevant today then ever before .The interpretation of the Bible and associated Christian  churches teachings’ .(all 20,000 + of them ..that’s right there are over 20,000 Christian denominations  on our planet) their purity of understanding generally needed to being updated and so He came to give Love Without End to support His original work. 


In these books and CDS Jeshua also makes good reference to some of the Old Testament and quotes regularly throughout His work ..he brings everything  of LOVE out of the new and old testament books and leaves the rest.He only gave two commandments and they were of LOVE



 LOVE was  the only one true church He established.  His Mission was/is to restore His original teachings which He simply called Ortha in Aramaic or “THE WAY” .


“Love one another as I have loved you” He repeatedly said. The messages I have received from Him and Holy Spirit have helped guide me in my life no end and I translate what I think relevant to all through our newsletters and thoughts for the month


Whenever I have started to wane over these past 18 years  and felt people were not listening or taking in anything I said about this work, He would come through to give me some encouragement .’Stick with it ‘.For me it is God’s Truth and nothing but !


He told me  “Love Without End ,the Keys of Jeshua and the Conversations with Jesus CDS work carry the Creator’s  and His Blessing”         


I often write…find God, Christ and Holy Spirit within (truly discover YOUR SACRED  HEART before you listen to anyone else including me). And the only way to do that is Prayer and Meditation and good works. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS on the Spiritual Path but it will come to you if you do the work..


Our products to support this work…


Everything we have been given since 2002  has been  to support this work (and keep us going) and each amazingly complements the other. So think about our wonderful Gifts like our Miracle II , Sacred Oils, Ocean Ormus ,Sacred Heart Reiki ….all support our work


They  have  a profound positive yet very subtle effect on the DNA as we move back  from our carbon based bodies to a crystalline (silicone) one or from the Consciousness of a  2 strand to a fully awakened 12 strand DNA ‘Being of Light’ All carry  a high vibration .All carry a Christ Consciousness . All are filled with the Violet Flame and the Adamantine Particles.All have been made available especially for these special times !!! 


In these uncertain times if you have been doing the work -Prayer, Meditation, the Breathing (so essential to breathe in the Adamantine Particles now), good works etc  there will be nothing to be frightened of and you always be in the right place at the right time .


Finally “ The Converations with Jesus ““Love Without End …Jesus Speaks ” and “The Keys of Jeshua” are ‘Manuscripts for Right Living in the 21st century’ no matter what Humanities current Belief system is right now as .these are ‘WORKS OF LIFE’ are like no other and they are not about  religion , but LIFE!


It was some while back that  Jeshua said to me “These Teachings would be like a new times bible  a ‘MANUSCRIPT FOR LIVING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY’

Special  offer…Conversations with Jesus 14 Master CD sets price available to   everyone for $115  a   $ 65 + savings on U.S.  … CD Sets details…refer attached  brief re them..

Do make changes in your life where you need to now. Use the magic of the Violet flame to clean up  every aspect of ourselves that needs cleansing . As we said at the beginning I believe we have a quite challenging  and exciting time ahead of us ..

Be prepared for  CHANGES and be prepared to help your fellow/man /woman with knowledge, understanding and LOVE that you have to share…

                                          “This is the time to Teach men the WAY”


                         A happy new year,God bless , take care and do share as you see fit  …..


                                                    Greg Circle of Life  


                                                                             “We are here to serve”