The Age of Aquarius new beginnings


                                                                           ‘The Age of Aquarius’ … The Beginning of the new times


Welcome everyone to our first Circle of Life newsletter written for  2020.As always we ask that you read with discernment and take in what you believe is your Truth. You could call this time the real beginning for the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ originally set for December 2012 /January 2013 . And what a year to begin in 2020 , magical numbers by any astrological measures…


We are truly going back to the Light /Love bringing Heaven to Earth even though it still doesn’t quite  look like it yet!You could say that this dawning has really only just happened because enough of humanity have now done the work for a shift into this new age to  higher dimensions and ways of living and being. It is still only a small percentage mind you but enough to help carry the planet and all life forward .


Things are  happening quickly now… the Earth and our solar system (and galaxy) are being hit with even more Gamma radiation which caused the biggest Energy/Light (=Love) shift ever, moving  a majority of humanity into the 4th dimension way of living and being and eventually to 5th dimension .


Be rest assured all humanity even if they are not aware of still are getting a big ‘charge’ up  ..More are readied now than ever before to move with Mother Earth’s new energy, vibration to the 5th dimension but there will be those who will not change their lives nor their circumstances no matter what and will stay in 3rd dimensional vibration …we must let them go ..


Don’t be fooled by recent events – the fear tactics raised by ‘advent’ of the corona virus (this reminds us of the SARS virus).More  people in our world still die from general flus than the corona manufactured virus) And don’t be fooled by what devastation, the recent fires and weather turbulences that have happened  in Australia and abroad .It’s all to  keep us thinking and living in a 3 D fear based reality.


Chem trails are ceasing world wide. And then the impeachment farce in the US is over (America was heading for a civil war within ).plus there is 5 G Wi-fi being so  heavily promoted to take hold of our population’s so called consumer needs . Do you know that 5 G apart from frying your brains can have an awful effect on our Tree kingdoms which in turn will reduce the amount of available Oxygen on our planet


Burning of our trees in Australia and before that in the Amazon and the Californian fires  were intended to have the same effect  The Amazon Trees supply 20% alone of all the available Oxygen needed for human and animal life on our planet . The good news is  the TREES will come back  ..They are servants in God’s plans like we are.


We could still have shortages of food supply around the world  so we remind  you to stay ‘above’ all the Effluvia happening both here and abroad by living  from your Sacred Heart and knowing all is in Divine order now .But do anticipate some more nasty thing still to to happen around the world…The dark sides game is almost up time for all to be exposed  God willing and so your Prayers and Meditations are urgently needed ..THEY WORK!


As we do our own work we will awaken more into these new Energies / Light , we will also get an increase of the Truth of our Being, own connection to God, Jesus, the Angels and the great Masters of Wisdom. We will be a great source of Love and Light to all our fellow man.  


The new energies …how they keep affecting our bodies.                                                                                                                                                       

Nothing has changed here over the past few years only intensifying  .We are experiencing the most intense mutational body changes now ever moving us slowly from a carbon to a crystalline (= Christ Realized) body. The atomic structure of every cell in our bodies is splitting caused by our etheric blueprint bodies getting flooded with more Cosmic Light/Love.


This has never happened before to this degree in any system of God’s worlds.The new energies are upsetting our sleep patterns and diets tremendously and this will continue .Even young ones are telling us they cannot sleep properly anymore and don’t know why .


Many of us are simply feeling out of sorts. Allow this to pass .We have come this far so it should become a ‘piece of cake’ eventually. In the not too far distant future our bodies will become more etherealized than physical and it WILL happen on this planet to those truly committed to their Path.


We will by then have released all our karmic experiences. We will be following in Jesus’s(Jeshua’s) footsteps with His demonstration of Resurrection/ Ascension remembering what He said “the things I do you will also do and more.” …..Call on Him always.. He will answer!


What a Blessing this will be …in this state it will be a joyous time to be ALIVE. We will be Living and Breathing Heaven on Earth .


It is important not to let up with our inner work, in fact it may need to be increased to keep pace with Mother Earth’s and our rise into higher fourth dimensional and 5th dimensional way of Being and Living.


Practise Spiritual body building everyday – Pray and meditate, Toning ,chants Breathe, take time out to assimilate what is coming through and exercise lightly. Take time out in Mother Nature’s environment.Rest when you need to now during the day, take several power naps to make up  for any lack of night time sleep and be gentle with yourself as we go through these tremendous changes.


Learn to BREATHE better using whatever modality you may have learned before as we need to take in more Oxygen and also expand our lung capacity for these new times. This will also help the circulation. We have said often that  80% of our world population do not breathe properly ….Correct Breathing can work wonders to our health and well being and even more so when good Oxygen is being taken out of the air..


Consciously breathe in the Adamantine particles and breathe out Love/ Light..These are truly the Breath of God and are now available to everyone…Share them around consciously .. The LOVE/ LIGHT you carry within can cause Miracles to happen .


Circle of Life  products are designed for these new times  


Each of our products at Circle of Life can assist in the body changes -physically, emotionally and mentally. The Miracle II range contains the Violet Flame of Redemption and the Adamantine particles. Ocean Ormus Life Force also carry the Adamantine Particles and will work on the DNA Cellular structure and the Etheric body to help make all things new within. Both Miracle II and Ocean Ormus work beautifully together.


Our Sacred Oils carry the Adamantine Particles too and other Gifts as only pure Essential oils can.   


Now we ask if you pass on all this information to others who you think are ready and know somethings have changed . The challenges are still ahead for everyone but you may be the catalyst, the opener to their spiritual journey onwards and upwards .


Evolving humanity that are still behind where they need to be and there are too many entrapped in 3 dimensional living , have the opportunity to grow and will need that ‘leg up’ that you can offer …..That’s why we came, remember- to do our bit !


Mother Earth and humanities karma


Let’s not forget as Mother Earth evolves too, she cannot hold back on her Cleansing and this may intensify this year through more crazy weather patterns ,  storms, earthquakes,volcanos etc ….As well ancient human karmic conditions still need to cleansed and released in many areas. 


The increased cosmic bombardment of Light/Love energy will cause more  ‘Events’ to happen in the short term The U.S   and Europe have a fair way to go to get back on the road Home . Pray there are no more phony wars  and that the U.S wakes up quickly and the President and his team are protected by the Light always as too are the President of Russia and China .


God’s Gift of the Violet Flame   


We have the Gift of God’s Violet Flame through Saint Germain to use and remove the negative energies on our planet. This can be used in just about every situation in your domestic life and world events…. USE IT !




This New Year period  may we suggest you allow some time for creating and planning your spiritual future. We have reminded you before to do a ‘Spiritual business plan.’ Now is as good a time as ever to get cracking on it ..


You will have so much help from above it is not funny.  Build in what you would like to see regarding COMMUNITY as well in your visions as this will be the WAY of Life as we move into the new times ….


It could be just the catalyst for you to let go of all things past including your old karmic ties.     


If we can help you to better understand our writings, our thoughts about our future as they are revealed to us or anything re Jesus (Jeshua’s) and Michael’s teachings  and you can organize sufficient numbers we would be glad to give a lecture or talk ‘at your place’. We are here to Serve.


Jeshua’s books we keep getting the same message they will become like the new times Bible and Archangel Michael’s books give us such wonderful tools to help our Soul  development …All the Circle of Life’s books are filled with Inspiration and LOVE beyond measure and should form part of many, many  people’s library of books to  study.


We hope 2020 is a year of great Joy, Abundance and Peace to you all as you go about your ‘Father Mother’s business’ of creating our new world from LOVE .


Please share as you see fit …More should be ready than ever with the charge of new Heavenly energies that they are receiving and should be looking to see things in a new LIGHT ready and available for them.


                                             Breathe in the Breath of God, the Adamantine particles and Breathe out Love .  


                                      Circle of Life      P.O.. Box 700 Engadine NSW 2233 ph 041 721 4936 


                                                                           “Love and NEW Light changes everything”

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