The 11th hour

                                        ” The 11th hour.. Jeshua’s guidance and the Violet Flame . “



 The Wayshower

“I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM
I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing
I will show you the way out of this cycle
And I will show you the way into a New Age where your Christ Self will flourish
This, I promise you.

You need only ask”….. Jeshua

Welcome to  our special March  newsletter. As always we ask you read and discern what we write is your Truth and only your Truth…It’s a crazy time , not even sure where I am some days and really all of us have to keep on taking it easy through the changes coming in from the Universe. As we write things have sped up to a lightening pace now. We are going through such a period of intense change. All that is out of sorts on our planet  is reaching a peak to be exposed and set free I feel . Mother Gaia is ahead of humanity and is waiting patiently to fully move into  5 d…she has now made her changes.



This time for the first time ever in the Galaxy, this planet and the human beings on her will be ascending with their physical bodies. This is why so many energies are coming to Earth to help humanity raise their consciousness and their vibrations. Still a lot of people are asleep even the advanced souls are not waking . They need to understand that if they don’t catch up, they will be left behind in this 3D reality.


The new reality the Golden Age of Gaia is coming and nobody can stop it.!!! The Negative Ones who have been trying to stop it for a very long time will not be able this time. Ascension will happen no matter what. Humanity needs to understand what Ascension really is though . Ascension is leaving behind this illusionary reality that they have been living for many lifetimes. The ‘reality’ that was all based on separation , poverty, wars, lies, which was not real .



Moving to 5D means going to a completely new reality where everything is based on Love, respect, abundance and happiness. There is no poverty, no wars, and no disturbances, it’s only peace and harmony. This is where the humankind is going but not all will ‘arrive’ at the same time.

Meantime, they need try to adjust to new energies and raise their vibration daily by meditation These changes involve literally shaking off and releasing the final parts of our 3 D reality that no longer fit the higher dimensions. As I do  regularly , suggest you call on the magic of  St Germain’s Violet flame and Archangel Michael’s sword at least daily to help cut you free and cut humanity  free of all the chaos , disturbances like the viruses which are really only affecting the older and more vulnerable generation and has done no more damage worldwide than any other flu .  


Read  more about how  to use the Violet Flame in our web pages .This Violet Flame, this Violet ray will become the predominant God Ray of the next 1,000 years of our earth time ..It changes everything and is an extraordinary Gift from God , Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and administered by the Beloved St Germain (St Joseph)who was Jeshua’s father in that lifetime and now the custodian of this Golden or Aquarian age .


This Flame is for use by humanity NOW… !  It is  a vital part of the Adamantine Particles we mention constantly. Meditate how and where you can work miracles with it .

 We who live in the ‘lucky country’ can influence so much and be of great assistance to the rest of the world in turmoil .The Northern hemisphere where nearly 90 % of the world’s population exist, needs our thoughts and our prayers.

So there is Hope but its still  going to  take a HUGE prayer effort world wide. Australia is  carrying much of the pain of the planet and for all of humanity. Australia is helping Mother Earth release and take in through Uluru, (the solar plexus chakra of the planet) all the negative energy on the planet. We act as conduits so to speak. So if you have felt out of sorts for some time even depressed, fatigued, lonely it is not necessarily about you although we are also releasing ‘our own stuff’. Do the Violet flame thing for our Earth , all humanity and ourselves daily. 

It is time for ALL humanity to go within and discover their lives through their Hearts not their minds, through LOVE . Its time for more and more of those of the light who agreed  before they came into this incarnation  to rise from their slumber ……TEACH them!

This is your time, the time that Love is be the ‘Commander in Chief’ of Planet Earth. We are at the 11th hour ! It is coming up to our time to be of real Service.

Our Thoughts …It is essential our Thoughts are founded on Love more than ever before -No one is exempt from the fact that each person’s consciousness is identified wherever we go and whatever we do. Indeed, as our own personal higher consciousness expands and prevails, the energy attracts others to join with us so that an enormous cleansing of the human psyche can occur in many homes, diverse places and even governments.

So we need at all times to be in a positive state of mind and not succumb to any negative energies or emotions because if we do, we increase the risk of the dark focus becoming more powerful, accentuating the possibility of further negative events coming into our lives and all those around us.

Chakra Balancing. I don’t think we have specifically written about this part of us but because of all the internal changes going on within and the external mixed up effects of Life around us we may need to do a thorough chakra balance on ourselves. We have done it . .If you don’t know how, email us or see a healer.


 Only then, with the ability and skill will we  be able to see beyond the obvious (the 10% of reality we see) to what is really going on (the 90% of reality that is hidden) .We can then rebalance ourselves after each shock comes (and it will)  before humanity eventually find Peace within.

For your family and friends suggest to them that they learn breathing techniques, (learn about the Adamantine Particles) meditation, yoga and healthy eating But this is only the beginning….


Bodily – physical, emotional and mental issues will continue


As our solar  system, and planet continue to being bombarded with an increased influx of the Christed higher energy frequencies it is also turning our DNA into a more crystalline structure.  This is not apparent on a day to day basis but rest assured it is happening  as the DNA the basis of human life has to be changed to assist the ascension process

(We were given Ocean Ormus among other things to share as it will assist this purpose)


This movement from a carbon to a crystalline body will continue to cause more than its share of bodily quirks from our head to our feet and much, much more emotionally and mentally- even more than we have written about in  the past few years newsletters.

We cannot stress again the need for Meditation and Prayer in these awesome times .It is urgent if  not critical. .All of humanity will have to make changes—not just us and soon.—even when they may not understand what we know.


Be in READINESS!!!….This is the 11th hour!!!


We encourage each of you now not to lose Heart not to lose Faith . Hold fast to a Loving Heart and the willingness to serve the Light in your very own unique way—finding others like yourself to share your journey with Love and Joy and this should be happening  NOW .


It is the time of Community Creativity, of which we have spoken before. It is the era for utilizing the biblical remark that  ”Where two or more are gathered in my name there I AM.” Spirit will join to complete any creative and Loving intention.

Courage and Steadfastness will be needed in these extraordinary times. It is vital for you to assist those who may flounder and help them to use the high energies to be quiet and stay balanced as best they can.  Perhaps your personal example will further demonstrate whatever words you might share

And always ask for Jeshua’s  guidance and your Angel’s help if you need to.


Be the example of Love in action everyday. It is in the Loving expression of good (God) thoughts that we have the Power to change our world as we see it not just in our families but our communities, our country and a more Peaceful world .. This the magic of Being a god in action and we have the god tools to work with.  


Call or email us or visit our website for more information about any aspect of our work, including the combined teachings of Jeshua and Archangel Michael, Our “Gift ranges from Heaven’- Ocean Ormus, Miracle II, our sacred books and  oils  which carry the beautiful Violet flame and the Adamantine Particles. 


Do look at  the Conversations with Jesus 2 volume CD set now available at $50 off previous pricing  as we are producing in Australia now This is Course in LOVE like no other to learn and teach from….  



     We all  need to exercise lightly , Liven up smile, sing, dance, balance our lives to show our family friends community and humanity at large the Spiritual Path is a joyous and special Path. Remember you chose to be here now to help show humanity the WAY Home!

                                 Till next time, share this newsletter with as many as you believe should read .00                 


             “Breathe in the Adamantine Particles of God, Breathe out  LOVE”



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“As you think so you become. Always Empower your thoughts with Love”