The Status Quo of our world

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                                                                                      The Status Quo of our world
Hello everyone thought I would put some thoughts together re  the current climate on our planet and I’m not necessarily talking  about the weather although that will keep coming up and possibly increased earth changes.
We are right in the middle of the “Tribulation” spoken of in the Bible where everything (and many souls for that matter)seem to have gone crazy,hay wire  if we let it ! We have reached the End of 3D life but a beautiful 5D life awaits us all.
Fear is the motive for much of what is happening on our planet – corona virus is just one part and there will be others .corona virus is just another virus with a fancy name. People die of viruses all over the world every day particularly our very senior people who were most likely already ill beforehand.
“Fear is the pandemic. It has been around for centuries. It helps control the masses and the only cure for it is Love, along with healthy doses of Faith, Trust, Kindness, Gratitude…… Note how fear has spread faster than the coronavirus itself.
Our politicians, religious leaders, medical industry, and others know much about the psychology of fear, and how to use it to control the masses and they are now calling this flu a pandemic !. 
The greatest rebellion that we could have on earth is the rebellion against fear, through the smallest acts of kindness, warm gestures, offerings of food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, ignoring the media, and replacing all of the time you spend listening to it (the media) with good thoughts, kind behaviors, healing touch, and prayers for those who are awash with fear, that they may know God’s Love in their life.”
That is why we MUST keep our heads and our THOUGHTS  above all the effluvia of disease , 5G, the money markets, superannuation, possible shortages of food, travel restrictions you name it ….the dark ones will try everything now in these “end times.” Prayer and Meditation are a MUST here.
As we so often have said use the magic of God’s Violet Flame of which St  Germain is  the custodian to Neutralize all the darkness (fear) in and around you , your home and families, our communities ,our planet ..And ask for Archangel Michael’s overall Protection for you, your family, friends and neighbourhood. .
Put your TRUST and FAITH in God ,in  Jeshua,  in God’s angels and now more than ever allow your Higher Self, your god self to take command of your Life ..Like we put out yesterday it’s time to release all of life’s attractions of our third world  and let God takeover –live from the Sacred Heart  You will never be harmed from here on in if you are committed nor now will your family,friends if they are willing to leave behind the 3D part of their lives.
Remember that is why we all came into incarnation in this lifetime…to be the bridge for change for everyone to follow and particularly those close to you. family and your communities.. a beautiful new Earth world awaits all !
Viruses or whatever else they throw at us , 5 G being hidden by the flu thing,  cannot affect  anyone on the Path as our vibrations are becoming  too high for them to take effect.. We are going to the LIGHT by hook or by crook- 5 D (not G) awaits us. All these disturbances are there to hold us back.. How long ? As long as humanity takes to move away from fear and back to LOVE 
God bless, take care
Greg, Circle of Life 
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