Pets and Animal Care with Miracle II

Pets and Animals: Suggested Usage from thousands of testimonials

Miracle II natural organic and non toxic products work equally as well with pets and animals as they do on humans.

Wash pets in a little Miracle II Concentrated or Moisturizing soap in water no ticks and fleas. Spray around eyes, mouth, ears with Neutralizer Liquid. If poisoned or bitten, apply the gel externally-even add a few drops Neutralizer liquid or concentrated soap in the fish tank.

A few drops of soap in a fish tank cleans the fish and clears the algi.

Apply Neutralizer gel or skin moisturizer on their sores, sprains and injuries….wonderful healing for feet of all animals and particularly horses hooves. But take note every pet, bird, animal and even fish benefit from Miracle II….there are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Add a few drops of Neutralizer Liquid in their drinking water every day and that includes the Bird Bath. Proportion to the size and weight of the pet or animal you are giving or treating … will be amazed how all animals intuitively take to Miracle II and some love the soap even more than the Neutralizer liquid in their water and always give and apply with Love.

ACHES & PAINS – Use Miracle II Concentrated or Moisturizing Soap to bathe them in just like humans then rub Neutralizer Gel on painful areas.

ARTHRITIS – Use Miracle II Concentrated or Moisturizingsoap to bathe, then rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel or Skin Moisturizer on painful areas, then put 2-3 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in their water to drink.

BURNS, CUTS, SCRATCHES – Spray or submerge areas in the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until the pain stops. For large burns, cuts wrap area in clean towel and keep this soaked with Miracle II Neutralizer Gel for several hours. Users report healing happens with no scars or blisters. BRUISES – Rub Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on the bruise.

CATARACTS – Use the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in eye-cup, and use until you get results.

COLIC – Put 3 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in their water every day.

CRACKED SKIN PROBLEMS – FEET, JOINTS – Wash with Soap, then rub Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer on.

EAR ACHE – Drop Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in ear, Immediate results.

ENERGY – Bathe with Miracle 11 Concentrated Moisturizing Soap, and add 3 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in their water.

EYE WASH AND LUBRICATION – Use Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid for eye wash.

INJURIES, SORENESS.. Animals sprains injuries and swelling to legs and feet respond well to a poultice soaked in Miracle II soap and the bandage sprayed on the outside with Neutralizer Liquid .Leave on overnight   Great results reported.

INSECT, FLEA BITES – Bathe first Spray a little soap mixed with Neutralizer Liquid or rub Gel to bites.

MASSAGE – Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer is great for massage on all areas of their body

MOUTH ULCERS – Put enough Neutralizer Liquid or Gel in mouth to cover all effected areas. Hold in mouth as long as possible to allow them to swallow, neutralizing the acid that is causing the trouble.

ODOURS – Wash with Miracle II Concentrated Moisturizing Soap, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel and leave on. Spray their bedding and kitty litter.

PARASITES -Bathe them with Soap, apply 3 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in their water every day -will make their body a hostile environment for these pests, and more resistant to any infection.

SKIN PROBLEMS – Bathe them with Soap, Neutralizer. Apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel or Skin Moisturizer to troubled area. .

SNAKE OR SPIDER BITES – Force Miracle II Neutralizer gel into bite within 30 seconds. Give 10 -15 mls of Liquid internally .

TEETH, MOUTH PROBLEMS – Apply Neutralizer Gel daily to their gums and /or teeth unti l cleared up.


Reiterating, treat their issues the same way you would treat yourself- bathe them regularly, add from 1 to 7 drops of Neutralizer Liquid in their water supply each day in proportion to their size to detox, cleanse and energize their internal systems

DOGS, CATS, HORSES – People particularly report Miracle II Soaps works great on these animals … removing Ticks and Fleas and their coats glow and shine after a bath in Miracle II soaps.

FLEAS AND TICKS – Shampoo dog and cat regularly with Miralce II soaps, rinse, spray on Neutralizer and let dry. You will never use anything else . It will not hurt their eyes. Heals rashes, and cuts on dogs, cats and horses. Animals love it!

INSECTIIDE/REPELLENT FOR LARGER ANIMALS – Put 30mls of either Miracle II Soap in a trigger sprayer with water. Spray their coats to rid them of annoying insects.

Spray them as often with this formulation (it can never hurt them) and or Neutralizer Liquid straight on occasions or apply Neutralizer Gel …
All these combinations act as great repellents for biting annoying insects.

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