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My life has changed!  By Martha Fleming

Thank you both for your generous gifts to mankind, collectively and singly. 

Profound and rings true to me! September 23, 2005 By Rev. Doug Kinney

I have found [the information] to be of the highest spiritual quality. Jesus, as a messenger from God, came to Glenda to uplift our understanding of God and His message to us. It includes some very interesting scientific information as part of the description of the universe God created.

Honors the Sacred Heart Fr. Jerry, Jesuit Community at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, I particularly loved the description of the functions of the heart. The Sacred Heart is a very important devotion in the Catholic Church. I really appreciated the way (your information from Jesus) validated this devotion.

An extraordinary book that everyone should read…., By Christina Fernandez I, too, have met Glenda Green. I have heard her lecture and took a weekend workshop with her in Austin, TX on “Restoring the Temple”. I have also read her original book “Love Without End” and have listened to the 12-tape series “Conversations With Jesus” at least 5 times in their entirety.

Having said that, know that the information in this book is just phenomenal. If you know anything about Jesus – or Jeshua (“Yeh-shua”), as he was actually called in his native tongue, Aramaic -there have been reports of him appearing to people non-stop since his crucifixion. In that sense, Glenda’s experience of visitation with Jesus is not an extraordinary one. What IS extraordinary is Glenda’s ability to understand Jesus’ messages and convey them to us in such a way as to make you feel like you were right there with her when it happened.

Jesus spoke to Glenda just as two friends would speak to each other in a familiar, easy way, which was illustrated in full detail in her first book “Love Without End”. And “The Keys of Jeshua” is a further distillation of Jesus’ message to Glenda in a form of communication that apparently continues to this day.

In this excerpt from the book, Glenda addresses the skepticism some may have: “Those who struggle over how to mentally explain Jeshua’s appearances to me will be restrained from the full enjoyment and inspiration of these teachings. In this regard, it would be wise to consider two important facts about the nature of spirituality and belief. Truth always transcends any context that presents it – be it real or fiction.

Actually, many of the greatest truths and philosophical premises of all time have been advanced into consciousness through fictional or imaginative presentation. Because of this, you need not feel compelled to believe in the events of this, or any, story in order to discover the truths within it. Secondly, the power of personal and subjective belief if far greater than any formal or external belief system. You will form your own beliefs, and they will be according to your individual nature – as they should be.”

As a result, Glenda is not telling the reader what to believe at all. She is merely presenting Jesus’ message – which she always distinguishes as coming from Him by the use of italics – and offers an illumination and meditation on the subject. The recognition of truth and how it resonates with each individual is according to each person’s blueprint.

I’m looking forward to sharing this book with all of my friends and family and setting up a study group, which this book is perfect for.

Pure Wisdom, By connies cave Well, I am 50, have had many inner experiences, was active in New Age Religions and am now a Lutheran, which is how I was raised as a child. I was the primary caretaker for my husband and my sister when they died, and learned and experienced many things. I have lived around the world, served two terms in the military and am the parent of two teenagers.

Despite this full life, this book has given me a lot. I am very widely read and hard to please. It is still giving me a lot. I feel safe and at peace with so many things that were troubling to me. Specifically, this book certainly gives out the teachings of the man we call Jesus. It gives plausible answers to many confusing things in the Bible, while not contradicting it.  It gives information about being with God and God’s Love and simple practical insights about solving problems that I have never seen before. I skimmed over a vast amount of information that was not relevant for me, but might be for you. Ask the Lord, in Jesus name, if you should buy this book.

The answer to my prayer By Jerry Downing The summer of 1942 I was twelve and I took the class for new members at my Methodist Church. Most of my questions were answered, but I made a list of some that just didn’t add up like, “If the Baptists don’t think most of us Methodists are going to heaven, what about babies and Buddhists?” I said that I just wish I could ask Jesus. My list of questions has grown over the last 56 years. Last month I was sitting in a class when a woman said, “I have two more books.”

I said, I’ll take one. What is it?” Last week I started reading it and as I saw the answers to my questions, was reminded again of the meaning of, “God’s own time.” Here were the answers to most, if not all, of a lifetime of questions, direct from the source. A little woo woo, maybe? But that’s just language, and I’m still a bit of a hardhead who wouldn’t believe Jesus himself if he didn’t have the best answers I ever heard. Go in with an open mind and check it out for yourself. Don’t expect it to be easy, but it makes good sense and reaffirms my picture of God as spirit of perfect love, the one I fell in love with when I was twelve. This book is so dense with wisdom I often read only a few pages before I have to stop and let it sink in for a while. I can hardly wait till I finish the first reading so I can read it over again.

Tremendous read!, By  All Things Inlightening, This book drew me in from the first page and held me to the last. It answered many of those questions from bible studies which began “I wonder what was meant by the word/statement.” Highly recommended!

Love Without End, By Stanley Stasko “Stan the Man from Montreal”  There is something very strange about this book that goes beyond the actual words. It almost seems as if there is a transfer of knowledge that takes place whenever we get to read what Jesus says in response to questions being asked by the author.  As if there is always a deeper meaning that resonates with our hearts.   The heart which connects us to God.  Peace and Love Always

Thank you!, By  Leanne Kamber Wonderful book. I am still reading it and still amazed! Thank you Glenda Green.

Love Without End, By  Ada Loli “Adita” A must read for everyone. It speaks to your heart and your mind. If you liked Conversations with God, you will love Love Without End. It is much more profound and every bit as insightful. This is one of my top 3 books ever!

Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, By  Nancy U. Ingalls ” This amazing book transcends all faiths and religions. I lent my first copy to my daughter but missed the book so much that I bought a second copy to keep near. Thank you Glenda Green for sharing your story.

A Love Without End story…the Adamantine Particles

I had been an atheist most of my life until reading the book LWE. Growing up roman catholic I rebelled against anything that did not feel good or that I knew in my heart to be a lie. I would often literally “blackout” during Sunday mass as a child. I knew that guilt and fear was NOT the TRUTH.

As a teenager I had given up on god since terrible things were happening to me and none of my prayers had ever been answered, this was my Proof that god didn’t exist. Yet I would have many come into my life insisting that God existed. My reply was that ” if god is real then show me the scientific proof” I wanted hard core scientific facts if this indeed was the truth.

I continued with this belief system for 26 years, until early 2001.My spiritual belief systems had come up in conversation with my boss at the time. She just nodded her head and agreed with me even though she was a devout “born again”. Her response and non -judgment deeply puzzled me.  Just a few days later she came in to work all smiles and said I have just the thing for you! on my desk she lay down an article “Scientists Discover Adamantine Particle” I read with disbelief this right wing nut article. “There!” she said.  ”  You said you would change your beliefs when you had proof” Even at that point I still didn’t “believe”.

The whole foundation of my belief system had started to crumble. I had started class in quantum physics and healing. It was then that I stumbled” across this Adamantine particle. My teacher had instructed us that we were learning to direct the Adamantine particles.(what? did I hear correctly? was he referring to the right wing nut article that I had read a few weeks earlier?)

My classmate in the chair next to me (my former boss) began to giggle & jump up and down in her chair, grabbing my arm and whispering in my ear “SEE ? ADAMANTINE PARTICLES ARE REAL!” So I began to let God into my belief system that day. It was then that afternoon that I began seeing miracles all around me.

Later in the evening my classmate asked me if I believed in Jesus too. I replied now I know God is real but Jesus? he is just some santa clause story. She replied “well I have proof that he is real too!” she continued with the healers she had studied with who all had personal experiences with Jesus appearing to assist with healing.

Then she had mentioned Glenda Green, “have you read the book Love Without End?”

Glenda teaches about the adamantine particle in her book! ( I have insatiable curiosity about this adamantine particle business) She gave me the book and I started at a snails pace. I seemed to fall asleep after only 10 minutes of reading! Well I thought this would be a sure cure for my insomnia! I had seen some of Glenda’s art prints in a healing catalogue I was very drawn to. My boss had mentioned that is  healing just to look at the paintings, and to sit quietly and try it for a few minutes just to see how I felt. I purchased “First Light” for my bedroom as I often lay in bed and meditate for a few minutes. I was having an insomnia night and still reading the book as I lay in bed.

I relaxed and let my thoughts go as I meditated on the painting. I thought I saw something move, (no my eyes must be playing tricks on me at this late hour) I closed my eyes and looked again it was still glimmering and shimmering, the gold and light came alive and started moving and expanding into the room. I could see the tiny floating gold particles. And then I “went into the light” I wept clutching my heart curled in to fetal position. I had never felt anything of this magnitude ever before

A Presence of none other than LOVE had entered my room and my consciousness. I now know that Jeshua is real as well as God and that my prayers are answered instantaneously on some level. For it is ME that must be open to the answers that are sent .

Thank you  …..Circle of Life Love Without End notes

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