Ocean Ormus Life Force Testimonials

We have been doing this work long enough now to share with you some of the wonderful results people are getting from this awesome product.

Let us say that what some people get may not be what others receive. Like Miracle II some get miracles others get something less but ALL get something out of Ocean that perhaps cannot be qualified but comments like they definitely feel subtle body changes.

Many report they are feeling calmer, more at peace with themselves and starting to see  more beauty in their surroundings and in all Life.

Let us also state up front we make no claims only what we and our customers have seen and stated and this seems to verify what has been written about by Barry Carter and others on the U.S websites .

Own testimonials

Let’s begin with our own testimonials and these are separate to what Miracle II is doing. We do suggest however like ourselves you take both. Miracle II works faster on releasing toxins and other nasties in the body .That then allows the Ocean to go to work faster 

Our energy level has increased substantially and we have always had a high energy level and work long hours but tiredness seems to have gone. We are sleeping less yet are more mentally alert 

Dreams seem to more vivid , flu symptoms do not last long  We work half a day in a very cold environment and get a little chesty in winter but not now, this has gone We take only 2-2.5 mls (half a teaspoon) a day or two to three drops under the tongue in the morning before breakfast.

General testimonials

Now most of the general comments we have made others say almost exactly the same thing as we have stated and some are getting these same results with only 1 ml per day (this product is homeopathic) .Because we are pretty active we find it better to stay on the recommended dosage.

We have received a great testimonial for a bad smokers cough .This smoker’s heavy cough was so bad, once they lied down in bed they coughed most of the night. This  virtually ceased in  4 weeks by taking in this case 10 mls (dessert spoon) every morning.-   And a further note it has made them actually stop smoking after 40 years of doing so  .

There is an MS case which seems to be an amazing result so far.. This lady has been confined to a wheelchair for over two years with no movement in her arms for over a year. Within a week on Ocean she is moving her arms .

On the U.S. websites it says ormus has had great effect on MS and we have been guided that our Ocean Ormus will do the same here. A young relative has MS and we have been guided to recommend he starts on it soon.

Some testimonials have come through for alleviating Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and this is happening fairly quickly. We have also been TOLD that Ocean will work on Cystic Fibrosis .Now this is special as there are no real cures for Cystic Fibrosis and we have had no one even try it for this purpose as yet

SAFE for all

What is more there is no harm in getting anyone to trial this amazing product as it cannot harm anyone nor can you overdose on it, nor will it interfere with other treatments. It is simply the purest natural  ocean sea minerals and much more.        

It is SAFE for children and babies and pregnant women to take In fact some ladies have already been guided to take for their ‘unborn’ child’s sake .In these cases they require only a small amount .Use your inner knowing as to the requirements needed

It seems to work in removing the effects of chemo fairly quickly and giving more energy back to the patient.. We have had this report from three clients to date. Please note that these customers have all used at least 10 mls at least a day and some up to 20 mls 

For a couple of clients it has caused some sort of healing crisis  –that is if a person is ill they seemed to be getting worse for while then all is released Much like a child  reaching a feverish temperature then after a couple of weeks illness they are fine the next day.

From review of the U.S sites this could last up to a month, but let’s hope our Ocean works faster than that if this and only if this happens to you or your family or friends.
The US sites also refer to some treatments of cancer where people experience this effect.

Emotional, mental bodies

It definitely seems to work on the emotional and mental bodies such as we reported on its effect on depression above. Some have reported that is bringing up “stuff” to the surface to be released (Use some of the tools we recommend in other parts of our Circle of Life newsletters and website ie. Reiki or use of the Violet flame etc to release) .

Total life effect

The most amazing thing about this Liquid Gold, this “Manna from Heaven” is its “effect” on us overall. We have had some great insights about Ocean Ormus – we know it will help us through some of the changes ALL humanity is going through at present..

We wrote about ocean plasma some 2 months or so ago and this Ocean Ormus seems to be identical with our body plasma. We like to think it fills in the gaps, overlays and plugs the holes in it and if it is in tact then our physical body has a good chance of being so too. NOTE. Ocean Plasma document http://www.oceanplasma.org/documents/cases.htm

Quality of Ocean Ormus is second to none

Our Ocean Ormus is the M-3 that is referred to on the U.S sites. Refer to Barry Carter’s site http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/health/another.htm  but we have been TOLD “that there is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus” though .

The original water source is from off the coast of Albany W.A from the Antarctic ocean  channels and Roaring Forties water flowing from Africa is so pristine, so clear and pure to start with and so full of ormus.

The five stage filtration process it goes through is second to none- it purifies the ormus and concentrates better than others so you need less nor does it taste as salty Plus the Ocean Ormus like our Miracle II is also BLESSED.

Why not trial this Ocean Ormus for yourself, your family and friends and see what it can do  for you and don’t forget the Miracle II. It truly goes hand in glove with it. We would not have taken this product on if it did not fit with Circle of Life’s aims and purpose.

You can order over the web or email or a phone call.  Please feel free to discuss further if you wish.Check out our website for more links/ information re ormus and Ocean Ormus

Kindest regards , best wishes for your good health

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