Blessed Mother Sacred Essential Oil


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“Blessed Mother” is the fragrance I have smelled on occasions where I had visions of Mother Mary. It is a light and radiant form of Myrrh with rich overtones of roses. I encountered it one other time in a Benedictine monastary, where an ancient icon of the Mother was said to weep tears of essential oil. They gave me a small piece of cotton to collect a tear. As an aromocologist, I knew instantly what fragrances composed it, but was unsure if it came from Mary or from some earthly manipulation. So, I just regarded it as a blessing and held back all judgment. A few nights ago in a dream she came to me and said, “The heart of our families neeeds to be restored. Please help me with the inspiration.” First thing I could think of was to make the fragrance. Interestingly, all of the ingredients were already on hand.

Our Pure Essential Oil Blends are Created for the Celebration and nurturing of life. These Oils are blends of the purest oils available, and in most cases, from wild harvested plants. They were grown, harvested, and lovingly processed by people whose traditions for preparing sacred oil runs deeper than the pages of history.

These particular formulas have been developed under the direction of Jeshua to promote the greatest value for spiritual, mental, and emotional elevation as we restore the Temple of our Lives. Many times their effects are miraculous.