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Love Without End, Jesus Speaks”is the flagship of our Christ work. It is one of the all time great reports of personal spiritual experience, and is now in its twenty-eighth printing, not counting editions in nine languages other than English.  

Millions of people have been inspired by this book, and it is in the curriculum of at least two universities.  Fifteen years ago phrases like “love is who you are,” “Adamantine particles,” “The One Spirit,” and “Innocent Perception” were not yet being discussed in spiritual books or seminars, because this book had not yet been written.  “Love Without End” is definitively original, and has inspired hundreds of spiritual writers and seminar presenters who give respectful credit to their source.  It is cited in the bibliography of thousands of spiritual books and electronic publications.  We are humbled and grateful to have made this contribution.

Glenda’s experience is both unique and universal.  Most of all it is special because of the depth and clarity with which is it reported.  For almost two thousand years devoted believers, mystics, innocents, and even non-believers have reported to have near-to-life, fully perceptual, visitations with Jesus Christ. In 1992 he appeared to Glenda Green and spoke with her daily for almost four months. The expressed purpose of their visit was to paint his portrait, but nothing in the history of her career as an artist or university professor had prepared her for the life transformation that was about to take place. During this time, they spoke…as friends do, of many wonderful things—both miraculous and practical. Nothing would ever be the same.

Her penetrating report of this experience is sincere, unbiased, and free of religious contrivance. In many ways her perceptions provide a bridge to the new millennium. Never before has language or a state of consciousness been present to examine the nature of such a miraculous occurrence as well as to develop the profound implications of it.

Here is a brilliant glimpse of eternity, rich with practical applications to life. These messages are sparkling and direct with great contemporary relevance, imparting in every way the impact of Divinity in communion with a thoughtful and well educated woman of our generation. Amazing answers are given to more than 400 penetrating questions.

2006 a major expansion was made of the original edition.  A large collection of Glenda’s notes had been reserved for a future sequel to this book.  However, after almost a decade of speaking and teaching these messages she realized that it all belonged together in the same manuscript.

To facilitate this decision, a new prologue was added, some of her personal stories were redirected toward a new book (When Heaven Touches Earth), and a total of 88 new text pages were woven through the original document.  These new pages provide extra richness, clarity, and many helpful explanations to complete and fulfill the original presentation. The Expanded World Edition of “Love Without End” reveals the rest of that story!

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