Personal Moisturising Violet Soap silky on dry skin 4 sizes available


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Ingredients: Electrically Engineered / Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution, Vegetable Gum.

Description: One of the most amazing products that has ever been presented to mankind! Most of this spiritual product is from the dust of the earth Revealed to Clayton Tedeton more than 20 years ago, new uses are discovered all the time!

“Nature’s Miracle for the Body, Face Skin & Hair” this wondrous Miracle II Soap formula,  is available in normal and moisturizer varieties, the moisturizing soap is perfect for people with  dry to extra dry skin.

Fabulous oils and emollients from cold-pressed avocado-S-almond, coconut oils, and vitamin E will leave your skin and hair soft and silky as can be! Naturally balanced pH.

Both soaps are so concentrated you only have to use the smallest amount in the shower or bath or to  wash generally. When you bathe in them you will feel energized,  recharged and detoxified at the same time…

This smooth soap are just great for every personal  need, great for every skin problem too. Foaming dispensers are available to make the soaps go even further.

Naturally super concentrated, non toxic and decontaminating, Miracle II soaps contain NO animal fat, detergents or additives. These soaps benefit our Earth and our waterways.

Visit the personal care section for a full description of how to use Miracle I Personal soaps.

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110ml, 275ml, 525ml, 2.2 Litres