Miracle II Special 7 Violet Flame pack offer Great Gift idea and excellent way to try Miracle II products


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Read our guide: All About and How To Use Miracle II

Description: This Retail pack contains 7 products from the Miracle II range.

Featured Products:

1 x 525ml Personalized Moisturizing Soap
1 x 525 ml Concentrated Personal & General use Soap
1 x 525 ml Neutralizer Liquid
1 x 300 gm Neutralizer Gel
1 x 300 gm Skin Moisturizer
1 Foaming Dispenser
1 Spray Trigger bottle

Also includes all ‘how to use’ instructions

With this pack, you receive a saving of $20!

*Please note: this image shows the full range and does not depict the Retail Pack. You will receive the 7 items listed above when ordering this product.