You Are the Power of the Future


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“To all our Love Without End readers, its time for Love to get Personal”

Introducing a new work from Jeshua, from our base anyway, “The Personal Christ series”. We are excited to present this work. It is from Judith and Tom Coates of ‘Oakbridge University’ which was originally set up by them as a teaching unit for the “Course in Miracles” as its bread and butter but has now developed into so much more  and so much easier to understand.

You truly feel as if Jeshua is talking to your Heart, to you personally…

In this new book by Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) there are messages from Jeshua, of course, but also a chapter by Mother Mary and two by Joseph/St. Germain.

Jeshua begins this book by reminding us of our ancient heritage as Essenes, and then speaks about topics such as the grid of Light, the various dimensions of consciousness, the new emerging consciousness and our power as the future. He even talks about the year 2012.

This book  also  contains an interview with Judith Coates.