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CONTROL OF CITRIC CANKER, LEAF CURL on other trees, viruses and fungus 40mls soap 40 mls Neutralizer per 4 litres of water Spray trees until leaves are wet and start to drip.

CHEMICALLY FREE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRESERVATIVE- Neutralizer only- Spray pure Neutralizer on Fruit or Vegetables.

CITRUS TREE BLIGHT – Spray Miracle II Neutralizer on the trees – can be full strength or lightly diluted.

FOLIAGE FEEDING FOR PLANTS – 40mls soap, 40 mls Neutralizer in 75 litres of water, soak plants every 30 days for super growth, soak plants every 7 days before 9 a,m. or after sundown for citris blight.

GRASS FEED – 40mls conc. soap 40 mls Neutralizer Liquid in 75 litres water… spray every 30 days.

INSECT CONTROL – REMOVING BUGS, INSECTS FROM PLANTS, GARDENS, SHEDS – Make up an your own Miracle II insectide spray for Wasps, Cockroaches, Spiders, Water Bugs, Flies, Bees etc –
Put 30mls Miracle II Soap in water in a 500 ml trigger sprayer. Spray insects It wont damage the plants either this strength in direct spraying on your garden plants .. . do it weekly for best results …many have said their have rid their roses of aphids and white flies forever.

Spray your self at the same time with same formula or spray Neutralizer Liquid or apply Neutralizer Gel … great as a repellent while you are working in the garden or property.

PLANTS, TREES, GARDENS – general- Spray Neutralizer on trees. Try this on any tree, bush, flower or garden plants. Apply 60mls of Neutralizer per 4 litres of water, apply every 7 days for supernatural growth and production else. Use bath water for similar results.

PLANT GROWTH GENERAL – For terrific growth and fruit or vegetable production, add 20 mls of the Neutralizer liquid per 4 litres of water, and use it to water your plants or garden every week or simply use your bath water.

And remember for all small applications you can always tip excess bath or shower water onto your plants, gardens and lawns they will be fertilized and revitalized naturally.


Miracle II is doing wonders for our lands too-Improved crops with improved nutritional value are being achieved in agriculture at minimum cost and with very positive results for our environment, no soil erosion and no Insecticides nor Pest Control needed.

One satisfied customer says Miracle II works like cow manure without the smell or unpleasantness that cow manure can cause when spreading around the property.


step1) mix 40 mls Concentrated soap with 40 mls Neutralizer liquid in 80 litre of water will suffice for spraying one acre of land.

Step2) At 7-8 inch high crop do again.

Step3) At formula feed time add 80 mls of Neutralizer liquid (no soap) per 80 litres of water.

Step 4) Repeat step1 again for Insect and Pest control later on request) .For smaller areas proportion accordingly.

ORCHIDS – Use 4 drops of Neutralizer in 4 litres of water once a month – growers are amazed.

SALINITY PROBLEMS – 40 mls soap 40 mls Neutralizer in 75 litres of water per acre check PH if not 7 or more do the application again.

CONTROL OF INSECTS NATURALLLY ON LAND/ PROPERTY – Try 40 ml Miracle II Soap and 40 mls Neutralizer Liquid per 75 litres of water in a container with spray applicator. If the infestation is huge then use 10 ml soap,10 mls Neutralizer per 4 litres water.

In both cases spray the insects. This drowns them (not dangerous to humans or animals) When this is sprayed on insects it turns into fertilizer for the plants.
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