Vision for Our Programs …To help you create your new world from a foundation of Love

Our mission is  to show you how… 

  • To truly find Peace in your Heart that only comes from within not without
  • To truly awaken to the Spirit of God within and know your name as LOVE
  • To receive Hope, Inspiration and Healing that can only Empower and Enrich your Life.
  • To help you truly discover the Beauty and Wonder of all Life 
  • And to truly know in the Circle of Life  we are All One

Background to our Coaching,Courses,Programs and Seminars …to help you create your new world from a foundation of Love

Courses are facilitated and presented in the main by Greg Brown  whose dream it was to have a Circle of Life centre to teach Humanity the WAY and hopefully one day have many like centres .The programs and lectures are based on Greg’s own Life’s experiences, challenges, his own personal ‘Awakening’,  attunements to two Reiki energy systems as well as study of  Jeshua’s (Jesus) and Archangel Michael’s teachings.

Greg knows Life –He has been through the same pitfalls as most of us have, he is a family man, was a successful businessman, consultant, motivational speaker, coach but his Passion today is to help people discover their true SELF and guide them on their own PATH WAY home.

Greg has spoken over the years to many groups,large and small,business and spiritual alike. He has even spoken on the subject of LOVE to the business world and the need for leaders to work from the Heart not their minds .He gives lectures  about these changing times and where Humanity is heading

Through dedication to serving God and serving others he has become Visionary and clairvoyant.He invokes his audience to be totally part of all sessions as his presentation style is warm, relaxed and always from the Heart.Always he will adapt his talks to the audience  present.

Greg is available to run any course or program or for speaking engagements on just about any topic and certainly on any of the programs detailed below anywhere throughout Australia  or at your place provided there are enough people to attend .

For those who  want  personal coaching or counselling Greg also offers this service.

                                        “You were born to make known the Presence of Love within you”

I AM Sacred Heart Reiki & Seichim Courses

A vital part of our Love Without End work are our I AM Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim  courses.They are special and different than most.Reiki has been called many things but in our work and teaching it is truly a Gift of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart”, a blessed Baptism of the Holy Spirit….’ Reiki strengthens our connection to the Sacred Heart, to God’s Presence within us.

I AM Sacred Heart Reiki 1: 1 full day or two part days
I AM Sacred Heart Reiki 2/Seichim Reiki 1: 1 full day or 2 part days – two programs in one
I AM Sacred Heart Reiki 3 & Seichim Reiki 2 – Mastery: 2 full days – two programs in one

Its time for children to learn I AM Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim!

“I AM is the WAY the Truth and the Light”.

Click here for more about Reiki and Seichim

Courses:  to help you create your new world from  a foundation of Love

Teachings from both Jeshua (Jesus) and Archangel Michael.These are course in life (like no other).We run them individually or as one. Check out ‘Events’ section.

These programs are filled with Love We give you some wonderful new tools from Jeshua and Michael  to use and practise in your Spiritual and whole Life.

Meditation, the Power of Prayer, Special Breathing techniques,the Violet ‘Singing’ Flame  and Archangel Michaels’ Sword to use in our daily life.

We teach it is important to breathe, meditate and pray alone initially and offer some special breathing and meditation techniques.

We teach about the “Adamantine Particles”, knowledge of which  has been revealed to the world by Jeshua  (Jesus) and further expanded upon by Archangel Michael for these special times and what an incredible Gift they are and the benefits they can bring into  your everyday Life.

We teach about the Violet Flame,  a Gift brought to  the world by St Germain  and how to use this God’s gift, this  Violet ‘Singing’ Flame and several other wonderful tools of Invocation, Prayer and Affirmation to use,heal  and recharge you.

In addition we teach how to use Archangel Michael’s Blue Lightning Sword to cut away the dross and Protect you from the negativity and darkness that you may be subject to in your daily life. These two great Gifts of St  Germain and Archangel Michael go together.

All of these Gifts are also  touched on in our I AM Reiki programs

Click here to learn more about Prayer & Meditation
Click here to learn more about the Violet Singing Flame

Contact Circle of Life for all enquires about these programs and /or any of the wonderful products on offer including Miracle II and Ocean Ormus -Nature’s Gifts for the world and some of the most Inspirational books and works on the planet like Love Without End and The Golden Promise.

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