Healing through the Gift of Love

Our Circle of Life Healing programs and sessions are like no other and are for everyone. All were given to us as Gifts to share, to take you back into  your Sacred Heart, the source of your Power and your Life.Their foundation is Love and only Love which is the only true Power in ALL of Life and the only true Healer.

We offer:

  • Sacred Heart I AM Reiki and Seichim attunements, Levels 1, 2, and 3
  • General healing sessions, including ‘chi acupressure points’ massage as required
  • A very special Angel Heart opening Healing. This is a wonderful Blessing.
  • A total ‘Body Realignment’ process to bring your spine, bones and muscles back  into  perfect alignment. This is a lovely Gift from Jeshua (Jesus).
  • Teach about the true Power of Prayer and Meditation
  • Healing though Invocation with the Violet ‘Singing’ Flame and the 12 rays of God .
  • All our Healing work’s foundation is overridden by the Power of the Adamantine Particles a Gift of Love from God and Jeshua for these times.

Both the Angel Healing and Body Realignments are offered to all free of charge except for our time. Once these simple attunements are done, you can then pass onto others, and they can do likewise. The more it is done the more you benefit from it. This whole process takes less than half and hour.

Plus we offer meditation guidelines, special breathing techniques, a special concept for diet for your body and much much,more including the Gifts of Miracle II, Ocean Ormus, Sacred books, Conversations with Jesus CD sets ,Art  and Sacred Oils from Jeshua to improve your overall Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Wellbeing.

Plus our  special programs and seminars as well as our Inspirational books are intended to have a great Wholeness and Healing Benefit to all.

We also offer general consultation and counselling.
Please connect with us today to learn more or to book an appointment!