Sacred Heart Seichim Reiki

We offer “Sacred Heart” Seichim Reiki an ancient, natural and sacred healing gift ,a Baptism of the Holy Spirit like no other that is NOW available to everyone to help you self heal, de-stress, find Love and inner peace in body, mind and spirit.

Sacred Heart Seichim Reiki will come to the fore in these incredible times. Its origins are from Atlantis when the “Law of One, the Law of LOVE ” was established on our Earth. The Gift was   given to by the great St Germain during His time then on Earth then and later as we know ‘ancient times’ to India and Tibet where Lord Buddha resurrected this Healing Art and passed it on to His disciples. It was ‘lost’ again to the world sometime later after His ascension, as the world was not quite ready for it. 

Dr Usui was given the keys back again to this great natural Healing modality back in the 1890s..It is Magic and can help EMPOWER you in your life no end ….It is a wonderful gift of Healing Love for today’s world and we have been blessed with some extra keys to  attuning and administering .

Plus there is Jeshua’s Gift of God’s Adamantine Particles’ the Highest Gift of God’s Love flowing through the Healing process and the Magic  of the Violet Flame is its foundation. (Check out ‘Violet Flame’ in the following section of our site).

SACRED HEART because it is Healing Love coming from your Heart, your Soul, Your I AM Presence ,your connection to God .

Now back to REIKI (pronounced ray-ki)It was given  in general it is a natural system of self-empowerment and self healing. Its name means “UNIVERSAL or GOD LIFE FORCE ENERGY ”. Rei =Universal or God and that is its original source and Ki or Chi as many know the word =Life Force Energy.

SEICHIM means “the Power of Powers”. It is another dimension of the Reiki Love and was rediscovered in the early 1980s… Adding the two together you have a powerful force for good in the world, a beautiful way to connect more with your true self, your heart and soul.

Everyone can tap into this wonderful Energy of Love from every walk of life and know the its benefits -professional therapists such as osteopaths, remedial, yoga, gi gong, shiatsu, thai, physiotherapists, therapeutic touch, tai chi, and acupressure therapists and now doctors and nurses.

In the U.S Reiki is now practiced in over 100 hospitals as part of their post operation/ therapy programs and this is starting to happen in Australia also The religious fraternity too, and that means ALL religions, are starting to know about the wonderful Healing energy of Reiki.

Sacred Heart Reiki: how it works

Sacred Heart Reiki treats the physical symptoms of disease in the body by boosting the immune system. It gives more energy to chronic fatigue sufferers, and relieves arthritis, rheumatic aches and other symptoms. It also aids in the treatment of cuts, burns and sprains. Reiki provides a sense of wellbeing at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and has a calming, relaxing effect on hyperactivity especially in growing children.

Once activated, Sacred Heart Reiki contributes to greater health, energizing your entire system safely. It empowers and can assist family, friends, and your pets, animals, plants and the earth. Many people feel that the gentle touch of a Reiki treatment is a relaxing experience as the body rejuvenates, giving a sense of inner peace on all levels.

This system of Sacred heart Reiki can be used in conjunction with any medication, naturopathy, or any other complementary therapy. It has been known to have a powerful complementary effect on the treatment of Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Schelorisis and Cancer.

Experience a Sacred Heart Reiki treatment with a gentle massages (all over, feet (Reflexology) even before any attunements to this wonderful energy to test the ‘product.’ You will find it gentle and safe.

Sacred Heart Reiki can never harm nor be used for harm as it God Force Energy It can be given and taught to anyone from children to grandparents and knows no religious boundary.

Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim attunements – Levels 1, 2 and 3 .As there is now a new dimension to the Reiki attunements plus we teach the I AM Way, be pleasantly surprised to what our Reiki can do  for you.

Our Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim courses will lead you to “unlock the door” to the ‘River of Life’ that lives within  your Sacred Heart.

Course: Usui  Sacred Heart Reiki 1 Course

In the first degree seminar, Sacred Heart Reiki I, you receive a series of energy and complete training in the scientific method of using and applying this energy that is easily activated by gentle touch. You learn how to energize specific areas of the body, relieving stress, tension and chronic tiredness and achieving inner peace, wellbeing and harmony.

As a Sacred Heart Reiki I practitioner you can successfully combine this technique with any medical or natural therapy practice. On completion of the Sacred Heart Reiki I course you are permanently aligned to the energy and it is available to you for the rest of your life.

The course duration – allow one full day or two part days.

Course: Usui Sacred Heart Reiki 2 & Seichim 1 Course

Usui Sacred Heart Reiki II greatly increases the power of the Reiki energy two to five times, making Reiki treatments even more effective. You receive another Sacred Heart Reiki attunement and more information and you learn precise, effective techniques to use in “Distant Empowerment”  (sending the Reiki energy to others across time and space), for protection against harmful negative energy and for treating yourself and others at the subconscious level where many diseases originate.
You also will be attuned to the special energy of Seichim 1 during this course.
Allow one full day or two part days.

Course: Usui  Sacred Heart Reiki 3 & Seichim 2 Mastery Course

Usui Sacred Heart  Reiki 3 & Seichim 2 and Mastery courses are available for those who would teach and pass on these wonderful gift. This is a very special full two day course.
Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim are wonderful gifts now to be shared even more so in these special times.


Our Reiki is Gift of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart and can never harm you .Why don’t you discover what it can do for your children too.

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“Sacred Heart Reiki  is a Gift of  Healing Love , a  true Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why don’t you discover what it can do for you, your family and friends”.