Greg Brown

Greg Brown …a ‘man for all seasons.’

Greg founded Circle Of Life in 2002, a name given to him in meditation as it would resonate with so many people at all levels in Life . Greg comes from a fairly normal family and working environment. He worked his way up to a position as business leader, coach and trainer in the corporate world. He is a family man, a father, grandfather who had achieved almost everything he needed to be successful in life and in the corporate world until  that all changed.

He had been on a Spiritual path for some years but something extra special happened to him one day in broad daylight in a private place in his normal working environment. He had what he called a “small road to Damascus.”  Heaven just opened up and encircled him for quite some distance .He wasn’t meditating or anything like that, it just happened.

He went into a Blissful state of Joy, Love and Peace which he cannot explain to this day. He was surrounded in a  huge ‘Light umbrella’  and was told in the most Loving voice  “Love and Forgiveness were the Keys to Life.” We all have to learn to Love and Forgive, everyone and that included our selves.

Following more inner searching and guidance over a few months,he was then directed by the same magnificent voice within ,which he says was  the Voice of God speaking to him so clearly and precisely.

He was TOLD  “it was time for him to leave the corporate world and ‘go to work’ “. He obeyed this powerful voice and within  three weeks resigned a senior business position he had to be of SERVICE to humanity in the best way he knew how to.

He took on part time consultancy work whilst he went further on a search for what he was instructed to  do. He further examined what was the meaning of his life – why he was here, what had really driven him all his years until he truly rediscovered and was living from and being guided by the ‘Spirit of God’ within him. He then opened up his teaching and healing centre to help others to do likewise.

Speaking engagements, Guidance, Counselling and Healing

Greg is a ‘man for all seasons’ . His experiences in Life  and now a general clairvoyance about Life’s issues  make for some fascinating lectures and listening to . He is accomplished as a motivational speaker having spoken to groups large and small on a wide variety of topics from personal issues to world events.His audiences have varied from small to  large spiritual and business groups alike ..He is available for speaking engagements, personal coaching, presentations, seminars and workshops at your place or his.

To business groups his subject matter leads to their getting more balance in Life by connecting to their Heart and Soul and showing them how Always Greg’s subject comes back to the Heart, the source of our true Power and Life. He will give any business group a Spiritual foundation to  work  from. He draws from his practical and learned life’s experiences in a style that is easy to listen to, understand and enjoy.

Using all his ‘God given’ skills Greg is now here to serve others in empowering anyone/everyone to progress in their Spiritual as well as physical Life. He is available for Personal one on one Guidance sessions, Counselling and Healing as a Minister, Priest,Chaplain ,Reiki teacher and master. Greg  exudes all the Love and Truth of  Christ’s original Teachings.His ministry has no structures nor buildings…It is to teach simply as Jesus did  to Love God, to Love one another as yourself and to “Be the Love that you are”.

Greg can also attune you to either / both I AM Sacred Heart Reiki and Seichim,. These two wonderful Gifts are a Baptism of the Holy Spirit , a Gift of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart, our I AM Presence and will also help you to Self heal and open up your Hearts to the wonders of Life by reconnecting you to your Sacred Heart

These sacred Gifts originally introduced in Atlantian times from the great Master we know today as St Germain ,then they was lost again but resurrected by and given to Lord Buddha in His Enlightenment to give to His disciples .They know no religious boundary,are being taught to all including children, ministers, brothers, nuns of all religions  as well as those of the Jewish faith. They are practised in many hospitals as part of their post  operative complementary services. Reiki is a Gift that never harm anyone as their foundation is Love and only Love !

If you would like to know more about Circle of Life’s work study up on this website all the categories listed including the awesome products  on offer Miracle II, Ocean Ormus and Love Without End or you can email Greg or write or ring on the address/ phone number given..

“In the Circle of Life we are all ONE”