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The Phoenix Journals

We have listed the Phoenix Journals as an EVENT as this work is most probably profound Spiritual Teaching and Information website on the planet today. THERE IS NO WORK LIKE THIS EVER PRESENTED TO HUMANITY AND ITS TRUE, EVERY WORD ! It is God’s ,Christs and the Ascended Masters teachings given to the world for […]

***Phoenix Journals an Urgent read

Please visit The Phoenix Journals at for an amazing review of Earth’s history from beginning to these ‘end times” in 3 D and Humanities future ahead It is a new times teaching manual for Life, a new Revelations, an elevated modern “dead sea scrolls” and much much more given by God, Jeshua Sananda , […]

The Status Quo of our World…

The time is NOW..You are being called into active service. Another weekly update for you.This time it is about your time to be more in Service to the Light of God .As always read our newsletters discerning what is your Truth … I am feeling we need to becoming more active NOW… It was only […]

Easter Awakening of Humanity

                                                                                                                                                Easter newsletter                                    “The Awakening of Humanity… is really starting to happen now”                                  Welcome to our Circle of Life Easter newsletter for  2020…This month we focus on a special message from Jesus from Love Without End re His Easter Gift of His ‘Separation’ and the Resurrection.   But beforehand  we do […]

God is still doing Miracles

                                          “God’s still doing Miracles“   …  Miracle II and Ocean Ormus Please review again our wonderful Miracle II and Ocean Ormus ranges for your Health and Well Being in these special but challenging times.. They can help you no end. There may be some temporary shortages from time to time over the next little while but […]

Overcoming fear and panic

                                                                                                                                                                                   “Overcoming fear and panic”                                                                                                                                 Circle of Life’s Autumn Newsletter                                                                                                            Welcome to our  Autumn newsletter. We ask you read what follows with discernment as with all our newsletters as to what resonates with your Heart’s Truth .Now given the world wide shutdowns due to corona virus , isn’t it now […]

The Status Quo of our world

                                                                                                                                                                    The Status Quo of our world Hello everyone thought I would put some thoughts together re  the current climate on our planet and I’m not necessarily talking  about the weather although that will keep coming up and possibly increased earth changes.   We are right in the middle of the “Tribulation” spoken […]

The 11th hour

                                        ” The 11th hour.. Jeshua’s guidance and the Violet Flame . “      The Wayshower “I showed you your true self–The Christ Self–the I AM I showed you what your Christ-Self is capable of doing I will show you the way out of this cycle And I will show you the way into a New Age where […]

The Age of Aquarius new beginnings

                                                                             ‘The Age of Aquarius’ … The Beginning of the new times   Welcome everyone to our first Circle of Life newsletter written for  2020.As always we ask that you read with discernment and take in what you believe is your Truth. You could call this time the real beginning for the ‘Dawning of the Age of […]

Special Miracle II report

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Special Circle of Life Miracle II report                                        Circle of Life’s Miracle II  Following  is a brief conceived by Clayton Tedeton, Miracle II’s founder .It also includes our own notes from 15 + years of working with Miracle II ..Please Enjoy this article.         Miracle II was given to the world for these special times […]