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Miracles of our times

      The Miracles of our Times   Welcome to our mid May 2019 newsletter.. As I always request read our newsletter with an open mind and ask Holy Spirit within if what we write is your Truth   We have truly now moved into a time of Miracles, a time of  ending a 3 D Life on Earth (but […]

Miracle II pre winter news

                                                                            Miracle II prewinter news   Welcome to this brief  pre winter newsletter. With winter nearly upon us we wanted to focus on how […]

Ocean Ormus Special Easter report

                                                                                                                                 Ocean Ormus Special Easter report  As we have promised some months ago we wanted to share  a special report for you on Ocean Ormus. We would hope that once you read you might want to trial this amazing product .We wrote in this month’s […]

Easter message

                                                                         Circle of Life’s    Easter newsletter                                                                                         […]

The New Times

               The New Times                                                A special quote from Jeshua to lead us into the message of this newsletter   “This is not the end of geophysical time or biological time but it is the ending of ‘story’ on such a massive scale  that one can only survive the forthcoming changes  by honouring  […]

In the interests of good Health

                                                                Miracle II & Ocean Ormus newsletter                                                                     In the interests of Good Health        We decided in this month’s issue of a Circle of Life’s Products newsletter that we would address general health issues where our Circle of Life products can really be of help to you. These are times of massive changes and we […]

The Power of Love

                                                                            The Power of Love Welcome to our special February newsletter  In this issue we have much to discuss re what is happening ‘within’ and yes also in the outside world and our own insights and revelations .As always we ask that what we write you take on board only what you believe in your Heart […]

Miracle II Ocean Ormus Skin care guide

                                                  Miracle II  and Ocean Ormus  February 2019 newsletter       Welcome to our combined Miracle II – Ocean Ormus February newsletter .We focus on Miracle II’s and Ocean Ormus’s handy hints for kiddies and the litttle ones and for your “Skin and Beauty care” treatments over these summer months.   There is so much news about chemicals […]

The Kingdom of God is within you

                                                           “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hello everyone welcome to 2019 and a very happy new year to you all .As always we ask you read our newsletters   viewing and/ or seeking your  own Truth . Just this first week of the New Year in meditation I have been […]

Our Future is NOW

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Our Future is NOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Flame of Love …Mother Mary and baby Jeshua                    Our Future is NOW Welcome to our special Christmas newsletter “Our Future is NOW” and ever more so then we have written or mentioned before Suggest you take some deep breaths before you go any further into […]