About Us, Love Without End and Miracle II

Circle of Life is a dream of Greg Brown’s to offer HOPE and a new WAY of Life for humanity to help  them rediscover their Heart and Soul and truly become the Empowered Human Beings that we were always meant to be ‘but just couldn’t remember.’

We are here to Serve Humanity is our Mission…

  • To help all to Self Heal by offering some of the most Inspirational products and services on the planet 
  • To awaken the Divine Spark in us all and know our name as Love
  • To give Hope, Inspiration and the Power to create their greatest Dreams and Desires
  • To help all discover the Beauty and Oneness of All Life and truly know that ….
  • In the Circle of Life we are All One! 

We offer

Circle of Life offers some of the most wonderful Inspirational Coaching,Programs,Seminars and Healing work  available to humanity .All are Love filled and designed for your whole Being. We offer…

*Personal Coaching for your Life Counselling and Guidance sessions as a Minister, Chaplain and prior to corporate coach. 

*We teach I AM Reiki and Seichim, Gifts of Healing Love from the Sacred Heart, good Breathing and Meditation techniques. 

*Some of the most incredible  products on the planet like Miracle II, Natures (and Nikola Tesla’s based formulas) Gift to the world, Ocean Ormus Life Force Essence “There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus”  

*Plus Love Without End – a range  of pure Sacred essential oils, Light Organic Lotions , Inspirational Art and  books for your Life ‘like no other’..

Take a journey through our website to find out more …We are here to Serve.


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