Violet Flame

God’s Gift of the Violet Flame…


ReikiThe Violet Flame is a Gift from God and the seventh ray team of St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel to use in these incredible times. It is the essence of one of the “seven rays of God and it also an integral part of the Reiki and Seichim energy. ” Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the seven colours of the rainbow, so spiritual light manifests as seven rays. Each ray has a specific colour, frequency and quality of God’s consciousness. The Violet Ray is known as the seventh ray of God.

When you invoke it in the name of God, it descends as a beam of spiritual energy and bursts into a spiritual flame in your heart as the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

This flame often called the Violet ‘Singing’ Ray can bring us many gifts of the Spirit-joy, diplomacy and creativity. It can inspire us with innovations in science, literature, religion, government, philosophy, education, healing, alchemy and other fields.

This knowledge of the violet flame is now released for its use to the public during this crucial time. The use of the Violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet.” (The Voice of the I AM )

The Violet flame works a little like soap. Soap gets dirt out of your clothes by using the positive and negative charges of atoms. It works because each of its molecules has two sides-a side that is attracted to dirt and a side that is attracted to water. The dirt-loving side attracts the dirt, like a magnet attracts paper clips when it is dragged through a box of them. The water-loving side sticks to the water, carrying the dirt with it.

When we invoke the Violet flame, it sets up a polarity between the nucleus of the atom and the white-fire core of the flame. The nucleus, being matter, assumes the negative pole; the white-fire core of the violet flame, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole.

The interaction between the nucleus of the atom and the light in the violet flame establishes an oscillation. This oscillation dislodges the densities that are trapped between the electrons orbiting the nucleus. As this hardened substance that weighs down the atom is loosened, it is thrown into the violet flame and carried away.

But unlike soap, the Violet flame does not simply surround and remove the debris; it transforms it into pure light-energy. Freed of this debris, the electrons begin to move more freely, thus raising our vibration and propelling us into a more spiritual state of being.

People do notice a spiritual and physical difference when they use the violet flame. But what actually happens when we repeat the words of a Violet-flame decree?

I can give you two perspectives on this-the spiritual perspective as it has been revealed and a scientific perspective based on recent developments in physics and medicine. Both explanations involve the concept of vibration.

In physics, vibration is the speed at which something moves back and forth, or oscillates. At a spiritual level vibration is also the rate of spin of the electrons as they move around the nucleus of the atom. As we will see, these definitions may not be far apart.

We each have four bodies that are envelopes of our soul:

  1. the physical body, which we can see and touch;
  2. the desire, or astral, body, which contains our emotions;
  3. the mental body, which is our conscious mind; and
  4. the etheric, or memory, body, which contains the memories of all of our past lives…


The violet flame works on these four lower bodies by changing the rate of their vibration.

The Violet-flame decree: “I AM a being of Violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”


When you recite this, the Violet flame permeates every cell and atom of your body, into your mind, your emotions, your subconscious and your memory.. Do it as often as you need to in a day and do it at least 7 times each time you use it to amplify its Power

What does the Violet flame do when it permeates your atoms?

We all know that atoms are mostly empty space. If an atom were the size of a basketball, its nucleus would still be too small for our eyes to see. Yet 99.9 percent of the mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleus, leaving the rest of that basketball as empty space, inhabited solely by electrons, which weigh very little. All that empty space between the nucleus and the edge of the atom is where discord and negative energy can become stuck.

At the cellular and molecular level, this substance appears as dust, soot, tar or even cement…. For example if someone were to take a pail of molten tar and pouring it over a barrel full of marbles. The space between the marbles gets gummed up by the tar running down, and soon the whole mass would be welded together.

When our physical and spiritual bodies become clogged by negative energy and karma, it slows down the vibration of the electrons in our four lower bodies. We then begin to resonate more with negativity and less with the pure cosmic energy that comes from the Spirit of God within us, and eventually we can become ill. The more substance there is in our four lower bodies, the lower our rate of vibration and the more burdened we become. Spiritually, this is why people die.

If you have studied acupuncture and yoga, you know that optimum health comes when spiritual energy is flowing freely through our bodies. When karmic substance solidifies, it’s like the hardening of the arteries of our spiritual bodies. When we resonate with this negativity, we will gradually become it unless we do something to turn ourselves around.

The Violet fire transmutes anything negative that is lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical being. This includes everything from kernels of self-hatred to physical viruses. When the Violet flame goes to work, it passes through the clogged spaces between the electrons and the nuclei. It ejects these particles of dense substance from your body and dissolves them. This process transmutes the negative energy into positive energy and restores it to its native purity.

Use it to help clear any and all the ‘stuff’ that surfaces in your life and the World -Send it to Africa, to the Middle East, the Ukraine to any war torn zone, to disaster areas ,anywhere where there are burning issues in your personal  and home life, your community  or the world at large that need help and need to be NEUTRALIZED but be specific and ask God’s Violet Flame angels to assist in the process.

From Archangel Zadkiel~ Archangel of the Violet Flame, the Seventh Sacred Flame of God ♥

Those of you who now know about the use of the Violet Flame you have a special opportunity now to draw forth from your Causal Body all the knowledge you have accumulated from the past. This flame acts as does the sunshine, “impersonally” and instantly whenever and wherever it is called forth. Let that Violet Fire blaze up in, through and around your four body systems, and especially through your brain structure, commanding it to transmute the hard and unforgiving thoughts and feelings in your etheric, mental and emotional bodies. These “hard core” feelings create most of your distress.

Let them be replaced by grateful, joyous receptive feelings which open your world to the goodness of God, and make you a mighty magnet drawing to you all the good God wants you to have, all the good you once knew. Let the feelings of gratitude to the Holy Father for these gifts so flood your world that you will be able to out picture more quickly the Divine Perfection you wish to attain. When you want the Violet Fire of freedom’s love, mercy and compassion to act in your world, start invoking it in the name and authority of your own I AM Presence. This Flame becomes more powerful each time it is called forth.

It is our earnest intention to recreate these wonders in the era of the Seventh Golden Age. the Violet Flame is absolutely real. This flame is your freedom as it blazes in, through and around you. Invoke it daily and let go of emotional, mental, etheric and physical chaos. Accept the divine justice which is the heritage of your being, to become a god and goddess on this Earth, and then achieve the full glory of your Awakening into the full Light of God”.

Pass it on as you see fit. If you would like to know more about this Violet ‘Singing’ Ray Gift and use of all the Violet Flame decrees you can use in your Life please contact Circle of Life.

Note: Much of what is written is copyright © 1997 – Church Universal & Triumphant plus St Germain’s teaching through Adama and Aurelia. The rest is from our own experience of using daily in our Life.. We can promise you it truly is a wonderful Gift and as we said in our Reiki pages it is the foundation of the Reiki energy given originally by St Germain in Atlantis and passed on by Lord Buddha in His time to His disciples  2,600 years ago.