Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation were always meant to be practiced together. One is not as effective without the other. Many pray and many meditate but not all do both. Together they make a great team and can give us some powerful answers and solutions for our lives and our world, help us heal and most importantly help us re-connect with the Spirit of God that is within us all.

Prayer is often referred to as talking to God in your own way. Meditation is calming the mind and listening to God. Prayer and Meditation are for the improvement of our whole entire spiritual-self.


Prayer is placing your self in right alignment to receive the flow of all God’s Essence. The very act of desiring closeness to God, the Father is the very best prayer. God seeks only a sincere Heart and the eagerness of a believing mind to be in union with Him and then accepting His Love for us all.

There are many different ways to pray-for example Gratitude is a powerful prayer. If you were simply to give thanks morning and night for all the blessings in your Life- the gift of your families, friends, your work, nature and the beauty of the world around you, this makes for a great Prayer.

Every time you really feel in Joy in its purest form, it is a form of prayer. When you are happy you are grateful. Where there is Joy and Humour in Life, sadness is eliminated. Humour brings an element of lightness into every situation and circumstance.

To look at life with humour, you are showing your confidence in God’s care. So take time out for some lightheartedness, laugh a little laugh a lot. It’s good for the Heart and good for the Soul.

Remember God does not need our prayers but we need His help and guidance so here are some steps to take to easily change a given situation in your life and praying for your self is not self serving if we want our union with God to be strong- example following“ rid yourself of anger and hard emotions”

  1. Acknowledge what is in your heart and mind
  2. Release all that is in your heart and mind completely to God
  3. Expect a better condition or circumstance because God only gives improvements.
  4. Give sincere Gratitude.

God only changes us for good. God does not punish anyone, we are too busy doing that to ourselves. We are our own worst critics and in our hearts we are actually more critical of ourselves then we are of others .As we cleanse our minds of fear and anger it is cleared from the collective consciousness. As we pray for peace to enter our minds , it is entering the collective mind also.

And leave no one out in your prayers-family, all people, they are all children of God.. Pray for the animal kingdoms and the Earth herself as she goes through enormous changes at the present time.

Take time out each day to pray. Whatever your words it does not matter. If you like to use well known prayers do so, but it is your INTENT that matters most. God will simply turn your fears into Courage, despair into Hope, lack into Abundance and hatred and anger into Love and Forgiveness.

Prayer is a wonderful Gift from God, practice it and watch for the changes that it brings in your Life.


Never has there been more of a need to learn meditation in today’s world . I believe it is even more essential than keeping fit and exercising and it isn’t hard to learn. We offer you some guidelines, some simple techniques to help you start the meditation process in the following notes.

Meditation is the ability to become quiet, a process that allows us to still the mind and ‘listen to God’. In meditation you allow God to fill your entire being with His Wholeness .You can actually learn to develop ‘divine’ intuition and inspiration as many attest and there are many ‘other benefits’.

The ‘other benefits’ are you will have less crises and actually have more energy in your day plus it has been clinically shown that regular meditation can actually reduce stress levels and stress is the no 1 ‘cause of illness’ in society today .it is also ‘killing’ our ability to think clearly and creatively.

So many people have lost sight of their goals and where they are going BECAUSE they have no clarity. Their minds are overactive and then cannot think straight It is when you have total clarity on where you want to go that you become effective. The best way to have clarity is through a calm mind.

Some of the greatest ideas that have ever come to man have been after meditating. Great artists experience it , Albert Einstein did likewise and was given the secrets of the universe at the time It’s a phenomenal way of opening up the creative process. I personally get them but take no credit for any new ideas, other that being a vessel to receive them.

These ideas are ‘out there’ waiting for someone to pick them up. Most people are so busy ‘doing’, they miss them entirely The results can be quick, simple and deep. All you will need to do is find a quiet place -in your office or home, in the park or near a beach or somewhere close to nature and start to BREATHE, relax and just ‘Be’.. and you can do this in quarter to half an hour in the middle of the day -just be committed as it takes will-power, discipline and practice each day.

If you are someone who is ‘too busy’ to learn meditation, we recommend this process is a good place to start as it is really easy and can quickly slow your overdriven brains down and centre yourself. Meditate often with words of PEACE, through peaceful thoughts and with a peaceful nature you will be guided through all the ‘events’ of your life. Start a meditation with “I am at peace” (three times) and as an added starter place your hand over your Heart.

Meditate often with thoughts of LOVE, and begin to feel the great Love which is in your Heart, Love which was used to create this beautiful world. Allow the Love of God to enter your being ,to enter your life and to enter all your relationships-Begin a meditation with this thought: “God, I open my Heart and mind to this wonderful Love” (three times)t Know that as you open your mind and heart, it is also entering into the collective consciousness of mankind for all generations.

There are three ‘best times’ in the day to ‘meditate’ first thing in the morning at day break, at noon and at dusk (whatever you decide make it the same time each day) At these times the ‘Chi’ Energy of the Universe is flowing at its peak to the Earth. A break in the middle of the day is great for many of us to slow the BATA waves of the brain down…then watch how your afternoons come alive and you will actually feel more energized!

Meditation is really a simple process but its rewards are phenomenal .It keeps you in contact with your Heart and Soul, gives you more clarity, reduces your stress, can actually improve your health and increase your creativity. Everything can just flow in your life if you wish it …try it out for size.
There is so much more to learn about special meditation and breathing techniques in our programs.

Experiencing Personal Power

A guided meditation exercise : allow 30 minutes
Now can be a time to for each person to reaffirm his or her own personal power connection.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted , start with some relaxing breathing and do this meditation, like all your meditations on or at about the same time each day
Now for the exercise …I might suggest three steps to accomplish this goal

1) Imagine your place of Power

Draw in your mind’s eye a place that you have visited or that calls to you in the nature world (Allow 4-5 minutes to be comfortable with this place)

2) Salute your union with God

Speak out loud, and in a clear and resolute voice salute the Divine connection within you. Proclaim your desire for union and continued closeness with your soul as part of the Creators spirit. Whatever words or thoughts come to you, whatever symbols or feelings flood out , accept these as your soul’s voice ,sealing your commitment to live in an empowered way.

3) Keep your Heart open to your Personal Power

Watch your breath without needing to change its rhythm. Remain centered in your special place, accepting the gift of empowerment.

Nothing will be beyond your inner knowing if you can accept that flowing through you know is Spiritual Energy that will lead you in new life-affirming directions. Continue to affirm your connection to the God within and the infinitely magical web of living things around you in the world.

The more often you commit to this or other expressions of Divine bonding, the more stable and secure you will be in your Life.

Experiences of creating conscious appreciation of your spiritual link may well produce feelings of a shift somewhere deep inside you, a sense of coming home, of finding love once again, of feeling an acceptance of yourself for who you really are. These loving feelings enhance Personal Power.

Personal Power based on Divine Love gives you a different view of all Life. You understand that you have always known on some inner level that you are connected to God. That He is in you and you are in Him. You realize you are connected at the heart to a very real universe From that moment on, no fear is too large to swamp you, nothing can overwhelm you for too long. You are an ocean, not the wave, you are a human aligned with Personal Divine Power, no longer a human alone, separate and unsure.