‘Its time for humanity to come back to God and its within you, within your Sacred Heart ‘

“The Sacred Heart is humanities church,the inner sanctum where the Soul is forever in communion with God,Christ and in brotherhood with all Life”.

We are here in Service to humanity in the best Way we know how, after a life time to date of incredible experiences . We offer Counselling, Healing and do Speaking engagements on Life’s issues .We also offer some of  the most incredible products for your Health and Wellbeing – Miracle II and Ocean Ormus .

In a world ‘gone mad’ our passion is to lead, to heal , to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. This is the path back to ‘Unity and Oneness with God…..This is the path back to LOVE !

This is the Circle of Life where we are all ONE !

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                                        Jeshua’s thoughts for the week                           


Nothing is impossible with God. Indeed, all things are possible when you know yourself to be part of God. If you would go within and contemplate the depth and height of your Being, the potentiality would begin to take form. Every law and principle of the universe can be found within the human constitution or consciousness.

Making friends with God is possible but see how humanity  has lost its way.. Notice how inner and outer fear and strife is preventing spiritual development .This situation could be fixed  easily. All it takes is for humanity to use the only true fixed star in the universe  for your orientation ….GOD !

Anyone who carries God in their Hearts now and builds on God’s Love is creating Heaven on Earth …Pray and meditate for yourselves your family, friends and community to make a true commitment to a NEW LIFE …!”


 “With God everything is possible.”



BREATHE in the Light of God , BREATHE out Love.


To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life, the Event(s) of these incredible times, Love, Healing , use of the Violet Flame, working with your Angels , the ‘Adamantine particles’ etc  contact… 
Greg Brown at Circle of Life Centre P.O. Box 700 Engadine   ph 041 721 4936 , or email  [email protected]
Greg is a Visionary Christed Minister(D.D), Healer with a Passion to Serve humanity in these awesome times. ..
                                               “ Love one another as I have Loved you.” as  Jeshua  affirmed

For your listening here is a beautiful angelic child prodigy Amira Willighagen who sings the “Ave Maria ” She is amazing , a Gift…. https://youtu.be/tEImCJWI_ak 


                                   ” We are here in Service, how may we help you today.”