‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’



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Circle of Life’s mission is to help guide humanity on their ‘Way Home, back to God’ by opening up their Heart to the “Love that they are”. 

We are here in Service to humanity in the best Way we know how to, after a life time to date of incredible experiences . We offer Counselling, Healing and general guidance for your Life as well as some of  the most incredible products for your Health and Wellbeing (like no other).

In a world ‘gone mad’ our passion is to lead, to heal , to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. This is the path back to ‘Unity and Oneness for All’ (regardless of religions, skin color, wealth/educational backgrounds, language, geographical location, culture etc) ..This is the path back to LOVE !

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” 

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                             Jeshua’s (Jesus)  thoughts for the week …  


                                                           The Miracles of  Love and the Adamantine Particles
“All the Adamantine Particles you have ever commanded with Love are yours to enjoy forever.”
That was a mind-boggling thought, far too great to take in all at once, but I composed myself enough to inquire, “Is that how you resurrected your body?”
“Of course.  It was the Love that gave me total command of all the Adamantine particles that had ever composed my body, and I reconstructed them by the laws of Love instead of by the laws of structure. Thereby, I was a prisoner of structure no more.”       
Then He mentioned the new Earth with the new bodies we will have, which will be under the conscious direction of Love.  He didn’t say when, but He assured me that, “The transformation will be brought about by knowing the truth of what Love is. 
In this new state of existence, Love will literally cause the pulse beat of your heart and the cells of your body.  Love will propel the blood through your veins.  Love will spark your thoughts, and all the energies around you, and all that you magnetize to yourselves.”
         “Is that how you multiplied the fishes?” 
             “Well, yes,”  He modestly admitted. 
            “Did you really multiply the fishes?  Or was it just a metaphor, a teaching of higher truth?” 
“No, it wasn’t a metaphor, but I was teaching about higher truth.  I performed no miracle to impress, but only to teach.  In the case of the fishes, all I had to do was Love one fish enough, and they were multiplied in abundance.” 
How simple He made it sound.  All I could do was look at Him in wonder and whisper, “That must have been some kind of Love!”  
His understanding of everything was whole. He bore no witness of duality or opposition, and there was no stress anywhere in His Presence”.        
                         Conversations of Glenda Green with Jesus  …Chptr The Wondrous  Universe …
                       ( Love Without End.. Jesus Speaks   and the Conversations with Jesus CDs story)
                                                           “The things I do, you shall also  do and more.”
To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life, the Event(s) of these incredible our times , Counselling , Reiki Love, Healing , use of the Violet Flame, the ‘Adamantine particles’ etc  contact… 
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 Greg is a Visionary Christed Minister(D.D), Reiki Master/Teacher with a Passion to serve ..
                                                     “ Love one another as I have Loved you.”



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