‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’



The Sacred Heart is humanities church ,the inner sanctum where the Soul is forever in communion with God,Christ and in brotherhood with all Life.

We are here in Service to humanity in the best Way we know how, after a life time to date of incredible experiences . We offer Counselling, Healing and general guidance for your Life as well as some of  the most incredible products for your Health and Wellbeing (like no other).

In a world ‘gone mad’ our passion is to lead, to heal , to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. This is the path back to ‘Unity and Oneness for All’ (regardless of religions, skin colour, wealth/educational backgrounds, language, geographical location, culture etc) ..This is the path back to LOVE !

This is the Circle of Life where we are all ONE !

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                               Jeshua’s message for Christmas and the New Year   


 “When you go within, to your most holy inner sanctuary, your Sacred Heart where the Light of God’s  Love for you burns constantly, and intend to open your Hearts to allow that Love to flow through you freely and abundantly, It will. 
 Being in human form, which is a state of limitation, you need to renew that intent at least once every day, but preferably many times daily as you remember that you are and always have been one with God. 
Each time you renew your intent you strengthen it, giving you the vital energy you need to assist in humanity’s awakening process, the task you set yourselves before you incarnated”.  
Spend some meditation time this Christmas holiday season to work on this. It is from your Sacred Heart that we must learn to live from to have a fulfilled Life.
                                            It is in this sacred space you will also find me.
                                          It is your task to be Love in action, and only that”.
 A Blessed, Peaceful and Joyful Christmas and New Year to each and every one of you.


Slow down this Christmas  and New Year period….

If you try to keep up with the changes that are happening now and you are already exhausted, and you don’t know what exhausted is, if you think you can keep up with that, you can’t because the speed-up towards the Light  has increased dramatically.
It is ESSENTIAL to take time out now when you need to ….
To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life, the Event(s) of these incredible our times, Reiki Love, Healing , use of the Violet Flame, working with your Angels , the ‘Adamantine particles’ etc  contact… 
Greg Brown at Circle of Life Centre P.O. Box 700 Engadine   ph 041 721 4936 , or email  [email protected]
Greg is a Visionary Christed Minister(D.D), Healer with a Passion to Serve humanity in these awesome times. ..
                                                     “ Love one another as I have Loved you.”

For your listening here is a beautiful angelic child prodigy Amira Willighagen who sings the “Ave Maria ” She is amazing , a Gift…. https://youtu.be/tEImCJWI_ak 


                                   ” We are here in Service, how may we help you today.”