‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’



The Sacred Heart is humanities church ,the inner sanctum where the Soul is forever in communion with God and in brotherhood with all Life.

We are here in Service to humanity in the best Way we know how, after a life time to date of incredible experiences . We offer Counselling, Healing and general guidance for your Life as well as some of  the most incredible products for your Health and Wellbeing (like no other).

In a world ‘gone mad’ our passion is to lead, to heal , to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. This is the path back to ‘Unity and Oneness for All’ (regardless of religions, skin colour, wealth/educational backgrounds, language, geographical location, culture etc) ..This is the path back to LOVE !

This is the Circle of Life where we are all ONE !

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                           Jeshua’s thoughts      “The Sacred Heart” 

“Knowledge of the Sacred Heart is priceless to your life. Did you know it exists within your physical body. The Sacred Heart has an exact location which can vary slightly in each person, but it is approximately the same.  It is located between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch above the physical heart to three inches below it.  

This depends on the one’s body proportions and one’s centre of gravity, which is always slightly lower than the Sacred Heart. It also establishes a true central axis for the body, whereas the physical heart is slightly to the left of centre.

The Sacred Heart takes up only 1/16 inch space in diameter yet if you could see it in meditation you would see the most brilliant Light housing a Pink flame ,a Yellow flame and a Blue flame within you representing the Divine Love , Divine Wisdom and Power of God…Yes within YOU !

 The Sacred Heart is a place where you must be alone, for it is your sacred ground.  The very act of being there is the essence of prayer.  When I told my disciples to go into a closet to pray, I was being quite literal in two ways.  Any quiet secluded place will do.  Select a place that is appropriate to the sacred chamber you are about to enter within your being.

The Sacred Heart actually marks the intersection point of mortal and eternal life.  To create a visual image of this, envision a vertical shaft of Love, Life, and Light extending from heaven to earth and passing through your body.  Then see it intersected by a horizontal line of events representing your life. 

Divine guidance is embracing all earthly possibilities at this intersection point of complete unity and zero resistance. The closest comparison I can give you is the innocent hug of a parent and child encircling one another in deepest Love…..”

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Slow down.
If you try to keep up with the changes that are happening now and you are already exhausted, and you don’t know what exhausted is, if you think you can keep up with that, you can’t because the speed-up towards the Light  has increased dramatically.
It is ESSENTIAL to take time out now when you need to ….
To enquire about gaining a better Spiritual Understanding of Life, the Event(s) of these incredible our times, Reiki Love, Healing , use of the Violet Flame, working with your Angels , the ‘Adamantine particles’ etc  contact… 
Greg Brown at Circle of Life Centre P.O. Box 700 Engadine   ph 041 721 4936 , or email  [email protected]
Greg is a Visionary Christed Minister(D.D), Healer with a Passion to Serve humanity in these awesome times. ..
                                                     “ Love one another as I have Loved you.”

For your listening here is a beautiful angelic child prodigy Amira Willighagen who sings the “Ave Maria ” She is amazing , a Gift…. https://youtu.be/tEImCJWI_ak 


                                   ” We are here in Service, how may we help you today.”