God is still doing Miracles


                                        “God’s still doing Miracles   …  Miracle II and Ocean Ormus

Please review again our wonderful Miracle II and Ocean Ormus ranges for your Health and Well Being in these special but challenging times.. They can help you no end. There may be some temporary shortages from time to time over the next little while but we will make them available as best we can God willing……. We summarize some of the great things they can do for you below.

I still remember Clayton Tedeton  (Miracle II’s founder) saying to me  when I met with him to take on Miracle II years ago “God’s still doing Miracles. It was one of Clayton Tedeton’s  favourite sayings when he spoke at hundreds perhaps thousands of lectures he gave all over the U.S and further abroad because he saw what God gave him was needed for humanity, was real and actually worked and some people actually have experienced Miracles in their life…You can read more about him and the creation of Miracle II in our webpages.

 “Never leave home without it” It has 101 + uses and more . In these tough times Miracle II can actually save you heaps whilst giving you awesome personal care and general healing benefits plus sanitize and give you general purpose applications for cleaning , pets and animals and gardening .

All Miracle II products are “Emergeny kits in a bottle”  They sanitize and disinfect as well as clean and can SAFELLY be taken internally as they are pure natural and organic . I clean my teeth twice daily with the Gel and a concentrated soap and swallow what I can ..they do a gentle detox internally as well as  take care of oral hygiene.I have done this safely for years now.

Circle of Life’s  Neutralizer Gels, Liquids and Soaps ….. ‘Emergency Kits in a bottle’   for ‘total’   body care …

*Antiseptic and antifungal naturally  *Chest infections, coughs, colds .

*Sore throats ….a dab of Gel on the throat does wonders

*Pleasant Detoxifying Agent

*Teeth& Sensitive Gums, Oral hygiene

*Aches& Pains of every kind

*All Skin Care problems- Acne, Eczema

*Reflux, Digestive Problems

*Blisters, Bites of every kind & Burns 

*Massage *Tired, aching sore feet

*Scars, Sunburn, Sunspots,  *Cellulite, Wrinkles, Stretch marks

*Wheat, Gluten intolerance

Miracle11 Neutralizers and soaps truly emergency kits in a bottle    ‘caring  for your health and well being naturally’

And don’t forget your pets and animals..same applications but use discernment  with  size and weights of pets and animals.  

                                                           How Miracle II products workPersonal Use

·  Miracle II products contain only natural and organic ingredients, no synthetics ,are gluten free, are non toxic  so human safe, which means

    that they are not harmful if ingested.


·  All Miracle II products are naturally antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial so no need for any other chemically based

    formulations for these purposes and they are all, soaps included  NEUTRALIZERS !!!


·  The basis of the MII formulations given by God to Clayton Tedeton is that the water is first put through an electrical process known as eloptic 

    energy – 440 volts of electricity  under Laser Light   so the 7 herbs and minerals are FUSED together and become ONE.

    This process transforms it to include highly charged mineral clusters.              


·  Studies show that toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the

    charged clusters.


·  This process is an extension of one of Nikola Tesla’s scientific gifts given to the world and helps make Miracle II truly a Gift range in its own right..


·  People have found that when they take the Miracle 11 Detoxification Baths and Neutralizer Liquid it takes the pressure off the detoxification

    organs –   kidneys, liver , lungs and bowel. Little miracles have been known to happen in a Miracle II bath  ! 

·  Studies have shown that toxins in the body are positively charged. The Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer have a high negative charge which

    magnetizes and pulls the toxins out.

·  Then the minerals in the Neutralizer can be absorbed into the body, often reducing the body’s toxic load.

·   Miracle II products have been shown to create increased oxygenation in the cells.

·  These products are highly alkaline:

For more about Miracle’s enormous range of uses now read the “101  + A to Z personal uses” document we have attached plus a powerful document “Know Miracle II .

Miracle11 products truly emergency kits in a bottle  ‘caring  for your health and well being naturally’ 

and caring for our animal kingdoms and our planet  ..Use safely and effectively for ALL cleaning purposes too !

                                                    Now to our second Miracle …Ocean Ormus Life Force  

                                                  Ocean Ormus ‘Life Force Essence…White Powder Gold’


For many of you have not tried any of the Ocean Ormus product range and do not know some of the background as to the Why and How this product

range came about I thought I would brief you through this report .We attach too TESTIMONIAL  information to show what some of our customers see as the magical benefits of taking and using Ocean Ormus Life Force.

I have written about Orme (Ormus) before but I go a little further in this brief report as I want to encourage you to now try this Ocean Ormus product range as we are now living in such incredible times that every bit of assistance we can get in our Spiritual growth will be a Blessing in our Life and

Ocean Ormus can help those needs even if so very subtly .

Ancient alchemists of many cultures sought to create in their laboratories a substance that conferred amazing properties: higher consciousness,greater spiritual awareness, long life with excellent health.

This substance has been known by many names: the Philosopher’s Stone, Manna, White Powder Gold, the Bread of Life, the Semen of the Gods, Shewbread, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, MFKZT, the Elixir of Life, etc. AND today it is known as Ormus or Orme or simply Monoatomic Gold,  the best source we believe comes to us as OCEAN ORMUS  Life Force Essence .

Supporting the Alchemy aspect of Ormus I wanted to add something special – Some years ago in the late 80s/early90s Jeshua(Jesus) in a lovely teaching book I read then made the comments that follow. I was intrigued  when I first read this and I kept the information handy but today it now makes perfect sense…..

Soon there will again be a very powerful, extraordinary awesome ingestible product available, like the biblical ‘mana” ,also called White Powder Gold  to  help humans bring their DNA cellular level back to full consciousness.Those involved will be able to transform that most precious metal gold, from  metal into  a white powdery superconductive form that your body can absorb and can help humanity truly awaken to who and what they are .

Be attentive to what  I have explained here  and safely proceed to  learn what your future role may be in personal usage of superconductive elements to promote health  and to assist or cause the awakening and ascension process.

All major religions of long ago knew about this alchemy process of transforming gold metal  into a superconductive material that the human body could safely assimilate. It was known of and used in Abraham’s time. Moses spoke of it  and so  to the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism describe it. Even I told you of it long ago, though my biblical comments about this special food” …Jeshua (Jesus)

If you believe in our work in meditation I was given Ocean Ormus (not other ormuses) by Mother Mary and three weeks after that meeting Jeshua came

 to me to thank me for taking it on   I truly now know how Ocean Ormus is truly special !

Ingesting monatomic gold…is one of the most valuable substances you can ingest.

In addition to fortifying immune systems, monatomic gold contributes to health by rapidly regenerating cells; raising bodies’ frequencies; improving organs’ functioning; accelerating the transformation of carbon-based cells into crystalline; and helping to opening up all our DNA strands. In other words will assist in the process of reigniting all 12 strands of DNA in our system.

All of these physical benefits enhance brain power and that leads to expanded consciousness, spiritual clarity and overall balance. This along with Prayer, Meditation , Good works will help truly fit us for our new Earth and 5th dimensional living .

Research and background  Write to us for copies of customers testimonials and general scientific background about Ocean Ormus

Some brief scientific background information and testimonials are enclosed in the attachment for those eager to know more and of course more is on our web pages too.  You can go to ‘David Hudson’ on google, the rediscoverer of this wonderful  Gift.and his study of  this White Powder Gold. There are hundreds of pages of info there including from ancient texts and further what scientists  now suspect are it’s profound affect on the DNA and Life in general. 


                            But we must tell you ….    ” There is no other ormus quite like Ocean Ormus” .


     It’s special and it’s Blessed ! And this Life Force product goes hand in glove with Miracle II.


                  Both Miracle II & Ocean Ormus  were given to the world for these special times !


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                   God bless and take extra care Greg http://www.circleoflife.com.au/